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cedksharoon: for pdf generation did you try
sharooncedk: will try today10:09
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paepkecedk, i'm preparing an answer to the better search gui. have some gui proposals. answering to tryton-dev or to tryton?12:46
cedkpaepke: it depends if your anwser is technical or not12:48
bechamelcedk: cross-posting is bad ;)12:49
paepkecedk, well its describing a frontend. its part-technical :-D12:50
paepkei'll post to both ;-)12:50
paepkejust kidding...12:50
cedkbechamel: I don't say cross post12:50
cedkbechamel: I started a technical discussion on tryton-dev and a general discussion on tryton12:51
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petrusI am having difficulties with cloning/pulling repositories. the process starts but then it just hangs16:46
cedkpetrus: strange, I check the server16:46
petrusit happens after the message "adding changsets" - nothing is going on locally16:47
cedkpetrus: which command do you run?16:48
cedkpetrus: I don't see access from your host? Do you use the same than for irc?16:48
petrushg clone   or pull doesn't matter16:49
petrusno it is a different machine16:49
cedkpetrus: could you give me the IP to check the logs16:50
petrusit is still connected16:51
cedkpetrus: no log for this IP16:51
cedkpetrus: have you IPv6 connection?16:52
petrusalso the other day while I was successful with individual repos, I could not clone the whole modules tree using the suggested forest extension, the root dir did not seem a hg repo16:53
petrusno IPv6 connection16:53
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cedkpetrus: it looks like a connection issue16:55
cedkpetrus: it should be good to have mirror in America16:55
cedkpetrus: could you retry to clone the repo16:56
cedkpetrus: and did the server answer to simple ping?16:57
petrusI am following many other repos, never had this problem, I am sitting on a big pipe16:57
cedkpetrus: I don't say it is your connection, it is possible that it is the one from our provider16:58
petrusjust started hg clone
cedkpetrus: I see a clone connection from 2001:410:a010:d4:20a:5eff:fe51:da4716:59
petrushmm, don't think so, I have just pulled tryton from the machine I am sitting at, can you see the logs17:00
petrusbut the other machine still hangs17:00
cedkpetrus: so from one it works and the other one not ?17:01
petrusat the moment it looks like that17:02
cedkpetrus: it is very strange17:02
cedkpetrus: and ping works?17:02
petrusoh, the connection what you see for the clone is mine, but this ipv6! , so it is my host at fault17:03
cedkpetrus: but ipv6 should work17:04
cedkpetrus: perhaps not yet over the see :-)17:05
petruscan you see the other action in the log? it was a pull from tryton, how it shows up?17:05
cedkpetrus: every requests are 20017:07
petruseven the ipv6 clone connection?17:08
petrusbut it never finishes17:08
cedkpetrus: yes I checked all your ipv6 connections17:08
cedkpetrus: put they are perhaps lost somewhere?17:08
cedkpetrus: you can use the ipv4 to try17:08
vengfulsquirrelI thought ipv4 and ipv6 was supposed to be seamless?17:10
petrusthey don;t get lost, that would break the connection -- as I said before with other repos (all over the world) it works17:10
cedkpetrus: perhaps a temporary issue with ipv6 routing?17:12
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cedkpetrus: or did you ever clone repo over ipv6 ?17:12
petruscould be, although it has been consistent for the last few days17:12
cedkpetrus: there is perhaps a MTU issue17:12
petrusI am cloning other repos all the time form this particular machine17:13
cedkpetrus: but are they ipv6 enabled?17:14
petrusdon't know, never asked17:14
cedkpetrus: personnaly I have an ipv6 connection and I can clone the repo17:14
petrusOK I have just pulled the full django, no problem17:15
cedkpetrus: what is the url?17:16
cedkpetrus: no ipv6 address17:17
cedkpetrus: ok, I setup two alias for one ipv4 only and one ipv6 only17:20
cedkpetrus: so you can try: hg clone
petrusthank you that worked!17:22
cedkso hg4 for ipv4 and hg6 for ipv617:22
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petrusgreat, still it would be nice to know what the problem is, I can ping6 from the machine17:27
petrusanyway, thanks I'll look into this later17:28
petrushow about the hg forest extension, did I misunderstand something?17:29
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cedkpetrus: we use forest to perform some command on all the repos at once17:31
cedkpetrus: but not to clone17:31
cedkpetrus: we do stuff like that: hg fpull -u17:31
cedkpetrus: on top of trytond and all modules are pulled also17:31
petrusso there is no way to clone all .../modules/17:31
cedkpetrus: there is two scripts17:33
petrusif does fpull works ../modules/ fclone should work too, should not it?17:34
cedkpetrus: no it doesn't17:35
cedkpetrus: to have fclone we shoud create a repo that handle in a file all the repo and the revision17:35
cedkpetrus: but perhaps there is a trick but I did not find it17:36
petrusthanks for the scripts, I'll try it17:36
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petrusin my limited experience with hgforest, if the root dir a hg repo (made by hg init only) hgforest can fclone17:38
petruseven if no sub-repos ever checked into the root dir17:39
cedkpetrus: I think but it will force everybody to have all the modules17:39
cedkpetrus: and we want to prevent that, you must have only needed modules17:39
petrusso maybe this is the "trick" -- not 100% sure, but worth a try17:39
petrusit would not force anybody, at the moment hg fclone .../moduls/ doesn't work17:41
petruswith this trick, it would, maybe  -- but nobody has to use it unless they wanted17:41
cedkpetrus: not sure to understand correctly17:43
petrusrun a "hg init" in .../modules/,  do not add anything, after that hg fclone .../modules/  would clone all modules17:46
petruswell, that is the theory17:46
cedkpetrus: from where the module lists will come?17:47
petrusre: "two scripts" in the wiki -- they give HTTP 40417:47
petrusI have no idea, how hgforest works, I believe the suggested setup worked for me when I was testing it. never added anything to the root repo17:49
cedkpetrus: my fault, I break with the ipv? fix17:49
petrusthe it is my fault :-)17:49
cedkpetrus: now scripts must work17:50
petrusyes they work17:50
petruscedk, I have just tested my hgforest theory, runing a "hg init"  in a directory containing hg repos and other ordinary files directories17:58
petrusafter the hg fclone works on the root dir and clones a the repos but leave any other dirs/files out17:59
petrusit looks a better solution then the scripts?18:00
petrusthen --> than18:01
petrusthe subrepos' ./hg/hgrc files are correctly set up, so everything would work as expected18:03
cedkpetrus: still not sure to understand18:05
cedkpetrus: could you put the command you run18:05
petruschange into .../modules/18:06
petrusrun "hg init"18:06
petrusthat is all, nothing more are ever needed18:06
cedkso I really don't understand18:07
cedkyou get nothing when running that18:07
petrusafter that, I should be able to fclone all module repos at once by "fclone .../modules"18:08
cedkpetrus: I got "abort: Remote forests cannot be cloned because the other repository doesn't support the forest extension."18:08
cedkpetrus: but I'm not sure to understand what is ".../modules"?18:09
petrusof course you get: the .hg/ structure is created, and that is all what hgforest care about18:09
petrusand as I said, I just did that with my tryton repos -- it worked18:09
cedkpetrus: but what is working?18:10
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cedkpetrus: fclone what?18:10
petrusand any other hgforest command18:11
cedkpetrus: I still don't see how you do to get all modules at once18:13
petrusI assume that you keep all modules repositories in the .../modules/ directory18:13
petrusis that correct?18:13
petrusif so then after running "hg init" in this directory, "hg clone" would clone all modules18:15
petrusI cannot explain better18:15
cedkpetrus: I receive: "abort: requirement '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">' not supported!"18:16
cedkpetrus: so it doesn't work for me18:16
cedkpetrus: which version of mercurial and forest do you have?18:17
petrusdid you do the hg init?18:17
cedkpetrus: yes18:17
petrusplease try to clone it locally -- maybe through mod_wsgi it does not work, but it did work for me locally18:18
cedkpetrus: ok it works locally but not on the web18:19
petrusobviously, hgforest does some king of directory traversal, otherwise how it would know about the subrepos18:19
cedkpetrus: maybe it requires forest on the server18:19
petrusOK, so we are halfway, yes hgforest should be on the server too18:20
petrusadditionally, you may need to take care permissions in respect to the directory traversals18:23
petrusif that method worked, that would give you a nice way to organize all your repos into one/various hgforests18:25
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cedkpetrus: yes but I don't find how to make it work on the web18:29
petrushave you installed hgforest on the server, so the mod_wsgi/hg can see it?18:31
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cedkpetrus: don't know yet how to activate it18:35
mlhamelhey guys18:36
cedkpetrus: it works through ssh, still looking for cgi18:37
cedkmlhamel: hi18:37
mlhamelI`m in a situation where I want to work on tryton but my employer think it`s really important to be part of the openep 'hype'18:37
mlhamelIn fact, the web interface is the more important thing that blocked us to use tryton18:38
mlhamelWe talked about 2 days ago18:38
mlhamelbut I,m really curious to know if you have some plans and if there's some help that you might need ?18:39
cedkmlhamel: for sure a web client is good for hype :-)18:39
cedkmlhamel: there is some works to be able to implement one18:39
mlhamelcan you tell me more ?18:40
cedkmlhamel: I'm working on a prototype with GWT18:40
petruscedk, that is progress, if I can think something about the cgi (so that is what you use not mod_wsgi) I'll let you know18:40
petruscedk, anyway we are almost there18:40
cedkpetrus: yes18:40
cedkpetrus: thx18:40
mlhamelok why did you choose gwt and not a python web framework ? i'm just curious...18:41
cedkmlhamel: but we don't know yet when it could become a fulltime project18:41
mlhamelcause there's tg2, pylons, djngo, bfg...18:41
cedkmlhamel: we want something that works like the GTK client18:41
cedkmlhamel: so a full JS application that run on the browser and do only query to the server like GTK client does18:42
petruswhat is GWT?18:42
cedkmlhamel: don't know all the frameworks you named, but most of it are template based18:42
cedkmlhamel: so the load is on the server and we want to avoid that18:42
mlhamelyes the load is on the server but you can have a webserver on another machine18:43
petrusI would second to mlhamel , why webtoolkit?18:43
petruswhat is the advantage?18:43
mlhamelin fact it was more question cause i'm a pretty big fan of pylons and tg2. There are pretty mature and written in python18:44
cedkpetrus: scalability18:44
mlhamelyou can then attract attract people who can work on the core and on the frontend18:44
mlhameland the deployement is pretty easy18:44
petrusboth django and pylons, to mention just the tow big ones, can be stripped down and quite scalable18:44
cedkand also maintenance, for now on my prototype, I can reproduce the same code structure then the GTK client, so maintenance will be simplier18:45
mlhameland you will not have to use the orm as you communicate with trytond18:45
petrusI also think a web interface is very important, not hype18:45
cedkby the way, I have tested pyjamas but it is not yet mature enough18:45
mlhamelyes but the question is, to you really need to have an ajaxified web interface ?18:46
cedkpetrus: yes, it depends of the needs. It was joke (today web interface is in the hype)18:46
cedkmlhamel: I don't care what is the techno behind. The goals is to have a client that work like the other one18:47
cedkmlhamel: and by "work like" I means that makes the same queries18:48
cedkmlhamel: and that on the client side to have good scalability18:48
cedkmlhamel: and I think GWT is a good framework to achieve that18:49
cedkmlhamel: I tested also qooxdoo, but writing JS is too difficult I find18:49
cedkmlhamel: but I don't really like the java but I do with18:49
petrusa related issue, a json API/json- rpc would be very useful18:50
mlhamelYes I agee with you about the the scalability but i just not sure of the need to replicate a desktop application on  the web18:50
cedkpetrus: in trunk there is json-rpc18:50
cedkpetrus: I use it for the GWT proto18:50
petrusthanks, i'll look into it18:51
cedkmlhamel: we have the technology to do it18:51
cedkmlhamel: of course I don't hope to have the same ergonomy then the GTK18:51
petruscedk,  any performance comparison between "net-rpc" and json-rpc, json is definitelly the first step to a web interface18:52
mlhameli understand you point but it's more an ergonomic question, people tend to want something else on the web, not necessarly the same thing they have on the desktop18:52
mlhameland for that reason I was thinking about classical python's web framework18:53
mlhamelbut it's more a  kind of idealogic debat and I don't want to start a flamewar about our vision of the web18:54
mlhamelyou are the tryton dev and me not18:54
vengfulsquirrelYeah a web client seems like so much work for very little value when there could be some many other features and/or improvements.18:57
vengfulsquirrelDo people actually require a web based client ?18:57
petrusvengfulsquirrel, YES!18:57
mlhamelYES !18:58
cedkpetrus: no bechmark but net-rpc should be little faster as it is python only18:58
petrusalso json API18:58
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vengfulsquirrelA desktop client will most likely always be faster and more reliable.18:58
mlhamelon my side i'm using less and less desktop applications18:59
mlhamelthe browser and emacs are the only things open on my computer19:00
vengfulsquirrelNot to mention most browsers are total resource hogs and incredibly difficult to maintain support for.19:00
petrusif the difference is not significant in a practical sense a unified, json protocol can be a nice unifying design principle19:00
mlhamelIn fact, I tend to feel it's now more easy to maintain a web application then a desktop one19:01
petrusdesktop clients, web interface, external service interfaces could use more or less the same protocol19:01
petrusas mlhamel mentioned not every page of or every web interface would provide the same as the desktop interface19:03
petrussome may, others don't19:03
paepkecedk, short question about issue 1352: what about the ./*.pot files? should they be included in the doc patch?19:03
paepkecedk, they will be pushed  by  every translator. thats confusing me.19:05
mlhameloh and by the way19:05
mlhamelI was curious to know what was the reason you decided to fork directly openerp19:06
mlhamelis there some communications between you and them ?19:06
mlhamelno chance of collaboration ?19:06
cedkpaepke: I think it can work like the pot file of the client19:13
cedkmlhamel: bechamel and me are old employee of Tiny19:14
cedkmlhamel: but globally at that time we were not happy with the management of the project19:14
paepkecedk, you mean it won't be pushed cause they have the same checksum?19:15
paepkecedk, pushed mean overwritten on hg...19:15
cedkpaepke: if they are based on the same file, normally there will be no change19:15
mlhamelyes I can understand and I think you are correct about the way they managed, historically the project19:15
cedkmlhamel: we saw some changes (I guess somes because of the Tryton fork)19:16
cedkmlhamel: but there is still a lot of wrong stuffs19:16
mlhamelI've just start to take a look at openerp, tiny19:16
paepkecedk, ok. i have to prepare some things than the german client doku is ready for pushing.19:16
mlhameland they really need to do something to upgrade their software19:16
cedkpaepke: ok good19:17
mlhamelbut it would be more logical for me to work on tryton19:17
mlhamelbut i'm not the master who can decided that19:17
cedkmlhamel: yes the more people will work on Tryton the faster it will grow19:17
cedkmlhamel: you work on OpenERP for your-self or for customer?19:18
mlhamelnone of these reasons :)19:18
cedkmlhamel: your-self I mean your company usage19:19
mlhamelI'm working on OpenERP/tryton to implement it where I work, Savoir-Faire Linux19:19
mlhamelwe are in Montreal, a service/consultation company19:19
cedkmlhamel: by the way, if you speak french there is the #tryton-fr19:20
mlhameland we need to replace our internal ERP and to gain some experience to be abble to install it and configure it for our clients19:20
cedkmlhamel: ok both19:20
mlhamelthen you are speaking french too ?19:21
cedkmlhamel: it depends of your needs but I think there is good chance that Tryton can do what you need19:21
cedkmlhamel: yes19:21
mlhamelhehe ok I'll swtich do tryton-fr then19:21
cedkmlhamel: it seems we can not enable extensions in hgwebdir19:56
mlhamelsharoon: are your there ?20:21
sharoonmlhamel: yes20:21
mlhamelHello sharron!20:23
sharoonhello mlhamel20:23
mlhamelcedk just tell me you are using tryton and you connect it to your django web site ?20:23
sharoonmlhamel: yes20:24
mlhamelI'm working at Savoir-Faire Linux, a linux specialized company in canada20:24
mlhameland we are evaluating openerp v.s. tryton right now20:24
mlhamelin fact, at start it was just openerp but then I discovered tryton and I really like it20:25
sharoonmlhamel: ok20:25
sharoonmlhamel: are you planning to have django also?20:26
mlhamelyour link between tryton and django, can you tell me more ? Are doing read/write operation ?20:26
mlhamelwhat is the level of comlexity of the beast ?20:26
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sharoonmlhamel: what we did was extremely simple20:27
sharoonmlhamel: we used tryton as a module, diabled loggin because it behind apache and wsgi doesnt like STDIO20:28
sharoonmlhamel: our accounts is maintaied in tryton20:28
sharoonmlhamel: so customers can see their invoices on the django site (kind of portal)20:28
sharoonmlhamel: its integrated with paypal and they can choose to pay online20:28
sharoonmlhamel: on successfull payment django will record the payment in tryton and close it20:29
mlhamelok cool20:29
sharoonmlhamel: we quote rates in multiple currencies, and tryton handles the conversion20:29
mlhameland do you anything publicly available or it's more an internal project ?20:29
sharoonmlhamel: its currently internal but looks like one of our clients who uses our system is impressed and wants to implement the same20:30
mlhamelI'm saying that cause right now we are evaluating to the two concurrents20:30
mlhamelopenerp and tryton20:30
sharoonmlhamel: ok20:31
mlhamelMy boss is pushing for openerp but i'm really not sure it's the good choice20:31
sharoonmlhamel: what are your criterias for choise20:31
sharoonmlhamel: do you have manufacturing?20:31
sharoonmlhamel: do you trade in multiple currencies?20:31
mlhamelwe are not really the kind of companies dealing with manufacturing and things like20:32
mlhamelwe are in the computer services20:32
sharoonmlhamel: i think tryton is better in such a case, do you have e-commerce?20:32
mlhamelthen it's more a way to deal with accounting, time-sheets, projects. ..20:33
sharoonmlhamel: we use similar stuff20:34
sharoonmlhamel: we have our leads managed intryton20:34
sharoonmlhamel: projects, tasks and gantts in django20:34
mlhameland you are happy with it ?20:34
sharoonmlhamel: billing rest of it in tryton20:34
sharoonmlhamel: We work on both Open ERP and Tryton20:34
sharoonmlhamel: i recommend tryton for the stability it has20:35
sharoonmlhamel: Open ERP is marketed well probably why your boss likes it :P20:35
mlhamelhehe yes exactly20:35
sharoonmlhamel: tryton would be cheaper for you end of the day20:35
sharoonmlhamel: we have already started seeing that tryton development happens faster than Open ERp20:36
sharoonmlhamel: and of course quality20:36
mlhamelAnd are you open to a certain collaboration on the django part of the code ?20:36
sharoonmlhamel: sure20:37
mlhamelI might be in charge of this part of the developement here and our work on that could be interesting for you too20:37
mlhamelas I said, i dont at what level your code is tight to your business...20:37
sharoonmlhamel: i assure you its extremely simple with tryton and there's no overload of xml-rpc if both the django site and tryton are on same server20:38
mlhamelI was telling that cause we are searching to develop something that we might be abble to deploy to our client too if they need something like that, Then if we start to build a django interface around Tryton, we'll make sure everything is correctly make to made abstract to our own business model20:42
mlhamelBut i'll make a couple of test of trytond and django and we'll see...20:43
sharoonmlhamel: please feel free to ping, use my name in the conversation or i wont be alerted by my client20:57
mlhamelcool sharoon, I will ... :)21:33

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