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IvannnHi there. I'm having some problems loading an account chart template module. I used the Belgium account chart as a template, and took the the xml files from an outdated module for spanish account charts. Accounts load ok but when loading the tax XML file i get the following error:15:56
IvannnERROR:convert:Error while parsing xml file:15:56
Ivannn...In tag record: model with id tax_iva_dev_rg_ro_04_bien.15:57
cedkIvannn: copy/past the xml file on
cedkIvannn: what is the complete error message16:00
Ivannncedk: looks like this:
Ivannnit's tryton 1.6.016:01
Ivannndatabase was created from within the Tryton client16:02
cedkIvannn: percentage must be a Decimal16:02
Ivannnthanks, i would have never figured it out myself :D16:02
cedkIvannn: something like: <field name='percentage' eval="Decimal('4')"/>16:02
cedkIvannn: this line tells you: assert isinstance(value, Decimal)16:03
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