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CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1190/products by location returns list:01:00
CIA-2[new] Should I really create an issue for something this trivial?01:00
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1190/products by location returns list: [chatting] No need of codereview but the comment of the patch must have the reference of the issue08:30
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CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1190/products by location returns list: Patch with issue.08:58
CIA-2Ian Wilson <> default * 599:ce2a25257001 stock/ Return dictionary when given no locations for issue1190.09:06
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 600:3a6951bc9347 stock/ merge09:06
CIA-2ced roundup * #1190/products by location returns list: [resolved] Applied09:07
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1186/KeyError when completing inventory with deactivated products: Now complete inventory will not choke on inactive products and running complete lines on an inventory that previously had inactive products will r ...09:16
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CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2025:a2520cd02d7b trytond/trytond/res/ir.xml: Fix indent in states of buttons18:36
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cristi_anbechamel: cedk i visited brussel19:21
cristi_anwhat kind of neighbourhood are not very "popular"19:22
cristi_anor ones that i should avoid staying in ?19:22
bechamelcristi_an: hi, sorry, I don't have much time, but globaly brussel is safe (at least the day)20:12
cristi_ank. cause i when i came from chareleroi with bus i saw some interresting neighbourhood :)20:15
cristi_annot 1 belgin there20:16
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bechamelcristi_an: yes charleroi is a bit .. different :)21:09
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