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CIA-5Use DHM_FORMAT for datetime fields in search widget10:15
CIA-5Since there is more checks on sql_format of datetime fields, we can no more10:15
CIA-5send date value for datetime fields.10:15
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sharooncedk: are u busy? i was following your discussion with rvalyi yesterday on IRC. Just have a few questions11:40
cedksharoon: let's go11:41
sharooncedk: do you have osv_memory kind of wizards?11:41
sharoonor rather memory objects?11:41
cedksharoon: yes of course, I think OpenERP was inspired by our implementation11:43
cedksharoon: indeed we use ModelView11:43
sharooncedk: cool11:43
sharooncedk: after a few really trouble some implementations and rounding errors i am really pissed off and the way bugs are handled :(11:44
cedksharoon: we split objects into differents concept ModelStorage, ModelView, ModelSQL etc.11:44
sharooncedk: modelSQL are they rendered from sql views?11:44
cedksharoon: ModelSQL derive ModelStorage for SQL storage11:44
cedksharoon: for now we only have ModelSQL but in the furtur we could have other one11:45
sharooncedk: ok, i see that most of the pages in 1.4 doc are empty. is it in progress or ?11:45
cedksharoon: like ModelLDAP ...11:45
sharooncedk: I understand11:45
cedksharoon: doc is a hard work, we will try to improve it for 1.611:46
sharooncedk: ok11:46
sharooncedk: I always thought of tryton as an alternative to open erp11:46
sharooncedk: i think I seriously have to consider this and one more question11:47
sharooncedk: how stable are the modules? I am only talking abt the base ones like account, product, manuf etc11:47
sharooncedk: issues like rounding?11:47
cedksharoon: i think we fixed rounding issue since 1.011:48
cedksharoon: it was hardly tested by timitos11:48
sharooncedk: what is your current major issue?11:48
cedksharoon: see :-)11:49
cedksharoon: nothing very major11:49
sharoonthats nice you have your own bug tracker11:49
sharooncedk: is there anything for user help/documentation?11:50
cedksharoon: yes, this W-E I will activate a security hiden feature11:50
cedksharoon: there is the wiki.tryton.org11:51
cedksharoon: but it is more dev oriented11:51
cedksharoon: as we see Tryton as a Framework to develop business application, it is difficult to provide user documentation11:51
sharooncedk: i understand... and one frank question ... i guess you are the best person to answer: what do you think will be the learning curve from Open ERP to Tryton/11:51
cedksharoon: very little one day perhaps11:52
sharooncedk: thanks for your time11:52
cedksharoon: but I think once you have tasted you can no more come back :-)11:52
sharooncedk: Was that a warning?? :P11:52
sharooncedk: will come back to you11:53
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sharooncedk: This weekend is for tryton11:53
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cedksharoon: i mean come back to OpenERP :-)11:53
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cedksharoon: if you have any question, you can ask here or on mailing list11:54
sharooncedk: i got you.... i would love to stay with Tryton if it takes away the pain open erp gives in supporting implementations11:54
cedksharoon: depends of the complexity11:54
sharooncedk: i am already in the mailing list i think: its google groups?11:54
cedksharoon: yes11:54
sharooncedk: Ok11:54
cedksharoon: it is better for general question11:54
sharooncedk: last question: do you advise being in the trunk/head or go for stable releases?11:56
sharooncedk: like the django guys?11:56
cedksharoon: it depends of your usage11:56
sharooncedk: what do you recommend for deployment? stable i guess?11:57
cedksharoon: we try to have working trunk but sometimes it is broken for one day11:57
sharooncedk: ok11:57
cedksharoon: for deployment of course stable11:57
sharooncedk: ok11:57
cedksharoon: all branches are maintained for now11:57
sharooncedk: let me try the 1.4 with the modules11:57
cedksharoon: I'm thinking to propose to drop 1.0 when 1.6 will be out11:57
sharooncedk: ok11:58
cedksharoon: if you are in windows, there is an issue with 1.4 exe11:58
sharooncedk: never on windows11:58
cedksharoon: we use python 2.6 to generate it but it requires the MSVS dll11:58
sharooncedk: so tryton is already py2.6? gr811:59
cedksharoon: I dev on python 2.612:01
cedksharoon: and bechamel is on python 2.512:01
sharooncedk: 1 question how do i clone all modules together?12:02
cedksharoon: we keep backward compatibility with 2.412:02
sharooncedk: gr8, that fits all sizes :-)12:02
cedksharoon: there is a script:
cedksharoon: don't know yet when we will drop 2.412:03
sharooncedk: i dev on 2.6 too12:03
cedksharoon: on trunk we remove dep to mx.datetime12:03
sharooncedk: so tryton will run on jython?12:04
cedksharoon: I try it but there is an issue with the logger12:04
cedksharoon: and we need a new backend12:04
cedksharoon: as there is no pycopg212:05
cedksharoon: I'm not sure of the utility but we are openned to improvement12:05
sharooncedk: ok, (hpefully not Oracle(TM) MySQL(TM) :P)12:05
sharooncedk: what abt sa?12:05
cedksharoon: I started to work on MySQL backend, could be ready soon12:06
cedksharoon: I see SA as an other framework12:06
sharooncedk: but MySQL is not ACID!12:06
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cedksharoon: I talked about Elixir and SA with Gaƫtan de Menten one year ago and it miss some functionality for us12:07
sharooncedk: ok12:08
cedksharoon: MySQL has traditional mode which gives ACID but it run slower12:08
sharooncedk: what abt customers? do you have many customers? Partners etc?12:08
cedksharoon: B2CK has some customers, we don't know for others12:08
cedksharoon: Tryton doesn't have a Partner program12:09
sharoonok, with just your standard modules whats the deployment time like?12:09
cedksharoon: we don't think it is good for Free Software12:09
sharooncedk: I agree12:09
cedksharoon: it depends which module we install12:09
cedksharoon: and which functionality you sale12:09
sharooncedk: typical manuf environment?12:09
cedksharoon: we don't have production yet12:10
sharooncedk: openerp's is so unstable antyway12:10
cedksharoon: simple invoicing was setup in two days (custom report and setup accounts)12:11
cedksharoon: from scratch12:11
sharooncedk: whjat about account charts?12:11
sharooncedk: i saw only belgium12:11
cedksharoon: only Belgium and Germany12:11
cedksharoon: I started French but I missing time12:12
cedksharoon: any way, most of OpenERP chart are just copy of accounts12:12
sharooni agree and uk one is so crazy and wierd... it sets foreign exchange as receivable account :P12:13
cedksharoon: it doesn't suprise me12:14
cedksharoon: I was there when all those charts of accounts was created in one day :-)12:14
sharooncedk: now doesnt surprise me12:15
cedkneed to go12:15
cedkACTION bbl12:15
sharooncedk: thanks for ur time again12:15
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sharooncedk: there? I tested tryton functionally with all the modules.... impressive and stable14:36
sharooncedk: are there additional modules other than the ones in the repo?14:37
cedksharoon: and
sharooncedk: is it possible to import csv files in lieu of xml files in python for data import?15:04
cedksharoon: no15:07
cedksharoon: we force to have id on all data imported by modules15:07
cedksharoon: but you can import data by csv file outside modules15:08
sharooncedk: its possible with csv as well right?15:08
cedksharoon: no there is no id on csv file15:08
sharooncedk: the first field is always id15:08
cedksharoon: Tryton doesn't do that15:09
sharooncedk: so whats the preferred way of data migration?15:09
cedksharoon: and we try to have only one way to do stuff15:10
cedksharoon: data migration will never be done by module15:10
cedksharoon: you can use csv file if you don't have too much data15:10
sharooncedk: ok, else?15:10
cedksharoon: or by scripting, you can use Tryton Models from python script15:10
sharooncedk: cool, the django way!!!15:11
cedksharoon: I think there is an example by bechamel somewhere but did not find it15:12
sharooncedk: no problem, i will explore it15:12
cedksharoon: you must know that by default data imported by modules are readonly15:13
sharooncedk: thanks, i never knew that!! but is it possible to make not readonly?15:14
sharooncedk: Q:is there a html widget in the GTK client?15:14
cedksharoon: yes it is possible, you can look at stock location15:16
cedksharoon: and no html widget in the client15:17
sharooncedk: and whats the update with the web client?15:17
cedksharoon: it will be good to have textview with minimal html formating15:17
cedksharoon: work in progress: we removed python string from the client side15:18
sharooncedk: ok, so what will be the platform for the web client??? last time u were considering GWT15:18
cedksharoon: still the same position15:20
cedksharoon: for python script with Tryton, you should ask bechamel when he will be there15:20
sharooncedk: sure15:21
sharooncedk: you were right15:21
sharooncedk: i am in love with tryton15:21
cedkbut it misses the "import trytond" way15:23
cedksharoon: other things, CalDAV is real CalDAV :-) not the Tiny way15:25
sharooncedk: i figured that out15:26
cedksharoon: and stock_supply makes real JIT15:29
sharooncedk: what about BOMs?15:30
cedksharoon: we have perhaps a customer for that15:30
cedksharoon: the JIT module of OpenERP is a completly miswording because it does exactly the opposite15:31
sharooncedk: i agree15:31
cedksharoon: I don't understand how it can stay with this name during more than 2 years15:32
sharooncedk: what abt the charts of account? all crap15:33
cedksharoon: I think be and fr are pretty good15:34
sharooncedk: my primary contributions to tryton i think will be poweremail for tryton15:34
cedksharoon: it will require the generic trigger action on ModelStorage from
sharooncedk: you tested poweremail?15:37
cedksharoon: I looked the website15:39
cedksharoon: I do no more maintain a running OpenERP15:39
sharooncedk: ok15:40
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CIA-5Fix order point view string and add type15:47
CIA-5Add missing "New Order Point" menus to follow guidelines15:47
CIA-5Add missing "Draft Purchase Request" menus to follow guidelines15:47
cedksharoon: if you start working on trigger, we should talk because we have some ideas on how to do it15:50
sharooncedk: I will be interested to work on the email integration15:50
sharooncedk: so if that means we build a trigger system then i am happy to do that15:51
sharooncedk: because if current modules + poweremail = Tryton then I have a project :-)15:51
cedksharoon: it depends on what you think by email integration15:51
cedksharoon: because there is also a work to manage user email inside Tryton15:52
sharooncedk: can you just check out what poweremail is from here:15:52
sharoonyour existing blueprint looks very similar anyway15:52
sharoonand can you select the user's manual15:53
cedksharoon: LP says there is no page15:54
sharooncedk: Does the windows setup work on windows 7 (an additional client req)15:55
cedksharoon: not tested personnaly but I hear it works15:57
sharooncedk: i am sure it saves several developers many days in development.. thats the general feedback :-)15:57
sharooncedk: are the triggers == server actions?15:57
cedksharoon: in some kinds, but we want it more generic and powerful15:59
sharooncedk: any blueprints/plans?16:00
cedksharoon: no, I think writing it while take the same time than implement it :-)16:02
sharooncedk: i agree, so when do you think you will be able to have it on trunk?16:02
cedksharoon: I don't know, I'm not working on it for now16:03
cedksharoon: but you can propose implementation16:03
cedksharoon: the difficult part is to detect change on records16:03
cedksharoon: and do it in an efficient way16:03
sharooncedk: you dont want to use postgres triggers for sure16:04
cedksharoon: no, because we want to be able to trigger also function fields16:04
sharooncedk: openerp does triggers only on workflow stages16:05
cedksharoon: I guess it is because they did not find a better way16:05
cedksharoon: there is trigger on crm cases in OpenERP16:06
cedksharoon: we want the same thing but generic16:06
sharooncedk: will get back to you on this16:06
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