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paepkedoes someone have a clue how to get the tryton client running on windows without the installer? it seems i can't get the svg stuff running. everything ok, except the buttons.12:25
paepkei used the and solved some dependencies by hand.12:26
paepkedoes anyone have a clue?12:26
paepkeusing python2.5 and windows xp.12:27
paepkecedk, thanx. but it seems it hangs on this gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.exe. it drops the following error (translated): the entrypoint "g_malloc_0_n" was not found in the dll "libglib-2.0-0.dll"12:36
paepkecedk, which gtk windows environment do you use?12:44
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cedkpaepke: I used gtk2-runtime-2.16.6-2009-09-12-ash.exe13:30
cedkpaepke: and svg-gdk-pixbuf-loader_2.26.0-1_win32.zip13:30
cedkpaepke: and svg-gtk-engine_2.26.0-1_win32.zip13:30
paepkecedk, weird. i used them, too. but can't get it working. i'm currently setting up a new windows dev machine.13:32
paepkecedk, another question: python 2.5 for the windows stuff?13:35
cedkpaepke: query loarders runs here13:35
cedkpaepke: I guess you must have an other version of libglib somewhere13:36
paepkei guessed that, too. searched with the windows-tools but did not get any result. thats why i'm setting up a new windows install13:37
cedkpaepke: generally, it can come from GIMP or Pidgin13:48
paepkecedk, i had there other tryton installations. a vm just for tryton13:50
paepkecedk, again the question: should i use python 2.5 or 2.6? htgoebel tells me in his script to use python2.513:51
cedkpaepke: it can also come from an old tryton installation13:51
cedkpaepke: I suggest 2.513:51
cedkpaepke: because with 2.6 setup package will depend on msvs libs13:52
paepkeyes, i remember the msvcrt 2008 redistributable13:53
cedkpaepke: yes 2.6 is linked to it but not 2.513:55
paepkehtgoebel mentioned library dependency problems.13:55
paepkecedk, don't know exactly which ones.13:56
cedkpaepke: I don't know I succeed to run on both13:57
paepkecedk, ok. i'm currently installing the dependencies. we'll see in a couple of minute if it works13:59
paepkecedk, same error with that glib. strange.14:12
paepkeah. i got svg*_2.26.2-1_win3214:13
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paepkecedk, no success. after updating zlib it complains about the same error.14:26
cedkpaepke: it is strange14:28
paepkecedk, yes, it is.14:28
cedkpaepke: you can update your self the pixbuf file15:07
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paepkecedk, thanx. i'll try that later. it seems that the py2exe automatically runs that pixbuf update exe.15:42
paepkecedk, another question: in attachment dialog: what is the use of the recource column?15:43
cedkpaepke: it is the link to the record15:44
paepkecedk, its empty in the view. for example attachment to a party.15:46
udonocedk: can we postpone the relese of tryton to 2010-05-03? yangoon, Timitos and me are totally blocked to the beginning of next week. After we have a full week time for testing, fixing doc and open issues.15:50
cedkudono: send an email to mailing list15:52
udonocedk: dev or general?15:52
cedkudono: dev15:53
cedkpaepke: normally it is hidden15:53
cedkpaepke: have you an updated client15:53
paepkeyes. tip on osx15:54
paepkecedk, on linux, too15:58
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cedkpaepke: when you click on attachment button?15:59
paepkei'm testing the client and writing dokumentation.16:00
cedkpaepke: I will check tonight16:02
paepkecedk: ok. i write as it were not there.16:03
cedkpaepke: is it readonly?16:12
paepkecedk, it shows up only in the list view.16:12
cedkpaepke: could you test with
paepkecedk, now its fixed. adding, removing of an attachment works16:30
paepkecedk, great. and it even not tonight :-)16:30
cedkpaepke: and without testing :-)16:31
cedkpaepke: I have only ssh access to my computer :-)16:31
cedkpaepke: but I will push only tonight16:33
paepkecedk, :-)16:33
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paepkecedk, where is the spellchecking gone? i can't enable it per options-form-spellchecking. do i have to do this system-wide?17:47
cedkpaepke: you need to have gtk-spell module17:49
paepkeon client.17:49
cedkpaepke: the menu is not showed if you don't have gtkspell python module17:53
paepkecedk. thanx. i'm investigating it.17:54
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ZeroForceHey everyone23:01
ZeroForceWas wondering if Tryton was suitable for POS applications yet23:01
cedkZeroForce: not realy but it depends what is the requirement of your POS23:12

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