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CIA-13ced roundup * #1325/News de for [invalid] It is not.00:15
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CIA-13Bertrand Chenal <> default * 629:10dfa28e1cbe stock/ Removed duplicate set_state_cancel on inventory (issue1323)10:18
CIA-13bch roundup * #1323/doublette of method set_state_cancel in inventory: [chatting] Thanks for the patch, applied with changeset 10dfa28e1cbe10:20
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CIA-13bch roundup * #1319/traceback requests for sheduled action don't work any more: [chatting] Code review for the issue:
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tekknokratHi cedk, thanks for the fix with #132212:49
CIA-13matb roundup * #1325/News de for [chatting] Sorry, I don't understand.13:28
CIA-13Bertrand Chenal <> default * 2109:a9ba5ac35a46 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix for issue 1319: use datetime.datetime values for fields with type fields.Datetime.13:45
CIA-13bch roundup * #1319/traceback requests for sheduled action don't work any more: [closed] Fixed with changeset a9ba5ac35a4613:46
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udonocedk: hi. Do you remember what you change here: The if statement from the older Version looks for me the same.15:30
tekknokrat‎hi udono15:53
udonotekknokrat: hi15:53
udonotekknokrat: do you know what changes in ?15:53
tekknokrati am also wondering what was changed15:53
tekknokrati tested and with the new invoice the date is printed15:54
tekknokratbut statement looks similar15:54
tekknokrat600... <if test="invoice.invoice_date">15:57
tekknokrat--- invoice.orig.txt    2009-12-07 16:06:36.906327034 +010016:12
tekknokrat+++ invoice.1322.txt    2009-12-07 16:06:25.675075981 +010016:12
tekknokrat@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@16:12
tekknokrat   Description: <invoice.description or ''>16:12
tekknokrat 16:12
tekknokrat   <if test="invoice.invoice_date">16:12
tekknokrat   Date: <formatLang(invoice.invoice_date,,16:12
tekknokrat   date=True)>16:12
tekknokratudono: seems theres only a newline insert16:12
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udonotekknokrat: ok, then it is the change.16:17
udonotekknokrat: relatorio deletes the enveloped tag of an expression like <if or <choose16:17
udonotekknokrat: so the former date was in the same line then the if statement. So it was deleted by parsing.16:18
udonotekknokrat: Thanks for the hint16:18
tekknokratudono: ok, thanks for the explaination16:19
tekknokratudono: i still wonder if it really is on the same line because in openoffice view it looks like a new line16:20
udonotekknokrat: maybe a manual break with ctrl-enter?16:22
tekknokratudono: yes could be, its not the newline but the symbol of the return key, never seen that before16:24
udonotekknokrat: is it something like <|---' ?16:25
tekknokratudono: yes exactly what you can see when you are looking on you return key :)16:26
udonotekknokrat: so it is a manual break with ctrl-enter. AFAIK it is an inline element. Itself and the following Text in the same Paragraph, will be deleted with the paragraph of the <if statement16:27
tekknokratudono: ok16:28
tekknokratudono: I would also like to introduce an if statement around the taxes table in the invoice.odt16:30
tekknokratudono: there was still an issue with it but in general what do you think?16:31
udonotekknokrat: you need the enclosing if in a paragraph before and after the Table. And watch out where the table anchor is. The anchor is the place which must be surrounded by the if condition.16:33
udonoSame with text fields and other floating objects16:35
tekknokratudono: I had the if statement one line before the table starts... and the endif one line after the table16:39
tekknokratudono: so do i need a hidden paragraph instead?16:41
udonotekknokrat: hidden paragraph?16:44
tekknokratrelated to this:
udonotekknokrat: could be a solution. But Iam sure it is possible to show tables or not with an if condition16:50
udonoTry it with the condition: test="True == False"16:51
tekknokratudono: True == False does what it should but not True == True16:54
tekknokratudono: the table is not shown at all either if statement is true/false16:55
udonotekknokrat: hm... did you try to introspect the contents.xml in the odt page?16:58
udonotekknokrat: you can unzip the odt document and take a look to the contents.xml file inside. This you may paste on paste.pocoo.org16:59
tekknokratudono: good idea16:59
tekknokratudono: do you think about the form or the generated invoice?16:59
udonothe template17:00
cedkudono: it is just a paragraph vs line return17:04
udonocedk: thanks, tekknokrat found it out with his eagle-eyes#17:05
tekknokratudono: lol17:06
tekknokratcedk: regarding the mailinglist entry, the if statement around the taxes block can you please explain how you did that?17:07
cedktekknokrat: I put if statement arround the table17:08
tekknokratcedk: ok i tried the same and for me it does remove the table also with test = True17:11
udonotekknokrat: test="True is True"17:12
tekknokratudono: exactly17:13
tekknokratudono: firefox is just slow with big xml file...17:14
tekknokratudono: ok content.xml upped
udonotekknokrat: how is you condition you used?17:15
tekknokratudono: online is test="True == True"17:16
udonotekknokrat: looks like you have the /if inside the Table row17:19
udonotekknokrat: it must be on the same level like the opening if, afaik17:20
udonotekknokrat: see line 892 and 97317:22
tekknokratudono: hm, is see the if /if in their own paragraph outside the table do you mean they should go into table?17:28
tekknokratudono: ah theres </table:table> followed by table-cell17:30
tekknokratudono: my wrong i thought they were 2 different tables...17:30
cedktekknokrat: they must be inside the cell that contains the table with taxes17:34
cedktekknokrat: you can not do it with Ooo because it don't allow to insert paragraph above the tax table17:35
cedktekknokrat: you must edit the xml or recreate the row17:35
tekknokratcedk: oh, crazy :)17:36
tekknokratcedk: ok I try it that way17:36
cedktekknokrat: it is an issue of the Ooo interface17:38
udonotekknokrat: you can additionally try to put a row before and after the tax block in the table, and put your condition inside the new rows. With this it could work.17:39
tekknokratudono: just trying that first...17:43
tekknokratACTION just wondering howto get a colspan in openoffice17:47
udonoACTION think about: select the cells to combine, right mouse click, cell > combine17:53
tekknokratudono: yes, its cell => merge17:57
tekknokratudono: but i get an exception in tryton: IndexError: pop from empty list17:58
udonotekknokrat: can you send me the invoice.odt?17:59
tekknokratudono: now hacking xml...17:59
tekknokratudono: sure one mom.17:59
udonotekknokrat: I think it must be possible with out hacking xml...18:00
tekknokratudono: that would be nice18:01
tekknokratudono: just overlooked that there was another lost /if statement in the file, send you another one...18:05
udonotekknokrat: found the problem: It seems you can not put tables inside tablecells18:25
udonotekknokrat: when you move the tax bloc out of the enveloping table, then it is shown18:26
udonotekknokrat: I talk about the table with two cells, where the texblock is on the right, and the Totals on the left.18:27
tekknokratudono: ok18:27
tekknokratudono: the taxes block where i put my if statement in18:28
udonotekknokrat: oh, I c it works with the enveloping table, too18:29
tekknokratudono: so you removed the main tables which is used for the structure of the document?18:29
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yangooncarlos: hi18:43
udonotekknokrat: ok, sorry, doesn't work successful with an enveloping table. Next step is, to use two frames with each a table inside. With this you can put the anchor of the tax-table-frame between the if clause.18:44
yangooncarlos: I am currently working on completing account_invoice_history for (at least) german use18:44
tekknokratudono: sounds good18:45
yangooncarlos: which would be basically your needs for Spain? For Germany we would opt to historize company and currency, too.18:46
tekknokratudono: so its *only* included in statement?18:46
tekknokratudono: only the anchor?18:46
udonotekknokrat: yes, the anchor of the frame.18:47
yangooncarlos, cedk if it is of general interest, it could go into account_invoice_history18:47
cedkyangoon: don't know what?18:49
yangooncedk: extension of historization to company and currency18:49
tekknokratudono: so frame is the replacement for the outer table18:50
cedkyangoon: company why not, but currency I'm not sure it is already historized with the rate18:52
yangooncedk: currency could be calculated, but I think it would be easier to do it the same way as for the other fields18:55
udonotekknokrat: yes18:59
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tekknokratudono: i justr tried with a frame but it was not shown, afk for 1hour and then test again later...19:09
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udonotekknokrat: use the frame (not floating frame) and fiddle around with the Anchor. Try out Anchor: to character, as character and maybe to paragraph. The others won't work. Then try:19:45
udonoLine 1: if expression19:45
udonoLine 2: Anchor19:45
udonoLine 3: /if19:45
udonotekknokrat: FYI: I will be soon away, but back tomorrow morning...19:46
tekknokratudono: thx, i'll try20:02
tekknokratudono: yes that was a floating frame I was trying first20:02
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carlosyangoon, hi22:17
carlosyangoon, nice task22:18
carlosyangoon, Right now, I'm only able to think on Company history, we had recently a VAT number change in several companies in Spain, so for those companies such feature would be really nice.22:19
carlosyangoon, also, the invoice address is interesting to add to the history, to handle address change (my company did one recently and we don't have a way to represent it right now)22:20
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