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CIA-2ced roundup * #1175/Events created in iceowl not displayed: What is the version of vobject?10:47
CIA-2matb roundup * #1175/Events created in iceowl not displayed:11:42
CIA-2python-vobject 0.6.0-111:42
CIA-2after upgrade to 0.8.1c-1 I am seeing all events and tasks, great!11:42
CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:11:53
CIA-2[new] On confirming events with a reminder:11:53
CIA-2::ffff: - - [15/Sep/2009 11:36:06] "PUT /test_dav/Calendars/Kal%20admin/b6050dd0-8728- ...11:53
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!: [need-eg] What is the definition of the constraint uuid_recurrence_uniq on table calendar_event?12:00
CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:12:03
CIA-2ALTER TABLE calendar_event12:03
CIA-2ADD CONSTRAINT calendar_event_uuid_recurrence_uniq UNIQUE(uuid, calendar, recurrence);12:03
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!: Which version of CalDAV client?14:24
CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!: User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090701 Lightning/0.9 Thunderbird/
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:15:01
CIA-2Can not reproduce the issue.15:01
CIA-2What is exactly the event?15:01
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CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!: Joined the row in question as sql export.15:15
CIA-2ced roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!: I need to steps to do in thunderbird to get the error.15:22
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carloscedk, Hi, around?15:49
cedkcarlos: yes16:02
gourhiya, i'm continuing exploring helloWorld example...i did some obfuscation of the original naming in order to be sure i understand things properly...16:38
gouris the _name in model class independent from the class name, in the sense that one can have e.g. Class Foo and _name="" (here i'm not talking about reasonable naming to use in practice, just curios about the principle)?16:40
bechamelgour: yes the class name can be anything16:42
gourbechamel: thanks16:42
gourinfo about the module displayed with Tryton is picked from the dictionary in, correct?16:48
bechamelgour: correct16:49
gourheh, now we have joy of debugging parser's error :-)16:49
gourthis is the obstacle we have to overcome...16:49
bechamelgour: which parser ?16:50
gourbechamel: sax, that's what tryton uses for parsing xml, right?16:51
bechamelgour: right ;)16:51
gourdoes <field name="name">Haribol</field>16:59
gourin has any connection with the 'name' in <menuitem name="Hello World" id="menu_hello_world" sequence="10" icon="tryton-users"/>?17:00
gouri'm gettin trace with XMLSyntaxError: xmlParseEntityRef: no name, line 1, column 2317:09
bechamelgour: name in the menuitem is the string that the user will see in the menu, the name of the action is used on top of the new tab openned by this action17:11
gourooh, cool. it works now, but i wonder since i changed string  <tree string="string" which belongs to CDATA and should not be, afaiu, parsed?17:17
gourwell, playing with helloWorld looks fruitful, we're slowly getting feeling how it works17:19
gouri wonder why there are no labels displayed in my form view -
cedkgour: has your two fields a string in the python code?17:43
gourcedk: yes, here is the model and the labels are visible in the tree view17:44
cedkgour: you put uppercase for the first letter of label names17:47
gourcedk: yes17:48
gourcedk: that's wrong?17:48
CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:17:48
CIA-2[closed] Doing more tests I created the same event once again in another calendar without problems so far. The differences I see in Tryton:17:48
CIA-2- the ...17:48
cedkgour: yes, you must use in name the name of a field17:48
cedkgour: otherwise if you want free text, you must add string attribute17:49
gourcedk: not 100% clear, but let's try it17:49
gourcedk: example in file:///home/gour/repos/hg/tryton_dev/html/models.html uses Capitalized names17:51
gourand i thought it should match the label17:51
cedkgour: I don't know about which file you talk17:52
gouri.e that in:  name = fields.Char('Name'), 'name' goes along the  <field name="Name"/> and 'Name' along with <label name="Name"/>17:53
gourcedk: oops, i pasted my local docs :-/
cedkgour: you must always use name="name"17:55
cedkgour: it is the key of the field because it is unique17:55
gourcedk: so, 'name' in <label> and <field> denotes the same key?17:59
cedkgour: yes to use the same field values18:01
gourcedk: ok, thanks. by using  <label name="ime" string="Ime"/> i got what i meant. now it makes sense18:02
gourACTION would like to print 1.3 docs to have it on the desk (instead of browsing html), but sphinx fails to build latex :-(18:03
CIA-2matb roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:18:03
CIA-2[need-eg] Reopening:18:03
CIA-2Doing still more tests I could reproduce the error:18:03
CIA-2- create an event that repeats weekly18:03
CIA-2- create from that event one sin ...18:03
gourcan anyone build latex/pdf doc with sphinx?18:03
gourthe helloWorld is much more clear now...let's make short break..18:04
gourACTION --> shop. bbs18:04
CIA-2matb roundup * #1178/Rename Recurrence to Occurence: [new] While 'Recurrence Rules' and 'Recurrence Dates' are correctly relating to repeating events, the naming of the tab in general and especially ...18:08
CIA-2ced roundup * #1177/UUID and recurrence must be unique in a calendar!:18:15
CIA-2I try it and it works on Thunderbird
CIA-2It seems to be a bug in the CalDAV client because it uses twice the same recurrence-id for two dif ...18:15
gouri've downloaded country, currency, google_maps & party as modules for learn about tryton further, by tweakin 'em, trying to understand inheritance etc. what do you think about the chosen set?18:26
gouroops, forgot to go through step 3 (Create a Menu entry in the Admin Menu) in the hw-example18:27
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gouri wanted to finish with step-3, but i'm getting exception - and here is the xml - it must be i'm blind not seeing what's wrong :-(19:07
Timitosgour you need to move the menuitem creation under the creation of the admin view19:18
Timitosit is only a problem of ordering the xml in the correct way19:18
Timitosgour: i would recommend party module. and there is also party_type. it adds some functionality to party. could be interesting i think as it is a small module:
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gourTimitos: thank you. i was thinking about it, but wasn't sure if the xml is prone to ordering (being interested for FP, where the order does not matter). otog, you've found another bug in helloWorld example, cause the text is speaking about the adding 'menuitem' line 1st :-/19:30
gourACTION thinks it's really time to fix and enrich that helloWorld example19:30
Timitosgour: i fixed this19:34 * r766 /wiki/ Fix step 3: Menu item must be created after creating the view in the xml file.19:59
gourTimitos: i'm curious whether the parser would do the job if the Tryton would use dom instead of sax?20:07
gourcan someone try to build tryton doc with sphinx with latex builder?20:11
gourhmm, now i realize that country module needs pycountry as dep, right? time to update my archlinux package20:36
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gourahh, now i see that country module included pycountry data in its xml file :-)21:27
udonohi all.anyone knows why I can not evaluate in a report? works fine. Is there anything to look for when using _inherits in a report?21:57
udonoIf I evaluate I get False as result in the report.22:00
udonocedk: do you have an idea?22:01
cedkudono: has the user an employee linked?22:10
udonocedk: yes, he has22:10
udonocedk: its 1.222:10
udonoTryton22:10 is the right syntax, isn't it?22:11
cedkudono: yes22:11
udonocedk: and I do not need explicitly browse the user my parser? This is done by Tryton, isn't it?22:12
cedkudono: yes22:14
cedkudono: if you have False for user.employee it is because Tryton doesn't find employee on user22:15
udonocedk: maybe database inconsistency? It is a migrated 1.0 database.22:16
udonocedk: you are right22:19
udonocedk: I just saved the user again and it worked.22:21
udonostrange old database22:21
cedkudono: nothing has changed on this between 1.0 and 1.222:23
udonocedk: yes, it seems it is an individual problem22:25
udonocedk: anyway, thanks a lot. Now it is fixed.22:26
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2015:9e73df3d90b9 trytond/trytond/report/ Missing context in browse call for res.user in report23:02
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 27:f14d93f98c62 calendar/ ( calendar.xml): Rename recurrences to occurences for issue117823:21
CIA-2ced roundup * #1178/Rename Recurrence to Occurence: [resolved] Fix with changeset f14d93f98c6223:21
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