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ZeroForceHey all - so I'm new to the whole ERP thing and after reviewing a bunch of websites and reviews have decided to try tryton to cut my teeth21:10
ZeroForceAny recommendations for how to get started?21:10
ZeroForceI thought a good start would be stock room management and seeing if I could set something up that allowed me to "build" and "unbuild" products21:10
ZeroForceI've currently got NESO installed and am starting with that21:15
yangoonZeroForce: hi21:15
yangoonZeroForce: good choice for the beginning21:16
ZeroForceyangoon:  hi, Thanks21:19
ZeroForceI don't suppose there are any downloadable "Sample Simple Company" databases21:20
yangoonyou can download the demo database21:21
ZeroForceSomething that might represent some typical company business models21:21
ZeroForceIs the demo database big?21:21
ZeroForceI'm trying not start somewhat clean, but starting from nothing is kind of painful....21:22
ZeroForceHmm, can I upload contacts from say Outlook or Google Contacts to seed my Parties?21:22
ZeroForce5MB sounds about right21:23
ZeroForceCan Neso open that?21:24
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yangoonZeroForce: but those are postgresql dumps, won't work with neso21:24
yangoonZeroForce: if you take a look at the demo, you will have setup a testing environment quite quick21:25
ZeroForceNeso is SQLite I assume21:25
yangoonZeroForce: or just play on the demo21:25
yangoonZeroForce: right21:25
ZeroForceWell I'm hoping to build a proof of concept for a customer21:26
ZeroForceThey are currently on PeachTree21:26
ZeroForce(I'm in the US)21:26
ZeroForceThey are a small firm (under 10 employees), But there are several problems they are facing that it seems like an ERP like Tryton would be well suited to solve (mostly related to stock and inventory management)21:27
ZeroForceOne of the main problems is they have long lead times on some of their parts and their current  inventory process isn't working to keep their systems up to date21:28
ZeroForceAnyway - I've not used an ERP before, but as I was listening to their description of what they'd like to see work better - what I've heard about ERP systems just seemed to scream to be the answer :)21:30
ZeroForceHow would you recommend entering in something like "metal washers"?21:35
ZeroForceIt's a consumable, does it go into Products?21:36
ZeroForceOr is there a different Object type for "Parts"21:36
yangoonZeroForce: if you sell it and want to have stock management it is a product21:37
ZeroForceWe don't sell it, but we use it in the construction of a product21:39
ZeroForceWe need to know when we're low so we can order more21:40
yangoonZeroForce: what you need is probably MRP21:41
yangoonthere is currrently not yet a module for it21:42
ZeroForceManufacturing Resource Planning?21:43
ZeroForceI hate to ask, but any suggestions?21:44
ZeroForceAs I mentioned, it's a small firm21:44
ZeroForceThey essentially take a bunch of parts and build three main products21:45
ZeroForceThose three products can be sold individually or combined into different products21:45
ZeroForces/into/to make/21:45
ZeroForceThey primarily have a stockroom, a design lab, and a production build area21:46
vengfulsquirrelThere is  functionality to automatically create purchase orders when stock numbers drop below a certain level.21:51
ZeroForcevengfulsquirrel: And that's on the products right21:52
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