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cedkcould someone test the new tryton{-setup}-1.4.3.exe before release announce?15:22
cedkand also neso-setup-1.4.2-r2.exe15:22
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paepke_cedk: i can test. give me a link15:48
paepke_ok. well. yes. sorry.15:52
paepkecedk, are there some special things i should care about?15:57
cedkpaepke: no just check if install works and browse some forms15:58
paepkecedk, works fine.16:04
cedkpaepke: ok thx16:05
paepkecedk, the osx version looks very nice compared to the windows version. have you updated the gtk or is it just subjective?16:06
paepkecedk compared to the other older osx version16:07
cedkpaepke: for osx I set Clearlooks as theme16:08
cedkpaepke: on windows it is the default MS-Windows16:09
cedkpaepke: it make GTK application looks like a windows one16:09
paepkecedk: yes. its a good behaviour.16:10
paepkecedk had you take a look into making the osx version a little bit more mac-usable? for example: cmd-q for quitting the program compared to ctrl-q. or having the menubar outside the window.16:11
paepkecedk, there exist some objective-c bindings for python to do this. took a quick look into it, but it was over my knowledge.16:11
cedkpaepke: I try it but it crashes too oven16:13
paepkecedk ok. would have been nice.16:14
cedkpaepke: gtk on osx is still a working progress16:16
paepkecedk i'm looking forward to see new versions of it.16:18
cedkpaepke: if you are interested in improving osx support, feel free to propose patch16:20
paepkecedk: where are the default key bindings defined?16:32
cedkpaepke: in the code16:33
cedkpaepke: most in tryton/gui/main.py16:34
Red15paepke, do you have any first hand experience with wxWidgets on mac ?16:38
Red15because honestly i think wx is more powerful than gtk anyday16:38
cedkRed15: I don't think so, I find it miss a good MVC for list view16:39
paepkeRed15, no i'm sorry. i'm quite new to mac16:41
Red15cedk you mean like
cedkRed15: ha ok they seems to have wxDataViewModel16:43
cedkRed15: last time I checked there was not16:44
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cedkany way, GTK on OSX works quite well except for the top menu bar and drag&drop16:45
Red15afaik gtk also still has regular issues with themeing ?16:47
cedkI think it will be less work to help to fix GTK on OSX then rewrite tryton for wxWidgets16:47
cedkRed15: it is not GTK issue, it is theme issue16:47
paepkecedk, Red15 i agree. tryton works very well on osx.16:48
cedkpaepke: there is also exe to test for 1.2.5 and 1.0.916:48
Red15functionally i dont think gtk or wx has preference as they use the common denominator16:49
Red15implementation wise i found wxPython to be a lot cleaner to code than pyGtk16:49
paepkecedk i can test it against the
cedkpaepke: yes16:50
cedkRed15: I found they have almost the same way16:51
cedkpaepke: and also demo1.0.tryton.org16:51
cedkpaepke: for OSX, you can find there is some code in that uses igemacintegration16:53
cedkpaepke: it is to handle the menubar16:53
cedkpaepke: it is not included in the bundle because last time I try it, it crashes after 10secs of use16:53
paepkecedk: cool. i'll take a look at it16:55
cedkpaepke: it is only the apple+Q16:56
paepkethe apple-Q is one of the most annoying missing feature under osx, cause you are trained to use that shortcut. and if you wanna shutdown your computer it hangs cause you have to close the tryton-client manually16:58
cedkRed15: but I made only C++ wxWidgets16:58
paepkecedk: 1.0 and 1.2 works good. i didn't find any issue. but i did not find any graphical chart like pie chart or so. i did not used tryton before 1.317:00
cedkpaepke: there is graph in currency17:05
cedkpaepke: switch twice the view of rates17:05
paepkeok, i'll take a look17:07
paepkecedk, charts are working as expected17:13
cedkpaepke: ok, virus scan is also ok17:24
cedkpaepke: there is also issue1415 for OSX that should be fixed18:25
paepkecedk, i know, i opened it ;-)18:29
paepkecedk, i first have to install that whole development stuff on my mac18:29
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cedkyangoon: hi22:32
yangooncedk: hi22:32
cedkyangoon: I see often on codereview that you put your-self in reviewers22:32
cedkyangoon: this that means you have tested?22:33
cedkyangoon: because without comments it is hard to know22:33
yangooncedk: if I just put myself, it is that I intend to test22:33
cedkyangoon: ok22:34
yangoonif I have tested I leave a comment22:34
cedkyangoon: ok, I wanted confirmation because you are the only one to do like this22:34
yangoonif I want you (the owner) to know, that I will get really and for sure in touch with an issue, I don't unmark 'send mail'22:36
yangoonso I am principally always very interested in codereview, but I am not able to test always22:37
yangooncedk: if I can it make more clear for you, just say how to do22:38
cedkyangoon: no it is good like that22:38
cedkyangoon: I was just wondering if you was not misunderstand the coderview app22:38
cedkyangoon: by not leaving message22:38
cedkyangoon: but now that I know you use it right, I have no issue22:39
yangooncedk: no, but there is no possibility to just say: list it under my issues22:39
yangooncedk: ok22:39
cedkyangoon: yes, there is some rough edges on codereview, I tried to propose a patch to improve it but without success22:40
yangooncedk: weird22:40
cedkyangoon: it is because I did not know well enough codereview22:41
yangooncedk: but it is yet of great use like it is22:41
cedkyangoon: yes, I was wondering some times ago, if we should use our own instance of codereview22:42
cedkand by the way, I hear that OpenERP will also use codereview :-)22:43
yangooncedk: like that we could indeed reliably refer from roundup to codereview22:43
yangoonthey are learning...22:43
yangoonand sometimes load on rietveld is high and gives an error22:44
cedkyangoon: agree22:44
yangoonjust when you have completed your comments;)22:44
cedkyangoon: but I don't know yet if it will not be too much maintainance work22:45
yangooncedk: yeah, for sure agreed, it is additional load22:46
yangoonafk, bbl for wizard testing22:47

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