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Clinti'd love for someone else to tell us00:00
plantianI don't know either, I'm still using 1.4, and I have a Pay button.  I think that's through the sale workflow though.00:09
plantianAfter clicking the Open button on the Invoice it is replaced with a Pay button.00:11
Clintthat sounds right00:11
IvannnI didn't try the sale workflow, but now that I do i get a notice saying something like there is a missing default property "income account"00:16
Ivannn(when pressing the Confirm button)00:16
Ivannnany ideas?00:17
cedkIvannn, Clint : if you have installed account_statement then the pay button on invoice is removed00:21
cedkand then you must use the statement to enter all the payment00:21
cedkIvannn: do you put a product on sale line?00:23
Clintcedk: hmm, removing a module doesn't seem to be straightforward00:24
Ivannncedk: thanks. i was now  trying to create the payment entry in Entries, is that ok? I think the normal workflow is that you entry the invoice, and then the payment separately in the Entries menu item00:27
cedkIvannn: are you sure about the "income account" error message?00:28
cedkClint: no removing module is not reliable for now00:28
Clintcedk: so i can't disable account_statement?00:28
cedkIvannn: in the statement menu00:29
cedkClint: once installed, no00:29
Ivannncedk: statment, right. It's Asientos in mine ;)00:29
Ivannncedk: yes, it's a separate issue but i'm not able to complete a sale.00:29
Clintcedk: ergh00:30
Ivannncedk: except if I select "manual" in the invoice method00:30
cedkIvannn: there is no error message in Tryton that uses "Income Account"00:31
Ivannncedk: how do i lookup the translation? the error message is in spanish00:32
Ivannncedk: and it's not an "error" message but just a warning dialog00:32
Ivannn"Falta una propiedad determinada de <<cuenta de ingresos>>"00:33
cedkIvannn: change the user language00:34
cedkClint: about uninstallation
Ivannncedk: "It misses an "account Revenue" default property!"00:35
cedkIvannn: so it is the product that is missing this account00:36
cedkIvannn: open the product and check the Accounting tab00:36
Clintcedk: i fudged it in the database and things seem happy so far00:38
Ivannncedk: that's it.00:38
Ivannncedk: however I should be able to enter just a description/qty/price/tax withouth looking up a product, right?00:39
cedkClint: it can work, it depends of the content of the module00:39
cedkIvannn: yes, but for that you must define a default property for product accounts00:40
cedkIvannn: for now, it is a little technical to create it00:40
cedkIvannn: in "Administration>Models>Default Properties"00:41
Ivannncedk: i see, I guess that would be necesary in my case00:43
cedkIvannn: I'm going to bed now00:44
cedkIvannn: if you need help to create this records, send an email on mailing list00:44
Ivannncedk: thanks, good night00:45
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SISalp1new to tryton, I installed neso on an Ubuntu lucid desktop13:03
SISalp1and cannot find an easy way to get modules13:04
SISalp1any pointer ?13:04
cedkSISalp1: how did you install it?13:39
bechamelSISalp1: there is a package "tryton-modules-all" so it seems you only have to install it (and probably relaunch neso)13:41
SISalp1Hi, I installed from my synaptics menu13:44
SISalp1I give a try13:44
SISalp1found !13:46
SISalp1If you install looking for tryton it is obvious13:48
SISalp1but looking for neso, you don't have any chance to get them13:49
SISalp1either a neso meta-package is useful13:49
SISalp1or a neso-step-by-step doc page when clicking on tryton in the menu.13:50
bechamelSISalp1: maybe add tryton-modules-all into the "suggest" section of the package (like the tryton-client package suggest for the tryton-server package), but I don't know if synaptic show this section13:52
SISalp1no it doesn't13:54
SISalp1I got them :-)13:54
SISalp1in which order should I pick them on ?13:55
cedkSISalp1: we are not responsible of the package naming14:02
cedkSISalp1: if it was mine, I will not name it like that :-(14:02
SISalp1I followed the ubuntu way, but what if neso were depending on tryton modules ?14:04
SISalp1neso is for newbyes isn't it ? so en empty neso isn't likely to be what is looked for14:05
yangoonbechamel: good idea, will add tryton-modules-all to suggests of neso14:05
yangoonSISalp1: it isn't a dependency14:06
SISalp1yangoon: from which standpoint ?14:07
yangoonSISalp1: from hte point of view of the definition of a dependency in debian14:07
yangoonSISalp1: neso is able to run without any module installed14:07
SISalp1but neso might become a meta-package14:07
cedkSISalp1: neso is not only for newbies, it could be a starting point for an offline project or a POS etc.14:11
SISalp1Ok, I'm not able to propose a solution, I think the point should be at least clearly addressed in the on line documentation14:13
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SISalp1On ubuntu, you'll get 1000 users browsing on synatics, clicking at random to see which is in the applications for one who nknows what he wants14:20
SISalp1thus the first experience is important.14:21
bechamelsomeone know why the "instalation > on Ubuntu" menu on the wiki is not a link ?14:24
cedkbechamel: because nobody wrote a page14:28
cedkbechamel: any way, on the wiki it is installation for devs14:28
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SISalp1cedk: nevertheless, I think neso documentation is surely kept secret :-)14:32
yangoonSISalp1: :)14:32
SISalp1I mean I'm using it now because it works like a charm, not because I understood how I got there ;-)14:36
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yangoonSISalp1: for your bug: please try another gtk theme, like raleigh14:54
SISalp1yangoon: so fast !14:55
yangoonSISalp1: we had this issue several times, would be good to report it to ubuntu14:56
SISalp1I don't find raleigh, but Clearlooks fives it. I learnt about the bugtracker anyway. Thank you.14:58
yangoonSISalp1: perfect14:59
cedkSISalp1, yangoon: it will be good to report it to upstream15:03
SISalp1I moved it to "resolved" and it disapeared. I expected I saw closed bugs before logging a new one and bother again.15:03
cedkSISalp1: it is the user responsability to search for previous issues15:05
essichcedk: table ir_action_wizard has a column "window". This will make restroig the database fail when upgrading to postgresql 8.415:11
essichcedk: "window" is a new keyword in 8.415:12
cedkessich: why? with quote it should work15:13
essichpg_dump does not quite :-(15:13
essichcedk: neither does the GUI15:14
essichcedk: this is defenitly a problem with pg_dump/pg_restore, but tryton users will fail on it :-(15:15
cedkessich: try with --disable-dollar-quoting15:15
cedkessich: dump/restore is not made for migration of database15:16
essichcedk: man page: --disable-dollar-quoting disables the use of dollar quoting  for  function  bodies15:16
essichcedk: so --disable-dollar-quoting will not help15:16
cedkessich: "... use SQL standard quoting"15:17
cedkessich: otherwise report it to PostgreSQL15:17
essichcedk: "for *function bodies*" nothing else (this says the man-page)15:17
essichcedk: users will expect to be able to restore the dump from the GUI into a new db-version.15:18
essichcedk: I will report to postgres anyway. But we are facing a problem here, if postgres will not fix in time.15:19
cedkessich: users will expect wrong15:20
cedkessich: we can not assure that a dump made in one version will work on an other15:20
SISalp1cedk: search for previous issues, how ? I only open bugs, again, it must be obvious but :-(15:25
cedkSISalp1: search box is on the top right15:26
cedkSISalp1: or
cedkSISalp1: from the left menu15:26
SISalp1And leaving blank the search field I get everything since the bing-bang. I can live with this. Thank you.15:32
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Mithrandirhiya, are there any good guides to getting started with tryton?  I've played a little bit around with openerp previously, and they are similar, but a guide on setting up a "normal" company would be useful.17:49
Mithrandirto the extent you can usefully talk about a normal company, that is.17:49
bechamelMithrandir: not to my knowledge, but lots of concepts are similar to openerp17:52
bechamelif you have specific question just ask here17:52
MithrandirI don't know it well enough to have useful specific questions yet. :-)17:53
MithrandirI'm trying to decide on an ERP system for a 40-50 person international software consulting company.17:53
Mithrandirwe don't need the ability to track stocks and such, but we need timesheet support and tracking of invoices and expenses and such.17:54
MithrandirI assume tryton is capable to do that.17:54
bechamelMithrandir: yes17:55
cedkMithrandir: there is also multi analytic plan17:58
cedkMithrandir: perhaps you will need it17:58
cedkACTION bbl17:59
bechamelMithrandir: there are some user doc
Mithrandirbechamel: yeah, thanks, I've looked a little bit at those, I feel like I'm still missing a bit of an overview, though.18:15
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bechamelMithrandir: yes user doc is really missing18:16
Mithrandirbut ok, now that I've done the dishes, I have a couple of specific questions: how easy is it to integrate with existing tools?  Like, we already have a user db, so I'd like to be able to import/sync/use that.  Similarly, we use gtimelog for logging time and upload that into a custom python/django system, would getting the data from there into tryton be easy/hard/trivial/impossible?18:16
bechamelMithrandir: look at if you want to interface tryton with other tools18:18
Mithrandirah, cool.18:19
Mithrandirit even has a "django and tryton" link in the sidebar.  As long as we keep the API, replacing the innards are fine.18:19
bechamelMithrandir: there is also proteus: which abstract the client side-work when you interact with tryton, buth it's currently pre-alpha18:20
Mithrandirthanks, I'll take a look.18:22
Mithrandirhow good/stable/usable is the web ui yet?18:22
yangoonSISalp1: could you please tell me the name of the theme your ubuntu was using first by default18:23
bechamelit's pre-alpha too, so far from usable18:23
Mithrandirok, thanks.  I think I'll give tryton a real shot, not at least because this channel is way more useful than the #openobjects one, where getting useful feedback was very hard when I tried some months ago. :-)18:24
dbait didn't improve since then18:25
bechamelMithrandir: gtimelog seems a nice little app btw18:25
Mithrandirbechamel: yeah, we have some extra bits bolted on so it'll categorise hours and upload the timesheet to a server.18:25
Mithrandirit's very lightweight and easy, but works well for us.18:26
bechamelACTION bzr branch lp:gtimelog18:28
Mithrandirour stuff's on;a=summary18:28
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SISalp1yangoon: Thems were Ambiance and Radiance. I think they are new in 10.4, Clearlooks is ok. I don't have many thems, maybe because I installed ubuntu on a virtual machine and tried to keep it reasonnably thin.20:44
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