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CIA-48carlos roundup * #1078/We need a way to substitute a tax based on the original tax: [new] As discussed a while ago with Cédric ( I prepared an initial patch for ...00:22
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems:11:41
CIA-48See attached files.11:41
CIA-481. Save trytonrc.1 to the directory where it is expected to be by default.11:41
CIA-482. Start the tryton client.11:41
CIA-483. Exit the tryton ...11:41
CIA-48ced roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems: Ok, I propose this patch.12:15
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems:12:49
CIA-48Cool, two things about that - maybe:12:49
CIA-481. def load(self):12:49
CIA-48-> self.options[section + '.' + name] = value12:49
CIA-48replace by:12:49
CIA-48-> self.config[s ...12:49
CIA-48ced roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems: On 09/06/09 12:49 +0200, Brenckmann, Dirk wrote: > > Brenckmann, Dirk <> added the comment: > > Cool, two things about that - ...12:52
CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems: P.S.: You don't like function descriptions?12:57
CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems:13:01
CIA-48> > 1. def load(self):13:01
CIA-48> > -> self.options[section + '.' + name] = value13:01
CIA-48> > replace by:13:01
CIA-48> > -> self.config[section + '.' + name] = ...13:01
CIA-48ced roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems: On 09/06/09 13:01 +0200, Brenckmann, Dirk wrote: > > Brenckmann, Dirk <> added the comment: > > > > 1. def load(self): > > > ...13:07
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Timitoscedk: i am just testing the groupdav solution with zideone. but i have some problems. when i set the URL like you described on google groups (http://server_ip:8080/database_name/Contacts ) i get a http 404 error. when i set the URL like http://server_ip:8080 i get a list of all my databases. so connection is working but i cannot access the right URL14:51
cedkTimitos: can you give more info14:53
Timitoscedk: what do you need?14:54
cedkTimitos: where do you type the url?14:54
Timitoscedk: i type it into the configuration dialog of the zide one connector14:54
cedkTimitos: and what is the error message?14:55
cedkTimitos: what is the log on the server?14:55
Timitoscedk: URL not found (HTTP 404 Not Found)14:55
cedkTimitos: is the module installed?14:56
Timitoscedk: yes it is14:56
Timitoscedk: the log:
Timitoscedk: carddav is my database_name for this test14:57
cedkTimitos: it is Contacts14:57
Timitoscedk: i also tried it with upper case. no change14:58
cedkTimitos: and in a browser?14:59
Timitoscedk: there it is working. i only have an encoding issue with umlaut like ä,ü,ö15:05
Timitoscedk: got it. i made two mistakes. 1. i missed the / on the end of the URL one time   2. for zideone i only need to enter the URL without the Contacts part.15:12
cedkTimitos: could you give more info for the encoding issue?15:16
Timitoscedk: i only happens when i open a vcard with a browser. with zide one connector everything is fine15:19
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cedkTimitos: ok, it is a browser issue so15:48
Timitoscedk: yes i think so15:48
cedkTimitos: good to know that it works with zideone15:48
Timitoscedk: yes.15:48
bechamelcedk, Timitos : there are no opensource connector for outlook ?15:50
Timitoscedk: i also want to try it with evolution. but my version is to old15:50
cedkbechamel: I don't think so15:51
cedkbechamel: but it is not an issue as there is opensource alternative15:53
bechamelcedk: yes15:54
Timitosbechamel: there are some results on google. but i did not succeed to find a download or something else. in the moment zideone seems to be the best solution15:56
cedkI have some doubt about the alarm on event of a calendar16:10
cedkthe rfc4791 doesn't give any detail on how alarm must be handle on multi-user environment16:11
cedkso there is two possiblities:16:12
cedk- when someone set an alarm on an event, the alarm is global for every user that have this event in his calendar16:12
cedk- or the alarm is only available on the calendar's event in which it was set16:13
Timitoscedk: wouldn't it be better to allow every user to set its own alarm for such an event?16:21
cedkTimitos: it is the second option16:22
Timitoscedk: ah ok. so i vote for the second option16:23
bechamelsecond option is the expected behaviour imho16:28
Timitoscedk: it seems that i cannot add new contacts with zideone neither with evolution. with evolution i get this error:
Timitoscedk: sry. i also get this error with zideone17:04
Timitoscedk: i also cannot change the data of existing contacts. but there is no error message. only this:
Timitosnow changing seems to work with evolution but not with zideone17:14
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udonoTimitos: how did you get it work with evolution?17:23
Timitosudono: with version 2.26.1 (ubuntu 9.04)17:26
Timitosthere are still some issues. i will need to do some more testing to make a summary.17:27
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udonoTimitos: no extra modules?17:28
Timitosudono: no17:29
cedkTimitos: it is an issue (mine :-) in pywebdav17:35
Timitoscedk: great. thx.17:35
Timitoscedk: the issue with changing contacts in zideone perhaps is a zideone issue but i am not sure17:35
udonoTimitos: Where I can connect to tryton in evolution? I can not find. Only LDAP seems available.17:42
Timitosudono: New->Addressbook17:43
Timitosudono: there must be a type WebDAV17:44
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udonoTimitos: I see!17:48
udonoTimitos: Thank's17:48
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KovertI have 2 brand new installations ready to install trytom on18:16
Koverthowever I cant find goo instructions for either18:16
KovertI have cent os and mandriva18:16
KovertMandriva I followed te wiki instructions18:16
Kovertthat installed all the peliminaries18:17
Kovertbut had nothing on installing tryton18:17
Kovertsome one sai they were the maintainer for the cent repro18:17
Kovertbut I cant find it18:17
Kovertany one have time to help me get this working?18:19
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cedkKovert: explain your problem18:23
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KovertI can not get tryton18:25
Kovertand I cant find a good install instruction18:25
Kovertthe documentation seems scattered18:25
Koverti need some hand holding18:26
Koverta lot of it18:26
cedkKovert: what is not working?18:27
Koverti can not get it installed18:27
cedkKovert: download and run it18:28
KovertI am on cent os right now18:28
Kovertthere is a lot to be done before i can do that18:28
cedkKovert: what?18:28
Kovertthere is no mention of what you need beside postgresql18:29
KovertIf I could d/l it and run it I wouldnt be asking for help18:30
cedkKovert: look at the INSTALL file18:31
KovertI have I fin it not written for some one with a little experiance18:32
KovertI heard there was a repro for centos that had it in it18:32
cedkKovert: I don't know18:33
KovertI read the mandriva install18:33
Kovertfrom the community wiki18:33
Kovertbut after you do the programs that Tryton need to run there is no18:34
Kovertinstruction to actually install the program18:34
KovertI might have to get up earlier with the folks from germany are on18:34
bechamelKovert: if all dependencies are installed you can follow
bechamelKovert: look at the "Automatic Way" section18:35
Kovertok I wil try that18:35
Kovertwill you be on for a few min?18:37
bechamelKovert: yes18:38
Kovertok I am going to login on mandriva and try this18:39
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CIA-48udono roundup * #1079/i can not directly see in which databae I am working: [new] In the client the status line is removed. For me it is essential to see directly which database and user I am working on. That's because I o ...21:26
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CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1079/i can not directly see in which databae I am working:21:37
CIA-48[chatting] you can see it when you point your mouse to the new connection icon on the main window right top.21:37
CIA-48but i agree it is not very comfortable.21:37
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CIA-48ced roundup * #1077/tryton client rcfile - saving causes problems: [resolved] Fix with changeset 6a624318536a23:12
CIA-48ced roundup * #1079/i can not directly see in which databae I am working:23:29
CIA-48[resolved] It is possible to add the database name in the windows title by overriding the function field status_bar on res.user.23:29
CIA-48The change was t ...23:29
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