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Timitoscedk: hi. i tried to use a function field for a domain of a view. is this correct that this is not working?09:58
cedkTimitos: does it have a search function?10:00
Timitoscedk: no10:01
cedkTimitos: so domain will not work10:01
Timitoscedk: ok. thx. i will add a search function.10:02
cedkTimitos: I don't know if we should not raise an exception in this case10:03
Timitoscedk: i not sure about this too. for the developer it would be better i think.10:06
cedkTimitos: I think it will raise wrong programing10:08
cedkTimitos: and so enforce good practices10:08
Timitoscedk: yes10:08
cedkTimitos: you can make a report on roundup10:10
Timitoscedk: ok10:16
CIA-5Timitos roundup * #1378/raise exception when search function is missing on function field which is used in domain of a view:10:36
CIA-5[new] in general a function field do not need to have a search function.10:36
CIA-5but when a function field is used in a domain of a view this domain will ...10:36
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CIA-5Timitos roundup * #1379/TypeError: list objects are unhashable: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/protocols/", line 47, in run res = dispatch(host, port, 'NetRPC', *msg) F ...11:28
CIA-5Timitos roundup * #1379/TypeError: list objects are unhashable: [chatting] i try to set a supplier shipment to received.11:29
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CIA-5shouze roundup * #1380/xml-rpc search_read anormal behavior with [('active', '=', False)]:12:30
CIA-5[new] Tested on tryton Debian version 1.4.2-112:30
CIA-5In XML-RPC call, when I use a simple domain argument like [('active', '=' ...12:30
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CIA-5Bertrand Chenal <> default * 2135:d0bfe04b3dde trytond/trytond/model/fields/ ( Use itertools.chain to improve get on xxx2many15:31
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juanferHello, someone know how to add a item to one context of a record of a model that have a field Many2One in such a way that it could be read from the records that belong to the first record?17:38
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