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udonovengfulsquirrel: hmm, don't understand00:33
vengfulsquirrelThat was how I handle sales tax, its not pretty.00:34
vengfulsquirrelIts not that important though.00:34
vengfulsquirrelI cannot get match templates to work I don't think relatorio supports them.00:34
udonovengfulsquirrel: can one party be the same party in different stores with different attributes?00:38
vengfulsquirrelYes like one customer could by from either store.00:38
vengfulsquirrelIs that what you mean?00:38
udonovengfulsquirrel: yes, this I meant.00:43
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vengfulsquirrelAre reports cached in any way?09:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no except for invoice09:23
vengfulsquirreloh that's the report i'm trying to override09:23
vengfulsquirrelIs it not possible to override?09:23
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is, but once an invoice is openned the report is stored in the DB09:27
vengfulsquirrelOh like a single customer invoice is cached?09:28
vengfulsquirrelSo new customers will see the new format?09:28
vengfulsquirrelcedk: ^ , sorry always forget to label messages09:28
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carlosvengfulsquirrel: yes09:49
carlosvengfulsquirrel: when you confirm an invoice, it's stored in the database and it's note regenerated, the new ones will use the new format09:49
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no, when an invoice is openned the report generated is stored in the DB and will be re-used when asking for the report for this invoice09:49
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay thanks, that explains everything, I was only testing against old paid invoices and nothing was happening.09:53
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vengfulsquirrelcedk: Will there be a symmetric module for tracking the primary stock location for products for customers?  Does such a module make sense?10:27
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CIA-67ced roundup * #1111/locale is not working on Language Dateformat %B:
cedkany body see where was the issue for this change:
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cedkudono1: I saw it but for me it doesn't fix anything17:44
udono1cedk: maybe openERP magic?17:47
cedkudono1: I think the issue is due to concurent update of the dictionnary17:50
cedkudono1: which in Tryton is solved since more then 1 year with a Lock17:51
CIA-67udono roundup * #1111/locale is not working on Language Dateformat %B:17:51
CIA-67I try it with the patch, but having some problems with the datepicker17:51
CIA-67on the invoice date I have for input a date the pattern:17:51
CIA-67__. %B ____17:51
CIA-67If ...17:51
CIA-67udono roundup * #1111/locale is not working on Language Dateformat %B: Another issue seems, when changing the date format it is needed to re-login.17:56
udono1cedk: ok, I understand.17:57
cedkudono1: please create new issue for new problem18:07
cedkudono1: for date issue, I think we should use in the client only number format18:25
udono1cedk: for date issue: Yes, this seems good for me. Because the longdate is for me an output only representation on reports.19:32
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vengfulsquirrelDoes relatorio combine the style templates with the actual report templates or is that functionality specific to Tryton ?20:23
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udono1vengfulsquirrel: hi, I think it is done in Tryton:
vengfulsquirreludono1: Okay yeah I was looking at that code right now, but its pretty cryptic.20:51
udono1vengfulsquirrel: afaik it does replacing all styles in the report template with the styles of the header.20:53
essichcedk: Which GTK installation *exactly* are you using on Windows? I did not yet find a complite and working set.21:13
essichs/complite /complete/21:17
CIA-67C?dric Krier <> default * 1363:a0c361d4e4e2 tryton/
CIA-67Use python script instead of shell for fixing path in shared libraries for22:46
CIA-67ced roundup * #1101/Patch: code cleanup for client py2app spawned shell script: [resolved] Fixed patch applied in changeset a0c361d4e4e222:46

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