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CIA-5C?dric Krier <> default * 2126:41ba3f88f79d trytond/trytond/ir/ui/ (form.rnc form.rng tree.rnc tree.rng): Fix typo00:27
CIA-5matb roundup * #1339/Naming of tab security and groups: Please review this:
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CIA-5ced roundup * #426/JSON-RPC interface: [in-progress]
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CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 40:90c52c137bdd tryton-windows/.hgignore: Ignore download/ dir, too13:32
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 41:3bf93cc7300c tryton-windows/ (prerequisites.ini Added check for supported Python version.13:32
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1351/ Traceback: Re msg5426: Thanks. I added a version check for Python.13:32
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 42:ec32b22b89bc tryton-windows/ Nice error message if prerequisites.ini could not be read.13:41
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 43:5d7b61b544e2 tryton-windows/ Fixed typo in docstring.13:44
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1351/ Traceback:13:56
CIA-5Re msg5427: Very dubious.13:56
CIA-5The originating reason is: sourceforge changed links in summer 2009. They now end with .../ ...13:56
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 44:832617374c17 tryton-windows/prerequisites.ini: Updated to download version 1.414:10
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CIA-5paepke roundup * #1351/ Traceback:14:30
CIA-5now i also updated the but the errors did not end.14:30
CIA-5first i think you forgot to add14:30
CIA-5python-version = 2.514:30
CIA-5to the prereq ...14:30
CIA-5udono roundup * #1364/Deprecation Warning on python 2.6 when open an invoice:14:30
CIA-5[new] /home/uspallek/workspace/tryton/tip/trytond/trytond/report/ DeprecationWarning: struct integer overflow masking is deprecated14:30
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CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 45:7aa43471b1ec tryton-windows/.hgignore: Ignore tryton/ and trytond/ dir, too14:44
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 46:9756bd6e8014 tryton-windows/ Fixed dummy index url. A bit more output.14:44
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1357/ERROR:dispatcher:Exception calling method execute on wizard ir.module.module.config:14:57
CIA-5Fresh installed tryton + trytond14:57
CIA-5- Installed some module (can not remember which one)14:57
CIA-5- added a user and set ACLs (AFAIR may only view party)14:57
CIA-5- ...14:57
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CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1351/ Traceback: Hopefully fixed in 9756bd6e801415:08
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CIA-5ced roundup * #1361/Demo database needs update:15:30
CIA-5[chatting] You can find database dump of demo server on15:30
CIA-5http://demo.tryton.or ...15:30
cedkyangoon: did you see any improvement with the new indexes on ir_property?15:51
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CIA-5ced roundup * #1295/Use server timestamp for create_date and write_date:16:12
CIA-5[chatting] And also the timezone of the database server.16:12
CIA-5For information:16:12
CIA-5 ...16:12
CIA-5ced roundup * #1365/Refactoring timezone conversion in client: [new] Same timezone conversion code is duplicated in the client.16:19
CIA-5C?dric Krier <> default * 76:1530cb7a4a24 calendar/ ( calendar.xml):16:39
CIA-5Remove recurrence-id from ical if there is no parent event16:39
CIA-5Use _parent_parent for invisible and required16:39
CIA-5(transplanted from b985f65860eb8bdf6e76d1bea82d9ea4941ac215)16:39
CIA-5C?dric Krier <> default * 77:54f2716fcd84 calendar/
CIA-5Add missing transp value to ical16:39
CIA-5(transplanted from 8deac04a986587e6da3b2bdac13efc26397e1b0e)16:39
CIA-5C?dric Krier <> default * 33:856049ebb95a calendar_todo/ ( todo.xml):16:39
CIA-5Remove recurrence-id from ical if there is no parent event16:39
CIA-5Use _parent_parent for invisible and required16:39
CIA-5(transplanted from 87c8e6b5e60f3aa00c04d2ddca3d0ea88f0019b4)16:39
yangoon cedk I was not able to test the new indexes really so far, I think you should ask vengfulsquirrel who makes heavy use of stock locations16:42
yangooncedk: what I am still encountering is sluggish action on ~5000 list of parties16:42
yangooncedk: are you really sure, that they are in cache?16:43
yangoonwhen scrolling through the list I have a peak on postgres usage...16:43
cedkyangoon: yes because the client fetch the records to display16:55
yangooncedk: IIRC you said htat already fetched records would be in the cache16:55
cedkyangoon: perhaps it is possible to add a display delay to the treeview widget16:55
cedkyangoon: which cache do you speak?16:56
yangoonclient cache16:56
cedkyangoon: the client prefetch only 80 records16:57
cedkyangoon: and after fetch 80 by 80 records16:57
yangooncedk: does it cache all those records already seen?16:57
cedkyangoon: yes16:57
yangoonbut I have the same behaviour moving back and forth over already fetched records16:58
yangooncedk: at least what I can say from postgres stats is that the indexes on ir_property are heavily used17:06
cedkyangoon: are you sure that you have prefetched all the records when you come back?17:12
yangooncedk you are right, at least it is much faster when moving back and forth with Page Up than fetching new records with Page Down17:19
yangooncedk: so my machine is too slow to handle the cache more fast17:20
yangoonboth CPU running between 40-100%17:21
CIA-5paepke roundup * #1351/ Traceback:17:35
CIA-5after manually installing the pyparsing the script runs without far so good.17:35
CIA-5as stated in ...17:35
CIA-5paepke roundup * #1351/ Traceback: well. it doesn't end there...17:36
cedkyangoon: I think a delay in the display of treeview could improve the speed17:36
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1351/ Traceback: Sorry, this is an error in the wiki. Tryton ends in .\tryton and the server in .\trytond (since we are sttting up an development evnironment). I'l ...17:40
yangooncedk: perhaps, yes17:42
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CIA-5paepke roundup * #1351/ Traceback:17:48
CIA-5after running the bin/tryton python file or after compiling with17:48
CIA-5python py2exe17:48
CIA-5i get an error complaining about missing the following ...17:48
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CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 47:b950642cdaaa tryton-windows/ Allow passing additional arguments to installation of .exe20:45
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 48:f66b64cb375f tryton-windows/ Select language packages for gtk2-runtime per default.20:45
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1242/tryton-windows: language packages of gtk are missing: [closed] solved in revf66b64cb375f.20:46
CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 49:4d690be1b9bf tryton-windows/ Install setuptools unzipped (issue1253)21:07
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1253/Installing setuptools unzipped: [resolved] Solved in r4d690be1b9bf.21:07
CIA-5ced roundup * #1253/Installing setuptools unzipped:21:16
CIA-5[chatting] To have link to changeset in roundup you must use this syntax:21:16
CIA-5changeset r4d690be1b9bf21:16
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1253/Installing setuptools unzipped: Thanks for the hint, but msh5452 did not create a link either?!21:23
CIA-5ced roundup * #1253/Installing setuptools unzipped:21:23
CIA-5To have link to changeset in roundup you must use this syntax:21:23
CIA-5changeset 4d690be1b9bf21:23
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CIA-5Hartmut Goebel <> default * 50:b2ad194c866b tryton-windows/ (prerequisites.ini Install libglade which is required by pygtk when building the client installer.21:44
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1236/tryton-windows missing svg: [resolved] Solved in changeset b2ad194c866b21:44
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1237/libglade-2.0-0.dll: No such file or directory: [resolved] Solved in changeset b2ad194c866b21:46
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1236/tryton-windows missing svg: [testing] reopen. THis is not yet solved. Did close wrong issue :-(21:46
CIA-5htgoebel roundup * #1351/ Traceback: [resolved] You have to work in a now command shell. I've updated the wiki pages.21:48
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