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cedkvengfulsquirrel: we wrote some modules to handle returns from the purchase point of view but we did not yet publish it02:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: if you want, we can give you access02:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ping me later, I'm going to bed02:20
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CIA-13Timitos roundup * #1319/traceback requests for sheduled action don't work any more: [new] when a sheduled action fails by an exception i do not get a request with the traceback anymore. you can test this with the sheduled actions ...11:30
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b_52lightcould i ask a question related to openerp/tryton ?12:42
cedkb_52light: don't ask to ask, simply ask13:17
cedkACTION bbl13:26
b_52lightcedk, i installed pydev with eclipse imported openerp-server  , but i have run openerp-server with postgres user !13:55
b_52lightunder eclipse i mean13:58
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cedkb_52light_: I don't see any question16:15
b_52light_cedk, sorry , it's ok fixed it , problem of unix's right :d16:20
b_52light_does tryton have a webclient ? if yes with wich framework ?16:24
cedkb_52light_: not yet16:32
b_52light_cedk, just readed that extJS is a candidate ? , (will use extjs direct for remoting) ?16:35
cedkb_52light_: it is more between qooxdoo and gwt16:36
b_52light_gwt :(  hm java ?!16:36
cedkb_52light_: it is javascript16:37
b_52light_cedk, yeah but yu develop in java ? and gwt comiler generate js16:37
b_52light_could i ask why extjs was not considered ?16:38
sharooncedk: saw your blueprint on integrated email in tryton... who's implementing it? any progress so far?16:39
cedkb_52light_: I see extjs more like a set of widget instead of a web application framework16:39
cedksharoon: for now nobody, it is a blueprint16:40
b_52light_cedk, yeah kinda16:41
sharooncedk: thanks, wanted to know!16:41
cedksharoon: the goal is to replace request with better stuff and more open16:42
cedksharoon: I'm also looking to google wave16:42
sharooncedk: ok16:42
sharooncedk: google wave is a good idea!16:42
cedksharoon: yes, but it is perhaps too early16:43
cedksharoon: there is no client (as far as I know) except the google one16:43
sharooncedk: i agree, it snot very stable yet, but the idea is good... afterall its open standard and email is a 40 yr old technology16:43
cedksharoon: yes, but I think it will take time before it reaches the business IT16:45
cedksharoon: yes but it doesn't replace email16:46
sharooncedk: it doesnt.. no locking down16:46
cedksharoon: so for now, I think the best is to integrate email and later wave with perhaps a crossover16:47
sharooncedk: ok, have you seen poweremail?16:48
cedksharoon: a little16:49
sharooncedk: that implements generic email architecture for Open ERP16:49
sharooncedk: uses mako for templating, so very very flexible16:49
cedksharoon: sending email16:49
sharooncedk: yes emails for any object can be templated and any report attached to the model can be sent too16:50
sharooncedk: it integrates with server actions so easy to make auto email16:51
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cedksharoon: Tryton doesn't have "yet" server actions but we already tought about this feature18:15
sharooncedk: ok, its not complex anyway :-)18:15
cedksharoon: and the OpenERP one is not good enough for us18:15
sharooncedk: OK, i can agree to that as well!18:16
cedksharoon: when I will have time, I will write a blueprint on this also18:16
sharooncedk: i can help with the email part.... i wrote poweremail for open erp anyway18:17
cedksharoon: the first step is to validate the blueprint18:17
sharooncedk: sure, let the community decide.... and once its finalised i can contribute18:18
cedksharoon: the harder part will be to write the twisted code18:20
sharooncedk: i agree18:20
sharooncedk: but we need to really decide if its necessary to have it18:21
cedksharoon: imap is needed but if you know other python library18:22
sharooncedk: my question is why would you need twisted to implement IMAP receiving of mails?18:22
sharooncedk: let email servers handle the IMAP service and we will pull the emails by IMAP4/POP3 (w or w/o SSL) and store in a mailbox object18:23
cedksharoon: I think you did not understand the goal18:23
sharooncedk: sorry!18:23
cedksharoon: we will put a IMAP server with Tryton as backend18:24
sharooncedk: ok18:24
sharooncedk: why would u need that?18:25
cedksharoon: because if Tryton has email inside, you can link it with other models like a party, a project etc.18:26
cedksharoon: a big issue with emails in company is that the information is not shared18:26
sharooncedk: i agree with the rest of it... but why is an IMAP server required?18:27
cedksharoon: the goals is to be able to shared it18:27
cedksharoon: because users must be able to read emails18:27
sharooncedk: poweremail already shares emails... the way its implemented is: when an account is created the user groups which have access to it have to be specified18:27
sharooncedk: when a user logs in he has his personal mailbox and company mailbox18:28
sharooncedk: he sees his company mails (all the ones that his groups have access to)18:28
cedksharoon: I don't understand, where user logs?18:29
sharooncedk: user logs in, he sees the poweremail menu > Mail box >Personal & Company18:30
sharoonjust like any other object18:30
cedksharoon: I think people wants to use their prefered email client18:31
cedksharoon: that is why we need IMAP18:31
sharooncedk: so you are not really thinking of having email as an object within open erp18:32
sharooncedk: i got ur idea now18:32
cedksharoon: email will be stored in Tryton18:32
sharooncedk: hmm.. i understand the problem... since theres no web client accessing emails would be difficult if the tryton client is not there if an implementation is done in the way that poweremail does it18:33
cedksharoon: it is not a problem of missing webclient but there is a lot of good software that works well for email so we don't want to reinvent the well18:35
sharooncedk: the moment we store emails (if not as binary/raw email object in db) then we have already reinvented the wheel18:35
sharooncedk: i see that the design you made is for single binary18:35
cedksharoon: storing email in DB is not reinveting the wheel18:37
sharooncedk: how do you plan the structure of mailbox?18:37
cedksharoon: it will be also possible to extend the email model to extract specific information from it like text, from, to etc.18:38
cedksharoon: like any mailbox, a tree structure with one INBOX (required by the spec of IMAP)18:38
sharooncedk: when you do the extraction, you nearly have the backend for a email system like thunderbird18:38
sharooncedk: without extraction of email header, we wont be able to identify the party18:39
cedksharoon: no, you must have html render, multipart email etc.18:39
sharooncedk: all that is really simple18:39
cedksharoon: yes, it is what we want and how we wroks in Tryton18:40
cedksharoon: making simple things18:40
sharooncedk: python imaplib is really powerful... the existing poweremail already does the multipart sending etc18:40
cedksharoon: but that will work for longtime18:40
sharooncedk: sending of html & text parts18:41
cedksharoon: I don't care about sending, we are on the receive part18:41
sharooncedk: attachments as attachments18:41
sharooncedk: even receiving is the same18:41
sharooncedk: if at all in future u want to have something like mail eater... generate records (eg tickets) from email it makes sense to have the mailbox object as expanded with to, bcc, cc, subject, mailbody etc18:42
cedksharoon: no, not by default18:42
sharooncedk: do you want to do it from the email client...? thats a lot of integration18:42
cedksharoon: and some can be function field, some will need store etc.18:43
cedksharoon: doing what?18:43
sharooncedk: otherwise it would look like you see emails in your email client , come back to tryton, search for the email and generate from it18:43
cedksharoon: generate what?18:43
sharooncedk: convert a mail into a communication for a new ticket etc18:44
sharooncedk: or even add it to the histroy of a partner18:44
sharoon(or party)18:44
cedksharoon: no need to store it in field for that18:46
cedksharoon: KISS is the main goals in Tryton18:47
sharooncedk: ideally it should be a search on the email id of the addresses the party has18:47
cedkso if it is not required by default, we don't do it18:47
sharooncedk: and another thing is if email sharing is the problem there are already tools which simply copy mail to multiple inboxes (of different users) etc18:48
sharoonso i think the primary goal should be to integrate emails within the tryton architecture18:49
cedksharoon: copying is bad18:50
sharooncedk: i can tell you the splitter tomorrow18:51
cedksharoon: that is the goal of the blueprint18:51
sharooncedk: essentially it doesnt copy but the IMAP folder reflects the mails18:51
cedksharoon: and replace request by email18:51
sharooncedk: its a single instance of the mail18:51
sharooncedk: that should not be a problem, since the user has a email ID attached to his address.18:51
cedksharoon: that what I show in blueprint because email can be linked to many mailbox18:52
sharooncedk: but keeping the reply attached to the same request is a question.. there should be no subject changes then18:52
cedksharoon: what do you call email ID?18:52
sharooncedk: x@x.com18:52
sharooncedk: No ID18:53
cedksharoon: no, you can link replies with the internal id like it is done on mailing list18:53
cedkit is the "Message-ID:" in the header18:55
sharooncedk: got you18:55
cedkI updated wiki page to allow many users on one mailbox19:14
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fladihi! i think i've found a bug whenaccessing tryton webdav provider through an apache2 proxypass directive. tryton uses absolute URLs in its collection, making it impossible to use it behind a reverse proxy because the URLs will contain the servername:port which contains the values as seen from in between apache2 and tryton. can anyone confirm?20:47
cedkfladi: yes but I don't think it is a bug20:48
fladiso it's not intended to be able to cooperate with apache or any other reverse proxy like nginx?20:49
cedkfladi: I don't say that20:51
cedkfladi: it is not a bug but a feature20:51
fladiok, sorry :-)20:51
fladiso would it make sense to file a RFE in tryton bug tracking?20:52
cedkfladi: but the webpage generated is more a trick then a feature20:52
cedkfladi: why not20:52
fladiohhh, the absolut URLsare ony in the html page. i wrongly assumed the are the same for webdav.20:53
fladishould have tested it first with cadaver :-) using a reverse proxy with webdav works well.20:55
paepke_cedk, how can i make suggestions to your email-blueprint? here on irc?21:02
cedkpaepke: on the wiki21:28
paepkecedk, ok, i leave comments with the comment function of the wiki21:29

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