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CIA-31matb roundup * #1332/Documentation "status bar button for requests": Ok, now it is.12:22
CIA-31Mathias Behrle <> default * 1464:7b632a9a1607 tryton/doc/usage.rst: Doc reviewed and updated for issue1332 (Closes
CIA-31ced roundup * #1332/Documentation "status bar button for requests":12:41
CIA-31[resolved] Applied.12:41
CIA-31Next time, no need to add link to codereview in the commit comment.12:41
CIA-31It is already in roundup and as it is an external tool w ...12:41
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CIA-31matb roundup * #1340/Copy link with the Url widget: I would stay with a button for the reason of homogeneity and simplicity: user actions are currently performed on buttons or on records, a "clickab ...12:58
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CIA-31C?dric Krier <> default * 41:b28bc0a770f7 account_be/account_be.xml: Change account 400 into receivable17:53
cedkrednul_: hi18:24
cedkrednul_: new on Tryton?18:24
rednul_cedk: yep, just starting to check it out...20:50
cedkrednul_: if you need help, don't hesitate20:54
rednul_cedk: thanks!21:15
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CIA-31Mathias Behrle <> default * 1465:391f21ca07e7 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE21:33
CIA-31Mathias Behrle <> default * 2117:02c14ca5083e trytond/trytond/ (ir/de_DE.csv res/de_DE.csv): Update translation for de_DE.22:23

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