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CIA-78rhl6856 roundup * #1208/easy_install fail on centos 5.3 box: [new] See attachment for console output05:28
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CIA-78ced roundup * #1208/easy_install fail on centos 5.3 box:11:22
CIA-78[invalid] It is egenix-mx-base that can not be compile because it seems you don't have python headers.11:22
CIA-78You could try to install egenix-mx-base wi ...11:22
udonocedk: hi, have a question. Is there a way to raise a tryton error dialog box in report parse? I checked the Report class, but there is no direct connection to trytons Exception class.12:29
udonocedk: the other way I tried is to catch the error before in the wizard with a check-action. But this cost a lot of resources, because I need to request the database twice: One time for the check and one time for the report parse. Since I see no way to transport the calculated ids from the wizard check to the report parse.12:35
cedkudono: for exception in report, it must work14:06
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udonocedk: thanks. But I can not get it to work.
udonocedk: the problem seems that Report model has no _error_messages which I could update.14:33
cedkudono: yes but it is not logical to put error message on report14:54
cedkudono: but if you mimic the raise_user_error function it will work15:17
udonocedk: Thanks.15:29
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CIA-78matb roundup * #1039/expand button on tree view:18:23
CIA-78[chatting] Reviving this feature request:18:23
CIA-78It is really tedious to open a complete tree of e.g. 10 levels: you have to repeat 9 times Ctrl+A and A ...18:23
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huzzeli followd this tutorial :-(
huzzeland my client is hanging :-( and i dont know how to get more verbose informations :-(19:14
yangoonhuzzel: hi19:15
yangoonhuzzel: you are on ubuntu19:15
huzzelsame i think ^^19:16
huzzelheres the serverlog19:16
yangoonhuzzel: often, but not always19:17
huzzel INFO:server:waiting for connections...19:18
yangoonhuzzel: did you install with
huzzeltried it and lookd good19:19
huzzeli used mercurial19:19
huzzeland then python install19:19
yangoonhuzzel: but thats not
huzzelehh the new one19:20
yangoonhuzzel: debian testing or stable?19:23
huzzelwith stable19:23
huzzelherest to log19:25
huzzelwith python install19:25
yangoonhuzzel: it seems that you mixed three installation methods, one from asconix, one from tryton wiki, one from download page...19:26
huzzelright coz i had problems with the depencies19:26
huzzelso whats the best way ?19:26
yangoonanyway: you should start trytond with /usr/bin/trytond19:27
huzzeland it works fine19:27
huzzelbut the client cant connect19:28
yangoonhow do you start the client?19:28
huzzelon windows19:28
huzzelit connects fine to the demoserver19:28
yangoonhuzzel: did you configure the database?19:29
huzzelhm ? ^^19:29
huzzeli added a postgres user19:29
huzzeland filld the password19:30
huzzelinto tryton config19:30
yangoonhuzzel: it is /usr/local/tryton/trytond/etc/trytond.conf for you19:30
huzzeli changed only password19:31
yangoonyou have to put the correct server name in the client dialog. did you do that?19:32
huzzeland then the client hangs19:33
yangoonwhich version of the client are you using?19:33
huzzel1.06 and 1.2219:33
yangoonthere are incompatbilities if you start different clients with the same config19:34
yangoonyou should delete the client config and restart the client, that suits your server19:35
huzzeldid u see somethin in the log19:39
huzzelwhen a client successful connect ?19:39
yangoonhuzzel: yes. it is logged19:39
yangoonhuzzel: you can start the server with /usr/bin/trytond -v19:40
huzzeltcp6       0      0 :::8070                 :::*                    LISTEN      0          11787       2618/python19:41
yangoonhuzzel: be a little bit more verbose about what you are doing19:42
huzzelport is opend19:42
huzzelno errors19:42
huzzeli dont know :-(19:43
yangoonhuzzel: server isnot the problem19:43
huzzeltried client on windows 200819:43
huzzeland windows 719:43
huzzelmaybe thats the problem ?19:43
huzzelbut when the client is the problem19:43
huzzelwhy can i connect to demoserver...19:43
huzzelmaybe i got a problem with the database ?19:43
yangoonhuzzel: the demoserver is running version 1.2, which version is your server?19:44
huzzelrcm:/usr/bin# trytond --version19:45
huzzel[Sun Oct 04 19:45:19 2009] DEBUG:psycopg2:installed. Logging using Python logging module19:45
huzzeloh ^^19:45
huzzelmaybe i should install 1.2 ^^19:45
yangoonhuzzel: so this is the dev version, you cannot connect with a client 1.2 to it19:46
huzzelACTION laughs out loud19:46
yangoonhuzzel: if you want to use a windows client you have to use the last released version, that is 1.219:47
gourhuzzel: kernel numbering, each major series has its own version :-)19:48
yangoonhuzzel: uninstall dev version, download 1.219:48
huzzel./ -b 1.219:49
yangoonhuzzel: since you seem to be german native speaker you can take a look here
huzzelits my first try with python ^^19:50
huzzelthats why i got so much problems19:50
huzzelthx for your help19:50
yangoonhuzzel: tipp: you don't have to install trytond and modules with, you can run it directly from the sources19:50
gourACTION is re-configuring his email setup on the laptop machine waiting for a new desktop next week (probably) and then he's going to tackle tryton & its tutorial19:52
yangoonhuzzel: and btw. htere is a german channel: #tryton.de19:52
huzzelwhoa :-D19:52
huzzelit works19:52
yangoonhuzzel: welcome19:53
CIA-78matb roundup * #1209/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'Decimal' and 'float':20:09
CIA-78[new] Traceback (most recent call last):20:09
CIA-78File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/", line 143, in sig_activate20:09
CIA-78self._f ...20:09
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CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 1408:a67978d90128 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/ Use quantize to round Decimal instead of round for issue120921:07
CIA-78ced roundup * #1209/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'Decimal' and 'float': [resolved] Fix with changeset a67978d9012821:07
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