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vengfulsquirrelnice work on the wiki, i could never figure out how to view diffs with the old on00:18
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vengfulsquirrelDoes anyone use tryton on mac os X?07:15
vengfulsquirrelI have a realyl dumb question07:15
udonovengfulsquirrel: Hi, I know that cedk has a mac and Timitos tested it on Mac OS.07:28
vengfulsquirrelYes it works, I just can't get it to save the server and port because it cannot create teh configuration file in ~, but I don't know how to create a file on a mac that will pass a command line argument to it.07:36
udonovengfulsquirrel: good question, my last experience with Apple is 20 years ago on an Apple ][, so can not help07:41
vengfulsquirrelha that's a long time ago07:42
udono* and some Apple OS#es away07:42
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gourit's nice to see wiki is under hg now11:21
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gourhiya MarkusB12:51
MarkusBhups, sorry.12:51
MarkusBHi :)12:51
gouri saw your request about docs yesterday ;)12:52
MarkusBgour, jou, I found some.12:52
MarkusBlots of stuff to read and learn12:53
gourMarkusB: heh, right. i'd like that we write complete tutorial with explanations how the system work to enable newcomers to quickly jump into development of new modules12:54
MarkusBgour, I will write my o12:58
MarkusBmy own tutorial12:58
MarkusBbut in German12:58
gourahh :-(12:58
gourmaybe someone can translate it then, but just not Google12:59
MarkusBgour, because english is difficult for me to write.12:59
MarkusBif it is finished and it is good, I guess we can find people, they will help to translate it :)13:00
gourMarkusB: you english is ok. maybe you can write in english and leave German words for stuff you don't know. then someone can just fix those...btw, how much do you plan to cover?13:00
MarkusBI will follow the helloWorld Example13:01
udonoMarkusB: for me you write well enough in English. And to find mistakes is the job of us all in the review process... many of us are not native english speakers13:02
MarkusBso if it's finished we can add the additional stuff to that one13:02
MarkusBI think about other german people with the same problem. reading/learning new stuff in english is difficult for me. if I have some basic knowledge in something it is easyer for me to read english documents13:04
MarkusBso this tutorial should only cover the basics for developing own modules. deeper stuff can be in english13:05
MarkusBif the tutorial is finished i will help to translate it. And i will read RSS Feeds, so if someone makes changes to the english document i will change it in the german version13:08
udonoMarkusB: for me the better way is to have a main english document which is translated in other languages. I do not see the need for translated develdocs, but anyway, base is good in english because of the benefit that all can contribute and help...13:08
gourACTION would like to provide some inf how the stuff is working, about actions (comparing it with traditional gui programming in e.g. pygtk/glade), as well as some example of inheritance with modules as well as some more business logic than in helloWorld13:09
gourudono: has veng* given some thought about the tutorial?13:11
udonogour: no, not that I know13:11
gourMarkusB: in which markup will you write?13:14
MarkusBgour, dokuwiki13:14
gourheh, another one :-)13:15
MarkusBthis weekend will be a tryton weekend13:16
yangoongour MarkusB for some tutorial I would prefer wiki, too, because docs in tryton come version specific and you have to guarantee the consistency13:17
MarkusByangoon, true13:17
udonogour: what is dokuwiki? Is it the google wiki?13:20
gourudono: no, it's 'another' wiki13:20
MarkusBgour, is the syntax much different to google?13:21
gouryangoon: i've agreed to work on the tutorial to be in tryton's wiki (at least, until is complete)13:21
gourMarkusB: well, all the wikis are quite similar to each other, but, otoh, different enough :-)13:21
gouri'd be personally much pleased to use more 'standard' reST instead of having to use different wikis for different projects13:22
gourhowever, it's good that there is no need to write in docbook for tryton :-)13:22
yangoongour it is more important to begin the work IMHO, the final location will be found13:23
MarkusByangoon, indeed13:23
MarkusBconversion or translation should be the smaller problem13:23
gouryangoon: i agree, but i even did not get confirmation to start a new page named 'Tutorial'13:23
yangoongour: don't wait for confirmation, just do13:24
gourif something won't change soon, then i'll go with MarkusB's route and write something on my own and publish repo on bitbucket13:24
yangoongour wiki pages can be migrated to other names, too13:25
yangoongour where is the problem? did you communicate your email for to cedk?13:26
yangoonhe will register as soon as he gets it and you can work on the wiki13:26
gouryangoon: the problem is that i do not have write access to wiki and writing offline with ability to see it rendered is not great...then i'd better use reST which can be rendered locally...otoh, udono has idea to rework helloWorld can read yesterday's log so that i do not repeat myself..13:26
gouryangoon: my email is already available via when i submitted 'doc-patch'13:28
yangoongour if you want write access, just ping mantainers and specify the email address, *you* want to be used13:30
bechamelgour: just give send me your email i will add you to the wiki editors13:30
yangoongour and if you are searchig for an initial page name I agree with udono, that it would be favorable to have something more specific than just Tutorial, becuase there can be some more13:32
gouryangoon: shall i start "Developer's Book" :-D13:32
yangoongour: I am pleased about the compass of your project;)13:33
gouryangoon: let's see where we'll arrive "with the little help from my friends" ;)13:34
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gouryangoon: but "developers' book" must have complete API docs13:37
gourit looks it's not possible for a wiki page to be 'unpublished'. is it correct?13:39
yangoongour what about a first page 'Tutorial: an annotated example for beginners'?13:39
yangoongour if you want it to be unpublished you can make it on your own and upload later with hg13:40
gouryangoon: the problem is that making it one my own, i cannot see i rendered13:48
gouryangoon: the trade-off between local & wiki is that i hope that my making it wiki, we'll get more contributions 'cause we cannot write it alone13:52
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yangoongour: if you want contributors you must publish13:57
yangoongour it is no problem to set 'Under construction' at the top of the page13:58
yangoonACTION bbl14:02
gouryangoon: thanks for the hint14:18
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cedkessich: about your question for GroupDAV: yes it is implemented14:34
cedkessich: I don't understand your question about shared access?14:35
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udonoHi all, here you find a review of Tryton in one well known german magazine:
udonosorry the text is in german language, but maybe google translation may help:
gourudono: does it say anything about its docs?18:36
bechameludono: do you know where they get their data's ?18:37
udonogour: yes, Tryton is very well documented it says18:39
udonojust kidding gour18:39
udonogour: have not found quick something about documentation.18:40
gourACTION just read the article skipping from tryton to conclusion18:41
udonobechamel: they have snapshot in December last year. So they speak about Tryton 1.018:41
udonoThe author is working in a company for Adempierre...18:42
bechameludono: the english translation say about the export format of tryton (1st page): "CSV. expanded scope for Prof. Edition"18:43
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udonobechamel: you do not use the professional edition of tryton?18:44
udonokidding again, bechamel:
udonobechamel: German community wrote a letter to the editor last month to clear this.18:45
bechameludono: ok18:45
bechameludono: no big deal18:46
udonobechamel: the article?18:46
bechameludono: not the "professional edition"18:46
bechameludono: we can create one if they want, we just need to add a sticker on it :)18:47
udonobechamel: yes, the author told yangoon that the table column has changed at the editor editions...18:47
udonobechamel: sticker is a good idea18:48
cedkgood example of twisted imap usage18:54
Timitoscedk: i bookmarked it. i want to dive into this topic. but i need to find some time for that18:59
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