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gouri saw an openerp screencast yesterday about producing & scheduling courses, teachers, students...everything was done 'automaticaly' from the client, i.e. by modifying present modules, duplicating and/or tweaking the properties via GUI. otoh, by looking at 'helloWorld' example in Tryton's wiki i got impression one has to do everything manually by writing models & (xml) views with the editor. now, what's the07:48
gouractual truth considering Tryton platform?07:48
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gourohh, the channel gets populated after i submitted my question :-(08:25
paepkegour: its time to start work in europe...08:26
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gourpaepke: you were somewhere else recently?08:28
paepkegour: why? ;-)08:29
gourpaepke: "gour: its time to start work in europe..."08:30
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paepkeno. because the channel gets populated... but i like to be somewhere else...08:33
gourACTION is wondering if he shall repeat the question or not08:34
paepkegour:  you give us just the hint to look at the irc-log. but you/we can ping cedk to look at your question...08:37
Timitosgour: i read it in the log. for the moment it is true. you need to develop these functions with a module. tryton does not provide functions for modifications of fields from the client08:37
Timitosgour: but there are some plans for something like that.08:38
gourTimitos: thanks. so for now, writing tryton module is like a writing one for e.g. pygtk, no clicking around ;)08:38
Timitosgour: yes08:39
gourTimitos: so, client serves for inspection-only?08:39
Timitosgour: for the moment you can see the client like a browser. you can modify and add data an proceed some processes on the data. but you cannot change the functionality of the server from there.08:42
gourTimitos: ok. now it's clear08:43
gourwriting python modules is 'natural' for python framework, one (probably) just need to adjust for *.xml stuff :-)08:44
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CIA-2bch roundup * #1181/relation "stock_packing_internal" does not exist: [chatting] The traceback looks like the stock.move model still contains a packing_internal field which shouldn't be there with the last revision. ...10:27
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 594:6f0af488dd35 stock/ ( Don't use global context as default value of act_window for issue118310:47
CIA-2ced roundup * #1183/Socket Connection Broken: [resolved] Fix with changeset 6f0af488dd3510:48
CIA-2ced roundup * #1182/building of docs with latex builder fails: And what is the proper way?11:04
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gourcedk: in regard to 1182, building of html works only because 'html' is default builder, but invoking it with: 'sphinx-build -b html' fails as well due to interference of parsing sphinx arguments11:33
CIA-2matb roundup * #1181/relation "stock_packing_internal" does not exist: [resolved] It was indeed another module not installed in this database, but linked into modules containing the old models. Thx for the hint!11:41
cedkgour: so it is a sphinx issue11:41
gourcedk: heh, he said it's tryton bug11:42
cedkgour: I don't understand11:42
cedkgour: there is a conf file11:43
cedkgour: and he says that it is a problem with which is in sphinx11:43
cedkgour: and if it is a problem of Tryton, what is wrong ?11:43
gourcedk: well, the problems is not with sphinx's but with tryton's trytond/trytond/config.py11:45
gourwhich "all parse_args in an OptionParser, which then tries to parse sphinx-build's args "11:45
bechamelgour: "sphinx-build -b latex . latex/" called in the doc/ dir works here, except that sphinx doesn't handle non-ascii in the (So i had to change C├ędric to Cedric in the latex_documents option).11:54
cedkbechamel: which version?11:55
gourbechamel:  I had that issue with encoding, but with sphinx-0.6.2 it fails with the arguments11:55
gourbechamel: can you clear the 'cache' ?11:55
bechamelgour: for the cache: just remove the content of latex/11:56
gourbechamel: can you try by removing html dir as well?11:57
gourbechamel: the 'bug' was reproduced by main sphinx dev yesterday11:57
gourhe is 'birkenfeld' in #python-docs11:58
bechamelgour: it also works, btw I don't see how removing html/* will change something when the latex build is made12:02
gourbechamel: well it depends if you were building in the same spot12:03
gour(as i did)12:03
cedkI have a patch I will upload it as soon as coderview is back12:07
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1182/building of docs with latex builder fails:
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yangooncedk: hi13:03
yangooncedk: I don't understand the use of field Boolean 'Date' in calendar.radte13:03
yangooncedk: cedkis it to say: handle content of field datetime as date only?13:05
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 28:255502493b09 calendar/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE13:18
cedkyangoon: this is to know if it is a date or a datetime13:27
cedkACTION lunch13:28
gourACTION wishes bon appetite to cedk13:29
yangooncedk: we should add an help text and probbably best would be to rename the label to 'Is date'13:29
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CIA-2[unread] Yes, credentials are ok, updated to tip and get:19:26
CIA-2::ffff: - - [21/Sep/2009 19:22:43] code 401, message Authorization Requi ...19:26
CIA-2matb roundup * #1180/KeyError: 'webdav.collection': [chatting] Joined the wireshark dump of the connection.19:42
CIA-2matb roundup * #1184/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'float' and 'Decimal':20:10
CIA-2[new] Database with only account_invoice installed, on saving new invoice:20:10
CIA-2Traceback (most recent call last):20:10
CIA-2File "/home/mathiasb/bin/tryto ...20:10
CIA-2matb roundup * #1185/Localized year format in timesheet reports:20:37
CIA-2[new] Display of year format is broken in timesheet reports when running in german l10n.20:37
CIA-2Screenshot attached.20:37
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