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CIA-2sxuard * r752 /wiki/fr/ (wiki/ wiki):01:13
CIA-2sxuard * r753 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.01:14
CIA-2sxuard * r754 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.01:14
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cedkHi, I just find an issue when working on ldap_authentification11:58
cedkto be able to synchronise the change of password for a LDAP user, I need to know the previous password11:59
cedkAnd in the function set_preferences, we have not11:59
cedkSo I propose to add in the client a dialog box that asks for the current password when a user change a preference12:00
paepkecedk: why not providing the previous password by the user?12:00
paepkecedk: yes. i agree12:00
paepkegreat to hear that youre working on that12:00
cedkI think it is a good security enforcement that will prevent anybody to change the password of a user that is no more in front of his computer and not yet timeout12:01
Timitoscedk: sounds very good12:02
CIA-2matb roundup * #1167/Make display of status bar configurable:12:07
CIA-2Uploaded to
CIA-2Please review.12:07
cedkit is also possible to ask the previous password only if it has changed12:11
cedkwhich one is better?12:11
bechamelcedk: it's better to ask for password only when the user change it, it's not good to ask for password only if the user change his langage12:13
udonocedk: hi, asks for the current password before a user can change the password.12:15
yangoonbechamel +12:16
udonocedk: and it would be good to have a double password entry check when changing the password12:16
paepkecedk: only ask for old password on change.12:17
cedkudono: I don't think it is realy useful because people copy/paste12:17
paepkecedk: normal users don't copy+paste ;-)12:18
udonocedk: once you have input a typo it is impossible to login...12:18
bechameludono: +112:19
udonocedk: afaik it is usual on password change to check two fields.12:19
udonocedk: take a look at db_create in the client12:20
paepkecedk: please have an option not to change the password when using ldap. for example on an active directory connection. users should change password via normal window-utilities12:21
cedkpaepke: but they can do also from other place12:22
paepkecedk: yes of course.12:23
cedkpaepke: so why an option that will introduce new code with error message that explain to the user that he can not change his password from here etc.12:24
paepkecedk: no. just disable the change password button12:24
cedkpaepke: what about local users ?12:25
cedkpaepke: and still why prevent user to change his password12:25
paepkecedk: you want to allow a mix of local and non-local users?12:25
cedkpaepke: in good security environement they must change every month12:26
cedkpaepke: yes of course12:26
paepkecedk: on some environments its not allowed on the ldap server to change password from remote machines.12:26
cedkpaepke: so there will be a exception12:26
paepkecedk: isn't it better to help the user not getting an error message by disabling the change password button?12:28
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paepkecedk: at my ex-company they have to change every 6 weeks. but they have to change only once at the windows-login. different apps are authenticating against this AD server. from none of them you are allowed to change the password.12:29
cedkpaepke: it must be done in a custom module12:29
paepkecedk: what about the password strength? are you going to implement something like cracklib?12:30
cedkpaepke: no12:31
cedkpaepke: still custom module12:31
paepkecedk: will b2ck implement this or are you looking for a contributor?12:32
cedkpaepke: for what?12:32
paepkecedk: the "cracklib" function12:33
paepkecedk: i understand that tryton is a framework. and i think its a good point to have such mudules like cracklib and disabling the password-change button...12:33
cedkpaepke: it is not in our plan12:33
paepkecedk: ic12:34
cedkpaepke: so you can write a module and submit it12:34
paepkecedk: i'd like to, but i'm not as experienced in programming like you.12:34
paepkecedk: you will see some modules from me in future.12:35
paepke... i have to go for lunch. bbl12:35
cedkpaepke: if there is a python module that work with cracklib, it will be easy12:35
paepkecedk: imho there is one...12:35
cedkwhat do you think about this:
cedkI need to commit there to be able to create user at login12:48
cedkACTION bbl12:51
cedkACTION back14:06
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 2006:89f4919d47aa trytond/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Added column renaming on db backends14:10
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CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 2007:ebfa6e6a630d trytond/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Allow to drop constraint, index and foreign key with custom table name14:19
CIA-2Timitos roundup * #1170/error when changing sequence on period:14:57
CIA-2[new] patch attached14:57
CIA-2Traceback (most recent call last):14:57
CIA-2File "/home/kp/localdev/trytond/trytond/protocols/", line 125, in dispa ...14:57
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CIA-2Korbinian Preisler <> default * 369:cb1385d2b448 account_invoice/ fix change of sequence on period for issue117015:27
CIA-2ced roundup * #1170/error when changing sequence on period: [resolved] Applied15:29
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CIA-2matb roundup * #1167/Make display of status bar configurable: [testing] Thx for reviewing, patch attached.17:14
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 1397:bdc8ef664036 tryton/ (CHANGELOG tryton/ tryton/gui/ Adding "Statusbar" option (for issue #1167).17:25
CIA-2matb roundup * #1168/Restore broken pda mode: Uploaded to Please review.17:26
CIA-2ced roundup * #1167/Make display of status bar configurable: [resolved] Applied17:26
CIA-2ced roundup * #1168/Restore broken pda mode: I don't think it is good to mix to options since now we had statusbar option17:30
CIA-2matb roundup * #1168/Restore broken pda mode: [closed] Ack, closing this issue.17:42
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 212:252cd1699740 sale/sale.xml: Fix typo in trigger model name17:59
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gourhiya, should i use '--send_mail' in when sending new patch-set for the old issue?19:16
cedkgour: if you want others been aware of your modification19:17
gourcedk: email is sent via website, not from my localhost?19:18
cedkgour: I think19:18
gourok. let me try...there is always that 'asbestos cave' to hide in :-)19:18
carlosTimitos: hi, around?19:41
Timitoscarlos: on the phone...19:45
carlosTimitos: ok, just wanted to talk with you about product_image module and some modifications I did to it19:45
carlosTimitos: please, ping me when you have some time19:46
Timitoscarlos: ping. i finally finished my phone marathon ;-)20:14
carlosTimitos: :-D20:14
carlosTimitos: I just wanted to check with you whether you choose to limit product_image to a single image per product for any specific reason or just because it fits your use case20:15
carlosTimitos: as part of the satchmo integration, I want to be able to store several images, and thus, I modified your module:20:16
Timitoscarlos: i can give you access to the repo. this module was done for a prototype that was never used in production. so we stopped working on it20:16
carlosTimitos: I have access to it and is published in intuxication20:16
carlosTimitos: ok, so I guess is ok If I take over it for the development...20:17
carlosI don't like the implementation I did, but it covers my use case. As a second step I would like to see whether is possible to extend it in a way that allows Tryton client to show a thumbnail of the image, but that's already too much for me right now...20:18
Timitoscarlos: i think you could do this with a function field maybe if you point it to a specific picture of the list20:19
carlosmaybe, however, I don't have time to even think on that just right now, given that the images will be seen from satchmo and the POS, my customer is happy with current implementation20:21
Timitoscarlos: ok20:21
carlosTimitos: so, could I take over the module name? should I use your repository or may I just update intuxication copy with my modifications?20:22
Timitoscarlos: give me your username on intuxication and i can add you to the access list20:23
carlosok, let me check for it (I don't remember it...)20:23
carlosTimitos: I think it's 'carlos'20:26
carlosor is it the email?20:26
Timitoscarlos: i added carlos. you can test ist20:26
carlosTimitos: yeah, it works20:27
carlosmy changes are now there20:27
carlosTimitos: thanks!20:27
Timitoscarlos: you are welcome20:28
gourcarlos: do you make tryton speak with django/satchmo sites?20:58
carlosgour: I'm working on it, yes20:58
gourcarlos: cool. i plan to have web site in django/stachmo/feincms, so having it play together will be great...pls. share when you will have something ;)20:59
gourACTION uploaded two new tryton modules for archlinux21:00
carlosgour: well, I'm already late, so it should be soon...21:00
carlosgour: we are working to release the code and open the development, but we don't have a date yet (the decision is already taken, is just a matter of time now)21:01
gourcarlos: great. i'm just starting with tryton and not too many experience with django as well...but great platforms21:01
carlosgour: I wish both share a bit more code with other projects / libraries, but yes, both are great platforms21:03
gourcarlos: what could be shared for instance?21:03
carlosgour: well, it's more a wish than technically possible21:06
gourcarlos: ahh, i see...21:07
carlosgour: For instance,  both may reduce a lot of translation strings reusing iso-codes package21:07
carlosbut as Cedk already pointed, it would not fit with the Tryton model21:07
carlosand you have a similar problem with Django21:07
carlosso the only way to share it is to 'fork' it and sync from time to time so you can reuse those translations, instead of having someone to translate them from zero21:08
gourheh, i was reading that thread with the interest...21:08
gourACTION has to go out. bbl ~1hr21:08
gourACTION is back22:01
gourACTION just tried - very cool22:27
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