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goursharoon: hiya. you were the one told me about openerp, right?10:47
sharoongour: yes10:57
goursharoon: do you like tryton?10:57
sharoongour: nice question! both open erp and tryton are from similar core10:57
sharoongour: tryton just lacks a lot of modules & community development like open erp10:58
sharoongour: also I am not sure if tryton has a web client10:58
goursharoon: i'm thinking about the direction in which tryton is heading?10:58
gourno, only thin desktop client10:58
sharoongour: i think what they really need to focus on is more functionality10:59
sharoongour: open erp has a lot of modules but lot of bugs and issues and design crap while tryton code is more refined10:59
goursharoon: i believe some more docs is required as well...i want to do something but have to finish some django stuff before10:59
sharoongour: ok, hows django getting along with you11:00
goursharoon: heh, had to deal with paper work for our startup ('company')...and will use django-cms which seems as good app for starting11:01
sharoon[gour: the reason why I am here is, i was thinking if I could write some good stuff for tryton like poweremail]11:01
sharoongour: django is good and django-cms really cool11:02
goursharoon: what's poweremail? claws is my desktop mailer11:02
sharoongour: poweremail is a generic email architecture i built for openerp. It has a templating engine and can be configured to read write mails and share mails accross corporate workspace11:03
sharoongour: it also has a templating engine and you can design templates for any object11:03
sharoongour: so supports current + future modules11:03
sharoongour: automatic emailing as well11:04
goursharoon: could i send/receive email and shared it with claws (which access localhost dovecot imap)?11:05
sharoongour: it has a builtin IMAP/POP3 receiver and smtp sender11:06
sharoonworks with services like gmail etc too11:06
sharoonsharing is done on user groups11:06
sharoonuser groups can be given right to read a mail account and then all users in the group can see those mails11:07
gourit could be useful for 'business' mail here11:09
sharooncan you explain?11:09
gourwel, instead of handling email from claws, i could do everything connected with 'business email' from tryton/poweremail11:10
gourfor now, i planned to share addressbook between tryton & claws with ldap11:10
sharoongour: why did u decide to go with tryton?11:11
sharoonlike specific reasons u found in research or somethin like that11:11
goursharoon: it seems to me it won't be so bloated as openerp and therefore more stable...also the community is smaller and it looks as one can more easily contribute11:12
sharoonyeh we are in a desperate move toget community organised before 5.211:13
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gouropenerp is quite 'corporate' and we're not enterprise :-)11:13
gourtryton looks as small & nicely organized, clear release policy, more open etc.11:14
sharoongour: do u know if tryton has any plans for a web client?11:14
goursharoon: cedk is here as main force, but, afaik, no11:14
gouri do not have need for it either11:14
sharoongour: but a web client is very critical in todays world11:15
gouri plan to put tryton-client on moblin you have experience with running openerp-client on moblin?11:15
goursharoon: why is web client needed?11:16
sharoonneed of the day actually11:16
sharooni have done more implementations with web client that GTK/Desktop11:16
sharoonclients really want it11:16
sharoon+ easy management11:17
sharooni really dont want to go accross the terminals in a company replacing clients for an update11:17
sharooncedk: do you have any plans for a web client?11:17
gourcedk is the right person to answer needs are satisfied with thin client11:17
sharoonlooks like cedk is not here11:18
cedksharoon: there is some ideas on how it must be done11:19
sharooncedk: is there something like a blueprint?11:19
sharooncedk: are there any plans on that?11:21
cedksharoon: there was a proposition for gsoc200911:21
sharooncedk: ok, did you guys decide whats the platform ?11:21
cedksharoon: it depends of possible customers11:21
cedksharoon: we have looked to qooxdoo and GWT11:24
gourcedk: what about pyjamas?11:34
cedkgour: too young11:35
cedkgour: I'm not sure it will support a application with 20k SLOC11:35
sharooncedk: why not cheerypy?11:37
cedksharoon: because we think that a web client must work like the GTK but in a browser11:38
sharooncedk: what about performance issues?11:38
cedksharoon: so it must be javascript application that just do the same request than the GTK client11:38
sharooncedk: is the bottleneck here network or the application framework?11:39
cedksharoon: it will be faster than any webpage generator application11:39
cedksharoon: bottleneck will be the network11:40
cedksharoon: and a javascript application will be less consuming for the server than a web page generator11:40
sharooncedk: never really worked on both the technologies you mentioned but will give them a look11:40
cedksharoon: did you ever try Gmail, Google Docs etc.?11:42
sharooni agree GWT is really good enuf11:43
sharoonand possibly th option of deployment over app engine11:43
cedksharoon: not completly on app engine if they don't intergrate a SQL server11:44
sharooncedk: you can have the web application on app engine11:45
sharooncedk: not sure big tables is good enuf for any database application11:45
sharooncedk: i agree with you on that you server cannot be deployed on app engine11:45
sharooncedk: this looks like good news
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