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saxaheh, today I received an openerp mail announcing their meeting, and saw that tryton is mentioned in it,16:52
saxai didnt knew tryton parts will be ported to openerp by their team :)16:52
cedksaxa: could give a link to this?16:52
saxaso tryton is a kind of experiment for openerp16:53
saxaits attached to the mail i received in pdf16:53
saxai can mail it to you16:53
cedksaxa: ok thx16:54
saxaif you give me the mail where you want it16:54
cedksaxa: I found Tryton is more a stable version of openerp :-)16:55
saxame too, and even much much improved16:56
saxai just need more time in a day to get back on doing all the stuff i want16:56
cedksaxa: since the beginning they said that they will grab best solution from Tryton for OpenERP17:13
cedksaxa: but in 2 years, I have seen nothing good17:14
cedksaxa: but it is good for Tryton as OpenERP see in it a good inspiration17:15
saxaof course , everything has its good side also17:22
saxahonestly speaking i dont know what were your reasons to fork it at the time17:22
cedksaxa: I think they can't see good improvement, you can see their discussion about Decimal17:22
saxahave not saw that, i saw your mails to the ML about that decimal thing17:23
saxaand about that, i tought, the precision of 6 is ok from what i can think17:24
cedksaxa: you can not rely on float computation if you require not fault computation17:24
saxai was thinking that this rounding thing should be done in the way we humans round17:32
saxacedk: i know float is not reliable17:32
saxaso when you select a number of digits it just rounds depending on the last one17:38
saxabeing higher or lover of 517:38
cedksaxa: this is not an issue of rounding17:56
cedksaxa: it is about precision17:56
cedksaxa: I will surely send a new email to rvalyi to explain this17:58
cedksaxa: and if it was only about rounding why OpenERP will use Numeric for database17:59
saxaprobably we dont understand one each other, cedk18:18
saxai was talking about trytons message you send about rounding18:18
saxafew days ago18:18
saxaor yesterday18:18
cedksaxa: yes and rounding is not a solution18:24
cedksaxa: only using Decimal is on18:24
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saxacedk: ok, could it be i have not understood well the problem in that case.19:20
cedksaxa: in most case float will work. But we must define if we develope software that will work only by change or if we made strong software19:25
yangooncedk: it is perfect19:26
yangoonit is the first software without rounding issues to my knowledge19:26
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cedkyangoon: Are you sure?19:38
yangooncedk: *to my knowledge* means, all comparable softs of this level, I don't know about the big big ones19:41
yangoonthe key is to work with decimal19:41
cedkyangoon: yes19:42
yangoonit is surprising how many are using float19:42
cedkyangoon: I worked for a company that makes business software for bank and they used a kind of Decimal in COBOL19:43
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saxacedk: ok, i agree, a software should work in all circumstances21:17
cedksaxa: especially, if you make a platform :-)21:18
cedksaxa: by the way, I found a lot of rounding issue when working on
cedksaxa: but I wrote unittest to prevent regression :-)21:21
saxagreat job21:27
saxaanother thing I wanted to know is about the parties.21:27
saxaI found for example one interesting thing in dolibarr21:28
saxawhich is that dolibarr has 2 type of parties21:28
saxaor better, one are confirmed ones, the customers and the suppliers which you work already with21:29
saxaand another kind are those companies, which are just opportunities, or you dont work with them at the moment21:29
saxabut they can be potential customers or suppliers21:29
cedksaxa: I think that tagging parties with attributes like customer, supplier etc. is a wrong way21:30
cedksaxa: I explain. What is a customer? It is a party that has buy you something21:30
cedksaxa: A supplier is a party to which you have buy something21:31
saxaboth are parties21:31
saxaimmagine something like, party are the ones you work already and are real21:31
saxaproposals are the other ones which are the first time contact21:32
cedksaxa: so in Tryton, we have in sub-menu entry for customers, suppliers etc.21:32
saxaand this is not bad, because sometimes it happens that some customer just asks you for a price or quote and then it doesnt buy anything21:32
saxaits like a one day flies21:32
saxaso those flies, in tryton you need to put them into the party group and they stay in there for ever21:33
cedksaxa: why would you want to separate?21:33
cedksaxa: yes, why would you want to remove it?21:34
saxain dolibarr for example its just an oportunity , which becomes a party if he buys something21:34
saxabecause he has never ever more contacted me21:34
cedksaxa: what is the advantage? I see only disavantage, you must convert it21:34
saxaok you convert it by one click21:34
cedksaxa: and what?21:34
cedksaxa: yes and you have duplicate data21:35
saxabut the advantage is that you dont end up with a database of a lot of names which you never ever see anymore21:35
cedksaxa: and what is the problem? space costs nothing21:35
saxawhy you should have duplicate data ?21:35
cedksaxa: see gmail, they never delete any email21:35
cedksaxa: and you will never know if the guys will not come back21:36
saxacorrect, but you dont need to present a list of suppliers and customer to the tax department like here in Italy21:36
cedksaxa: it doesn't change anything21:36
saxawe in Italy need to send a list of "official" customers and suppliers21:36
udonosaxa: I thing tagging parties is a good way, not to separate them on a ground level. And a party can be both, confirmed customer, but opportunity for another project.21:36
cedksaxa: and in belgium, you must provide a list of VAT customer and VAT supplier21:37
saxait changes when you need to print the list of customers and of suppliers21:37
saxaudono: that can work es21:37
cedksaxa: no problem to do that21:37
udonosaxa: party is a container for all paties in tryton, like account is a container for all accounts.21:38
cedksaxa: it is based on well know designer21:38
cedkudono: what is the name again?21:38
udonoKelvin Klein21:38
saxai tought it was not possible to separate or sub group them21:38
cedkudono: Larson ?21:39
cedksaxa: there is group21:39
udonoLen Silverston21:39
cedksaxa: but for customer, supplier the information comes from sale and purchase21:39
cedkudono: yes21:39
cedksaxa: by the way, there is a proto for sale opportunity:
udonoand Martin Fowler Martin see
cedksaxa: you can see how we thought about the concept of oppotunity/leads21:41
saxalet me check21:43
cedkACTION lunch21:44
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cedkACTION back23:18
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