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wedowhat does this message mean "need more than 1 value to unpack"11:22
mr_amitwedo: you are trying to assign values to more then one variable from a list or tuple11:24
mr_amitbut not having more then one item11:24
mr_amita, b = (100,)11:24
wedoi want to change account type11:25
wedowhen I change it and try to save i got this message11:25
mr_amithave you made any changes in any of the module?11:29
wedomr_amit:  no but I think I did a mistake through SQL11:31
mr_amitI don't know much about Tryton11:32
mr_amitbut in OpenERP11:33
mr_amitsuch errors are most probably coming from M2O values11:33
wedomr_amit: in the account_accounts table i have inserted some accounts into it using SQL, these account does not appear in the accounts chart in tryton11:33
mr_amitthe records must be active11:34
mr_amitmake sure `active` field is 111:35
wedomr_amit: the id is unique, isn't it?11:35
wedoi have some id's repeated11:35
wedono no sorry there are no id's repeated11:37
wedoand all accounts in the table has 1 in the active field11:38
wedois there anyway to undo the last SQL sentence executed?12:10
cedkwedo: did you link inserted accounts to the company?12:17
cedkwedo: send a copy paste of the server log12:19
wedohello cedk :)12:22
wedowhere can i find the log file cedk ?12:22
cedkwedo: in the console or the logfile defined in the configuration file12:23
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wedocedk: i'm using SQLite Database browser and i have a file called db_name.sqlite-journal created now, is it what u meant?12:29
cedkwedo: no12:30
cedkwedo: you are still using Neso?12:49
cedkwedo: if yes, then you should considered to use server/client (with SQLite backend) if you plan to customize and experiment with Tryton12:51
cedkwedo: Neso is no the right tool to dev on Tryton12:52
cedkwedo: because there is no way to debug (easily)12:52
wedocedk: i have installed the server client but i can not connect to any database though it12:54
wedoCould not connect to server12:55
wedothe server option is localhost:807012:55
cedkwedo: did you start the server?12:56
wedocedk: yes its started12:59
cedkwedo: what is in the consol output?12:59
wedocedk:  when i try to start it i got "socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use"13:03
cedkwedo: you get already a process that use the same port13:05
wedocedk: this is the full output
cedkwedo: yes, you have something else that already run on port 807013:15
cedkwedo: you must stop it or change the default port of tryton in /etc/trytond.conf13:16
wedocedk: in netport section?13:18
cedkwedo: yes13:19
cedkwedo: and you should change it also in the client13:19
wedocedk: how to restart the server?13:21
wedocedk: for the client the Server is : localhost and the port is: port_no ?13:29
wedo[Sun Jun 20 14:50:27 2010] ERROR:database:CREATE DB: 360_db failed13:51
wedo[Sun Jun 20 14:50:27 2010] ERROR:database:Exception in call:13:51
wedoTraceback (most recent call last):13:51
wedo  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/trytond/protocols/", line 167, in create13:51
wedo    database.create(cursor, database_name)13:51
wedo  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/trytond/backend/sqlite/", line 138, in create13:51
wedo    conn = sqlite.connect(path)13:51
wedoOperationalError: unable to open database file13:51
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cedkwedo: the server must not have access write to the data_path13:57
wedohow do give the access to the server13:58
cedkwedo: like on any UNIX system13:59
cedkwedo: with chmod13:59
wedocedk: when i change the db_type in the trytond.conf to sqlite it connects to server but is i used postgresql it does not connect13:59
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wedo_hi again\14:16
cedkwedo_: I don't understand14:18
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wedo_cedk: there are two options in the trytond.conf file for the db_type, isn't it?14:28
wedo_postgresql and sqlite14:29
cedkwedo_: 3 in 1.614:39
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wedo_i have 1.414:40
cedkwedo_: so yes 2 options14:40
wedo_when i use postgresql it does not connect14:40
cedkwedo_: do you have postresql running? Is the connection to postgresql configured?14:42
wedo_i referred to the postgresql log file it says, "user tryton not allowed to connect"14:43
wedo_cedk: yes its running14:43
cedkwedo_: so you must configure postgresl to allow tryton to connect14:47
cedkwedo_: but I don't understand why you want to connect to postgresql, your database is on SQLite?14:47
wedo_cedk: ok I will use SQLite, but with it i cannot create the new databse14:48
cedkwedo_: the user running the server must have write access to the data_path directory defined in trytond.conf14:57
cedkwedo_: but if you start from a scratched database, I will suggest you to use postgresql except if you want to keep sqlite to use later with neso14:57
cedkwedo_: read this to configure postgresql
wedo_cedk: the user running the server is 'tryton' and i gave it administration access14:59
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cedkwedo__: I don't know what means administration access15:16
paepkecedk, exists a matrix which widgets works with the field types? like field: one2many, widget many2many ?15:49
cedkpaepke: no15:51
cedkpaepke: you can start to write one15:51
paepkecedk, yes, on the wiki. i assume there is no automatic way to determine it?15:52
cedkpaepke: no15:54
cedkpaepke: better to write a patch for the doc15:54
cedkpaepke: but you can start on wiki and later go to doc15:55
paepkecedk, ok, but where to put? on the views-part of trytond?15:55
paepkecedk, agree with starting in the wiki. it will take some time for me to take a deeper look into the different types.15:56
cedkpaepke: doc/topics/views/widgets.rst15:57
cedkpaepke: as you want15:58
cedkpaepke: and it will be good to test it also because all combinasions have not been15:58
paepkecedk, i'll only document what i have tested. cause of that it will take some time.16:00
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lukahi. i am trying to create an account and when i try to save it i get this error: "you try to bypass an access rule! (Document type: Account)16:31
lukadoes anyone know why?16:31
sharoonmake sure your default company is the same as the company of the account you are trying to create16:34
lukahow do i make a company be the default one16:34
sharoongoto your user account in administration > Users > Users16:35
sharoonand then you will see current company there16:35
lukathanks alot16:35
sharoonwelcome :)16:37
lukaumm there is no company in users16:37
lukais't just the users i've created16:37
sharoonhave u installed the company module?16:38
sharoonopen the user name16:39
sharoonin that you will find two fields16:39
sharoonmain company16:39
sharoonand current company16:39
lukai see. let me have a look16:40
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lukanope. i don't have that16:44
lukai only have security and preferences16:45
lukaafter i open the username16:45
cedkluka: you must setup the company with the admin user in Administration>Users>Users16:46
lukaoh ok16:50
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paepkeon development: on updating a view via the xml file i have to restart the server. is there any other way i don't see? just restarting the client doesn't help.17:21
cedkpaepke: no17:21
paepkecedk, so updating the py works on runtime. xml not?17:22
cedkpaepke: yes17:22
cedkpaepke: but you can run the update without stopping the server17:23
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paepkecedk, i tried that with -u module -d database, but doesn't work. have multi_server enabled17:26
cedkpaepke: what is not working?17:26
paepkecedk, for example changing the col's in a form from 2 to 417:27
cedkpaepke: but what is not working?17:29
paepkethe col's doesn't change on the client. i have to restart the server.17:29
paepkecedk, after restart (not update) the client gets the right columns.17:30
cedkpaepke: fill an issue17:32
paepkecedk, ok.17:32
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