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sharoonhi cedk, bechamel: is there any start/stop timer interface as a ny separate module for the project management?15:52
cedksharoon: I don't understand15:54
sharooncedk: something like, you click "Start Task" and when you stop press "Stop Task" and it should log into the timesheet15:55
sharooncedk: the time consumed and the assossiated task15:55
cedksharoon: no15:56
sharooncedk: then i need to make it, any advices, suggestions?15:56
cedksharoon: it can be difficult to ensure non overlapping16:04
cedksharoon: and also that you stop previous before starting new one16:04
sharooncedk: i think u took it a step ahead.16:04
sharooncedk: just like we enter a timesheet in hours/days, this is just like, you open a wizard select the task/project16:04
sharooncedk: then type what you are going to do and click start16:05
sharooncedk: then when you are done click stop16:05
sharooncedk: the wizard closes and writes the work done into the timesheet16:05
cedksharoon: I think this kind of stuffs doesn't work well in real life like any time tracking system16:06
sharooncedk: i agree16:06
sharooncedk: my client doesnt16:06
sharooncedk: i doubt the usefulness too16:06
sharooncedk: but its kind of the odesk crap thats there to measure the work freelancers do?16:06
paepkesharoon, i had the same discussion with one of my clients. he also wanted that.16:08
sharoonpaepke: i like that!!! everybody is desperate to find what we do in our time :-D16:08
paepkesharoon, but after some dicussion it was clear that he had too much to fix like "ups, i didn't click the stop button"16:09
sharoonpaepke: right!16:09
cedkpaepke: yes and what about phone call that make you stop working16:09
cedkor colleagues that ask you a question16:10
paepkesharoon, there are a some micro clients around which tracks for example the usage of a specific program like "doing graphic stuff in photoshop". you can assign there a project from a list. maybe it would be cool to have an import script for such an extra tool.16:10
cedkI think this is not the right way to verify the work employee does16:10
sharooncedk: i completely agree16:10
cedksharoon: and so personnaly I will not encourage it :-)16:11
paepkecedk, yes you have to click a lot of times start/stop.16:11
cedksharoon: if your customer ask it, I think the best is to try to explain that it is not a good solution16:11
sharooncedk: i dont want to publish this either, not useful :(16:11
sharooncedk: i am not sure thats a good idea, i have failed to convince :-)16:12
paepkeand don't forget: the times ar often for a customer, which have to be tweaked afterwords.16:12
cedksharoon: because using "ERP" is about restructuring the work16:12
sharooncedk: i agree16:12
sharooncedk: to add something, i loved the way you guys restructured the whole project into ModelSQL, ModelView, ModelWorkflow16:13
paepkebut anyway: there are some situations where such a solution works. but its not for bureau accounting. more for MRP/BDE16:13
cedkpaepke: yes but you extract time from machines16:15
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paepkecedk: sometimes from users. for example assembling a product by hand.16:27
paepkecedk, so i'm sure that kind of view or wizard will be written. maybe in context with the mrp integration16:33
Timitossharoon: did you succeed building a windows client for 1.5?17:38
sharoonTimitos: no17:57
Timitossharoon: i think the problem is simplejson. how did you install it. with easy_install?18:03
Timitossharoon: try to remove simplejson and install it with 'easy_install -Z simplejson' it will unzip the package. then you should add simplejson there:
Timitossharoon: this worked for me18:06
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sharoon1cedk: any updates on the web client???? i think i like lex now and then we could be happy with just one client/???20:33
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cedksharoon1: whet is lex?20:37
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cedkACTION bbl20:56
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