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gourin my attempt to find something better than GNUmed, i found out about openerp & its Medical EMR. while exploring them i saw a reference to tryton. how does it compare with openerp-5.x and is there any EMR module for tryton on horizon?09:15
cedkgour: not in my knowldege09:19
cedkgour: but it must not be difficult to port the module from OpenERP to Tryton09:20
gourcedk: hmm, for now i still have problem installing 'medical' in openerp (sent email with the trace to dev), and i need something like 'lite' version of it considering our 'clinic' is very small (two persons doing counselling & homeopathic treatment)09:23
gourit looks, that tryton is more open than openerp, right?09:24
cedkgour: I checked the source code of medical module, I think in one day, you can port the module to Tryton09:24
gourcedk: so, the development of tryton is (still) very similar to openerp?09:24
cedkgour: it was one of our goals for the fork :-)09:24
gourwhat about the dev-docs?09:25
cedkgour: most of principals are still there09:25
gourACTION is learning python for his django (aka: web needs)09:25
cedkgour: there is
cedkgour: not complet but a starting point, otherwise there is irc and mailling-list09:26
gouri saw there is thunderbird module for openerp to handle email. something similar for tryton? (although i mostly use gnus & claws-mail)09:27
cedkgour: not realy, we take a different approch09:29
gourgnumed could satisfy our needs, but it's packaged very badly and uses wxpython which i'd like to avoid...that's why i'm leaning towards something like openerp/tryton09:29
cedkgour: we have developped a CardDAV module09:29
cedkit allow to retreive parties as contact on any software that handle CardDAV/WebDAV09:30
cedkand also creation09:30
cedkso most of email software: Thunderbird, Evolution, Outlook (with plugin), Kontact09:31
cedkgour: what is the feature, you are looking for with the thunderbird plugin?09:32
gourcedk: well, i'm not 100% sure what thunderbird plugin does...supposing it integrates email stuff with openerp?09:33
gourcedk: e.g.
cedkgour: also, I think a big difference between Tryton and OpenERP, is the release process09:34
cedkgour: we use series for release in which API is keept compatible09:35
cedkgour: and maintain for long time09:35
gourcedk: heh, i did not dive into docs (yet), so still have to figure out how those systems work...however, i assume they provide more RAD frameworks than working with wxpython in gnumed09:35
gourcedk: openerp often changes its API?09:36
cedkgour: yes, with Tryton or OpenERP, you focus on modelisation of objects and not to the GUI09:37
cedkgour: yes, if you look at the forum, there is many complain about this09:37
cedkgour: it is the last one09:38
gourhuh, There have already been major changes between the 5.0.1 and the09:39
gour5.0.2. minor release, that's bad..."ok, let me try this explaining our needs, then we can deduce what could be better system for us, ok?09:39
cedkour release policy:
cedkgour: ok, but perhaps it is better to write an email on the mailling list, there will be more people than today on irc09:40
gouri like this: "# The server and the client are released: * at the same time; * under the same version number;"09:41
cedkgour: also at fixed date09:41
gourgnumed has server-v11 which is supposed to work with client-v0.5 :-/09:41
gourcedk: you're one of the main forces behind tryton?09:42
cedkgour: release 1.4.0 is planned for October 1909:42
cedkgour: yes, I'm09:42
gourcedk: so,i believe that you can tell me if tryton is ok for our needs09:42
cedkgour: part of B2CK:
gouri read that 'comparison' document which was on that domain :-)09:43
cedkgour: ok, it is pretty old now and I don't keep it up to date09:44
gourit does not matter, it brought me to tryton as alternative for our needs ;)09:45
gourcan i attempt to (briefly) describe our needs?09:45
cedkgour: yes, I just mean that there is more and more difference now :-)09:45
gourcedk: heh, on the forum they were saying the opposite :-D09:46
cedkgour: ok, but I'll leave in about 15 min.09:46
gourok, i'll be short09:46
gouri'm doing counselling work and my wife (who is GP doctor) does homeopathy...we need kind of simple EMR system to keep track of clients & records of their treatments let's assume that port of medical can do the work)09:47
gourso, besides keeping the record of patient we need some billing & invoicing system to keep track of bills and print nice PDFs to the clients09:48
gourno need for stock etc., so typical for ERPs..with GNUmed we'd use something like simpleinvoices but i'm sure openerp/tryton can handle this in one package. of course, simialr to openrp, we'd need some document management, i.e. to attach documents to the patient's record...some scheduling capabilities and having something like GTD could be nice, although we can use emacs' org-mode as well09:50
gourwhat do you think about tryton for such workflow?09:50
cedkgour: I think all can be done in Tryton09:51
cedkgour: Tryton is already use in small company for invoicing09:51
cedkgour: if medical module is ok for you, the port to Tryton can be done in 1 day09:51
cedkgour: the WebDAV functionnality can be use to attach documents to patient09:52
cedkgour: for GTD, we don't have it but it is my colleague who write it for OpenERP :-)09:52
gourcedk: ohh, that's nice to hear...we do not need accounting - it will be done separately by proffessional, only printing/emailing invoices09:54
gourcedk: you can persuade your friend to port GTD module to tryton ;)09:54
cedkgour: in Tryton, there will be the account module but with the simple account chart 5 accounts that help to handle the paiement of invoice09:54
gourbtw, i like you have mailing list & active IRC - #openobject is quite dead and, afaik, no ml, only forums09:55
gourbased on that i read, tryton docs are more up-to-date than openerp, is it true?09:56
cedkgour: on summer sunday, it is a little dead :-)09:56
cedkgour: I don't know, I don't read openerp doc, but we have docs for each version instead of openerp who has only last version doc09:57
gourcedk: i was trying #openobject during the week as well...could even get proper info about compatibility with python-2.6 which is  default on archlinux09:57
cedkgour: I will make a release monday, that fix compatibility with python 2.6 for Tryton serie 1.0 and 1.209:58
goursince i haven't invested much time in reading openerp docs - just downloaded pdfs yesterday, i can try with tryton as there any use of reading openerp's docs to become more familiar with architecture or everything is covered by tryton docs as well?09:59
gourACTION notices that archlinux has only old 1.0.3 package in AUR09:59
cedkgour: reading openerp docs will help you also to understand Tryton10:00
gourthere are 3 pkgs - tryton, trytond & trytond_addons, this is usual scenario?10:00
cedkgour: as I told you it is not a big issue to use old serie as we still maintain it10:01
gourcedk: good, we'll make some use of it then10:01
cedkgour: I don't know what is it in trytond_addons?10:01
cedkgour: we prefer to have separate package per modules10:01
cedkgour: as we make separate release of modules10:02
gourcedk: yes, but the package is orphaned, so i may adopt it if i get a 'feeling for it...addons contains modules, afaict10:02
gourmy main concern in regards to openerp/tryton is how much one can tailor it for one's own needs, which in our case means mostly stripping the extra baggage we do not need10:03
cedkgour: args... it is not very good, it happens often that we make a new release for a module because of a bug10:03
gourlet me check your dl page10:03
cedkgour: in Tryton, you don't need to strip any thing because all is in separate modules10:03
cedkgour: where is the package of archlinux?10:04
gourthen it seems that it would be better to have each module in separate package, right?10:05
cedkgour: yes10:05
gourACTION likes modularization10:05
cedkgour: I guess the guys who makes the package know OpenERP and make the samething10:05
cedks/same thing/same mistake/ :-)10:06
gourACTION joined the tryon group (via web for now)10:07
gourso, 1.2.0 has some issues with py-2.6?10:08
cedkgour: the server only10:09
cedkgour: and it is simply that it doesn't stop properly10:09
cedkgour: you need to kill it10:09
gourthat's not a big problem while evaluating it...10:10
cedkgour: otherwise, it works. I'm on python 2.6 since 2 weeks10:10
gourcedk: which distro you run?10:10
cedkgour: Gentoo10:10
gouri used gentoo for 5yrs before switching to arch 2yrs ago10:11
cedkgour: I'm Gentoo dev10:11
gourheh, that's why your name sounded familiar to me ;)10:12
cedkgour: archlinux seems to have the same kind of package manager ?10:12
gourit uses pacman10:12
cedkgour: I mean BSD style10:12
gourmy main concern with gentoo was that amd64 was too ancient, and ~amd64 to broken10:12
goursomeone nicely said that arch is gentoo with binaries :-)10:13
cedkgour: I was also a employee of Tiny who owns OpenERP10:13
gouri do not need to build everything from the source, but it's still very easy to build from source tarballs10:14
gourcedk: heh, than you're very aware of all of its good & bad points10:14
cedkgour: is it easy to add your own package, like in Gentoo with /usr/local/portage/10:14
cedkgour: is archlinux works on mips?10:15
gourcedk: yes, you can have your own local repo, or just write pkgbuild script and upload to AUR - no need to wait review for ebuild 'bug'10:15
gouri don't thinks so. it's i686/x86_64 only...gentoo runs on much more archs10:16
gourbut it's good enough for me10:16
cedkgour: args, I'm going to buy a lemote and was thinking that it will be good to not compile everything :-(10:17
gourcedk: so it would be possible to achieve the same functionality of thunderbird plugin (mentioned here in tryton with that module?10:18
cedkgour: not to upload emails into server10:18
gourACTION is thinking about something like hp's mininote 2140 as next laptop10:19
cedkgour: but I think it should be better to achieve this in other way than with a plugin10:19
cedkgour: perhaps a mailserver script or the server that fetch copy of emails10:19
cedkI need to leave now10:20
gourcedk: ok, thanks a lot for your input10:20
cedkACTION will be back tomorow10:20
cedkgour: bye10:20
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gourhi, i see in demo that e.g. there is 'tree view' for Invoices, i.e. Invoicec --> Invoices --> New Invoice etc. is it possible to see record data as 'tree' instead as 'list' ?13:50
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