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udonocarlos: ping10:22
carlosudono: pong10:22
udonocarlos: Are you experienced in constructing charts of accounts?10:23
udonocarlos: I see your wiki page...10:23
carlosI have some experience, yes10:23
carlosI need to finish writing such page...10:23
udonocarlos: I just start to create a small and simple chart for germany10:24
udonocarlos: but having a wired problem10:24
carlosdidn't you have one already?10:24
carlosanyway, what's the problem?10:24
udonocarlos: yes we have one, but there are more than one used in germany10:25
carlosok, just like in Spain10:25
carlosI guessed they would be quite similar10:25
udonocarlos: yes10:26
udonocarlos: sorry, phone10:27
udonocarlos: back10:29
carloswelcome back10:30
udonocarlos: the chart I like to produce is special for very small companies. The other chart we already have is industry standard, but much to big for a small company.10:31
udonocarlos: My problem is an error message on the end of applieng a chart for a company10:31
udonothere I get an error message 'type is required for account'10:32
udonoBut all my accounts have a type.10:32
udonocarlos: do you know if there need to be something special with the id of records?10:33
carlosis your chart of accounts available in any place so I could take a look to it?10:33
carlosudono: no that I'm aware of10:33
udonocarlos: you need a module or just the xml?10:34
carlosI think the xml is enough10:34
udonocarlos: ok10:36
udonocarlos: But wait, I try to condense the chart for better reading to the error part.10:37
udonoACTION if I find the error part...10:37
carlosudono: the first thing I'm not sure is correct is the number of balance_sheet = True that you have10:53
carlosudono: unless you need/have such huge amount of balance sheet reports10:53
carlosyou just set it to true to the parent node10:54
udonocarlos: ah, ok. Tryton dives down to the childs?10:54
carlosand the others will be included, I'm not sure what would do Tryton, but I bet that it will show you as many blance_sheet reports as nodes that have such field set to True10:54
udonocarlos: ah, ok. I thought I need to check them, so that they are ioncluded in onen balance report...10:56
carlosno, just the root parent10:57
udonocarlos: ok, I will try with root node only10:59
carlosudono: also, if the kind == view, the type is not required10:59
udonocarlos: yes, this I read in you wiki page11:00
carlosother than that, I don't see anything that may cause the error. Once you change all that, if the error is still raised (I don't see those changes either as the solution to your problem), could you send me the module? I will try to do the import myself to see whether I could get more information11:02
udonocarlos: a pitty, doesn't work11:04
udonoI also changed one very long id...11:05
carlosudono: I would remove the balance_sheet tag, that will reduce the size of your xml file11:06
udonocarlos: ok11:06
carlosbtw, is not a surprise that it still fails ;-)11:06
udonocarlos: why do you think?11:09
carlosbecause the comments I gave to you are not the kind of mistakes that produce errors, just changes the behaviour of the chart of accounts11:10
yangoonudono: line 596 seems to reference to itself. Is that ok?11:21
yangoonudono: no sorry, wrong, it references to type11:22
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1939:d1fa8f0dac84 trytond/trytond/ir/action.xml: Fix col of ir.action.act_window form11:26
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1940:29c37dcaf5c0 trytond/trytond/ir/action.xml: Make ir.action form looks like others ir.action.*11:26
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udonocarlos: yangoon:
udonoACTION eating11:31
carlosudono: I got the same error, but it takes ages to get it (I guess due to my other active chart of accounts....) I added some debugging code to see whether I could catch the error. Will tell you something later11:56
udonocarlos: I already know where the error arise11:57
udonocarlos: but it doesn't helps me...11:58
carloswhere is it? I just want to reduce the error searching field11:59
udonocarlos: but this part is hard to debug for me, since I do not understand what happens there. And each debug cycle takes ~10 Minutes on my system...12:13
carlosyeah, same here...12:18
carlosudono: I think if you deactivate all chart of accounts except this one in your running application (deactivate = remove completely) it may go faster12:19
udonocarlos: yes, this could be a way.12:22
udonocarlos: what I don't understand is, why the chart is installed without a problem. If there are id problems, they needed to arise on installation time, not on applying the chart from the template...12:24
yangoonudono: did you try already with all account.account.type.template, but only one account.account.template?12:26
udonoyangoon: I'll try it12:34
udonoyangoon: Strange, I deleted the last real accounts: acc_receivable, acc_payable,acc_bank, acc_cash_book, acc_opening_balance, acc_Income_41, acc_Expense_26113:07
udonoyangoon: and it works13:07
udonoyangoon: carlos: so I try to install step by step, until I find the error.13:08
carlosudono: here, seems like the problem is with the account template 'Forderungen'13:10
carlosat least, that's the one raising the error13:10
udonocarlos: yes, you got it13:15
carlosbut I don't see anything wrong there...13:15
carlosexcept that for some reason, tryton thinks that the type is indeed null13:15
udonocarlos: yes13:16
udonocarlos: It is the account which is requested in the next step of the wizard. Receivable...13:17
udononext Account is wrong, too: acc_payable13:19
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carlosthe only clue I can think on is that those accounts have the type = to the balance_sheet type13:20
udonocarlos: hmm...13:21
udonocarlos: could be, I try13:22
udonoFYI: only payable and receivable accounts are wrong. the rest seems ok. This two accounts have reconceile = True13:25
udonocarlos: nope, I put the type ref to acc_type_type_balance, but doesn't work.13:31
carlosudono: for some reason, when Tryton creates the account from the account template, the type is lost13:52
carlosso I doubt is a problem in the xml itself13:52
carlosbut a bug in Tryton13:53
carlosACTION tries some extra debugging before leaving for lunch13:53
udonocarlos: but the minimal account chart is applied correct13:57
carloswell, I'm not saying that the bug is there always, is just that, for some reason, your xml exposes the bug, but I'm waiting for tryton to give me a pdb shell to confirm it so it's just a guess right now13:59
udonocarlos: yes, you are right, type is evaluated to False14:01
udonocarlos: Tryton gives me always the same type id back: 87, but in the template2type list this id is not found.14:12
carlosyeah, that's what I'm trying to debug14:12
carloswhen my firefox got all my memory and made the debugging task even more slow...14:13
udonocarlos: in my system it is the type of the "Chart of Account Types EÜR (Germany)" my root type, without parent14:17
carlosudono: I think I will need to stop this and resume it after lunch14:17
carlosmy wife is going to kill me (I'm already 30 minutes late...)14:18
carlosudono: I will ping you when I'm back from lunch14:18
udonocarlos: ok, bon appetit, and thanks for debugging14:18
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udonocarlos: yangoon, got it15:38
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carlosudono: what was it?16:38
udono<field name="balance_sheet" eval="True"/> on root_account_type16:40
udonocarlos: but maybe Iam wrong. I deleted all standard values.16:41
udonocarlos: now it looks like
carlosudono: now that you mention it... it may be the reason, I had a similar problem when I started with the Spanish chart of accounts (sorry I forgot it completly until now you mention it...)16:43
carlosI think the solution is to add a dummy root node, from where all balance_sheet and income_statement nodes are childs of it16:44
carlosudono: yeah, that one looks like the same approach I took and the one that I think is used in the other Tryton chart of accounts16:44
udonocarlos: no problem. I just re-analysed the minimal chart, then I saw it.16:44
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carloshowever, I guess Tryton should warn about it instead of showing such obscure error16:45
udonocarlos: yes, I think the root is just needed for having a named chart of accounts and types.16:45
carlosudono: could you add a comment to my wiki page so I take care to add a note about it in the final version of that howto?16:46
udonocarlos: of course I will do16:47
carlosudono: thank you!16:47
yangoonudono: JFYI case in id="acc_Income_10"16:48
yangoonudono: etc. acc_Expense_10 ...16:49
udonocarlos: done16:55
udonoyangoon: Thanks16:55
carlosudono: cool, thanks16:55
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1942:97d45196d74a trytond/trytond/model/ Clean also _language_cache in write and delete16:57
udonoyangoon: fixed:
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