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datrus0can someone explain the difference with openerp regarding procurement orders?12:06
datrus0(in openerp, sales orders create procurement orders when confirmed)12:06
datrus0and then the scheduler creates purchase orders from procurement orders12:06
cedkdatrus0: we think that purchase request must be created based on stock quantities12:07
datrus0so in tryton, purchase request is equivalent of procurement.order or are there some differences?12:07
cedkdatrus0: it is different12:07
cedkdatrus0: procurement in OpenERP is something between the sale and the stock moves12:08
cedkdatrus0: purchase request are something between stock moves and purchase12:08
cedkdatrus0: it allow to group purchase by products and suppliers12:08
cedkdatrus0: if you prefer, we put the procurement concept into the stock move12:09
datrus0so the sale order, just creates the reservation moves to send product to customer?12:09
cedkdatrus0: yes12:09
datrus0and then purchase.requests are created based on these moves?12:10
cedkdatrus0: yes based on stock quantities, delivery delay, quantities (order point) etc.12:11
datrus0also i see that purchase request is only for 1 product12:11
cedkdatrus0: there is also a module to compute based on delivery day of the week12:11
datrus0is there no need to create purchase requests that can include many products with diffwrent lines12:11
cedkdatrus0: no, purcahse request define the needs to buy a products12:12
cedkdatrus0: then you can group them into one purchase12:12
bechameldatrus0: the flow is SO confirmation trigger shipment creation (and thus outgoing draft stock moves), then the scheduler is run and creates Purchase requests (based on stock levels, taking care of draft moves and their planned date and existing purchases request), then the user can group purchase requests by supplier and create purchases (which will create incoming shipments)12:12
datrus0also in tryton is there a module to record "purchase requirements"?12:14
datrus0i mean normally when a sales man needs to make a quotation12:14
datrus0sometime he doesn't know the price of the product yet12:14
datrus0(because it's the first time he sells the product for example)12:15
datrus0and then normally he creates a "purchase requirement" document12:15
datrus0and then gives this document to purch dept.12:15
datrus0and purch dept. tries to contact the suppliers to get price based on purch requirements12:15
cedkdatrus0: we had a purchase_user_request module but not yet published12:15
datrus0and then sales man uses that price to make quotation12:15
datrus0(but purch requirement is not really purch.request, because purch.request will be created only after SO is confirmed)12:16
cedkdatrus0: but I'm not sure it is the right way for this need12:16
cedkdatrus0: if you don't know the product you sell, then you must first create it12:16
cedkdatrus0: you can record this kind of jobs with a form12:16
cedkdatrus0: it seems to be a simple workflow12:17
datrus0yes, but a document is needed to tell purch.dept to search price for product12:17
datrus0before product can be created12:17
datrus0what about quotations received from suppliers12:18
datrus0are they recorded in purchase.order objects?12:19
datrus0or in different objects12:19
datrus0sometimes might be useful to record supplier quotation, not part of a purchase but only following a purchase requirement12:20
cedkdatrus0: purchase workflow is almost the same as in OpenERP12:20
cedkdatrus0: there is some plan to have history on it and manage quotation from different supplier12:20
datrus0in openerp there is some way do it although not very convenient, using purchase.tender. but that module is too simple12:22
cedkdatrus0: from which module?12:22
datrus0it justs adds a many2one field in purchase.order12:22
datrus0so to record many supplier quotations12:23
datrus0make many PO's in RFQ state and record quotation info thjere12:23
datrus0and then only advance the PO of selected supplier to next state12:23
datrus0(other po's of same tender become cancelled)12:23
cedkdatrus0: I don't see the cancelation of other PO in the module12:25
cedkdatrus0: oops I saw it12:26
cedkdatrus0: I think it is a bad design because it creates too much purchase orders12:27
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cedkdatrus0: so you can not have a good prevision of your expense nor the incoming products12:27
cedkdatrus0: I though about using the Tryton history feature to store different quotation and allow to select one12:28
datrus0have to leave, thanks for ur answers12:34
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cedkSilverFox1971: hi12:58
cedkSilverFox1971: did you read
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SilverFox1971Hello cedk13:32
cedkSilverFox1971: what is your issue with translation?13:33
SilverFox1971I have files *.csv for modules, server and client tryton 1.413:33
cedkSilverFox1971: great13:33
cedkSilverFox1971: but translation process is only allow on the trunk13:34
cedkSilverFox1971: if you want you can become the maintainer of the ru translation13:35
cedkSilverFox1971: you just have to enter your info in
cedkSilverFox1971: send me by email your ssh pub key and username request13:36
cedkSilverFox1971: I will give you push access for translation13:37
cedkSilverFox1971: your translation could be included in the 1.6 release (in one month)13:37
cedkSilverFox1971: have you already a wiki access?13:38
cedkSilverFox1971: send me also your google account13:40
cedkSilverFox1971: you can also submit a first patch to add ru in ir.lang13:43
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cedkSilverFox1971: I added you to the wiki15:21
cedkSilverFox1971: for your username, could you give me a simplier?15:22
cedkSilverFox1971: is it ok "silverfox" ?15:23
cedkSilverFox1971: is editing wiki works?15:49
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SilverFox1971It's work! Thank you15:56
cedkSilverFox1971: so add your info on
SilverFox1971Ok cedr16:01
SilverFox1971Bye we already 9:00 PM16:03
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juanfecedk: I have bin change the but I have no authorization to push the change, there are one repositore in intuxication to send it?21:45
cedkjuanfe: send me the path22:31
cedkjuanfe: oops the patch22:33
juanfeK I will send by email22:34
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