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cedkTimitos: could you answer to issue1615 ?11:14
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Timitoscedk: i am a little bit in a hurry. will try to do it11:22
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pepeucedk, I'm looking to make a POS that PyQt can be used in OpenERP and Tryton16:44
cedkpepeu: great16:46
cedkpepeu: not sure about PyQt (almost because I know well GTK)16:46
cedkpepeu: why is your pro for PyQt?16:48
cedkpepeu: What is your por for PyQt?16:54
pepeucedk, easy?16:57
pepeuI would like with GTK but ...16:57
pepeuthe environment is like most colorful17:00
cedkpepeu: don't understand last sentence17:09
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phellerhello, anyone here?19:38
phellerHi there.... curious if you're a user, developer, or both?19:44
plantianI guess I'm more of a developer, I used tryton for the business I work for to do simple inventory and sales tracking.19:46
phellerdo you do much in the way of workflow?19:48
phellerI've been working with openerp for awhile now (casually over the past 5 or so years, but for an actual work project in the past 3 months or so)19:49
phelleranyways, I find the openerp community isn't all that helpful.  I'm wondering if the Tryton community is.... that is, if I posted a question regarding workflow to the group, what are the chances someone would offer assistance....19:50
plantianYeah I don't know, what do you mean by "workflow".  Like adding screens and whatnot ?19:50
plantianWell I actually chose tryton because irc seemed more active, the website made sense and the code quality looked a lot better.19:51
phellerworkflow is basically the order of states which a document can be in.  For instance, a shipment could be "waiting for stock picking", "picked", "creating shipment with UPS", "tracking number received from UPS", "given to UPS for delivery".19:52
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phellerSome of those tasks are dependent on other tasks (i.e., the "stock picking"), whereas some other tasks might represent some API call to another system (i.e., "creating shipment with UPS")19:53
phelleranyhow, I'm working on creating a workflow that involves lots of communication with other systems, but troubleshooting it is nearly impossible -- so it's all trial and error.  and nobody involved with openerp seems interested in answering my questions.19:55
plantianpheller:  Right yeah, i had to modify the inventory tracking and also create a simple point of sale type thing, but i didn't work with erps until i used tryton.  I was mainly concerned with consolidating workflow rather then extending it, if that makes sense.  My business's sale workflow is pretty simple or at least the part I wanted tryton to be involved in.19:55
phellerunderstood.  I'm using it for provisioning equipment in data centers, so certainly a different use case :-)19:56
plantianpheller:  well cedk especially has been AWESOME at answering my questions, but others have also been helpful, the codebase from openerp was very hard to understand and the tryton guys have been cleaning it non-stop while releasing new features19:57
plantianthe codebase still can be really confusing though so yeah without talking to other developers i probably would not have made much progress19:57
phellerI've become pretty good at reading the openerp code, though admittedly haven't looked much at tryton (yet).19:58
phellergood to hear that it's more streamlined19:58
phellerI assume cedk is in a European timezone?19:58
plantianWell tryton I think dropped or rewrote some of the modules so if you need certain features they might not have made it in yet.19:58
plantianYeah most of the tryton people are in Europe.19:59
phellerthe only thing I really use right now is "base", "product", and "stock" -- which I think are probably similar between tryton and openerp19:59
plantianOh right you mean the modules.20:00
plantianI think the stock was definately rewritten.20:00
phellerI'm sure they were rewritten, but I use very basic functionality from these things.20:06
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plantianpheller: You should check out the source and also maybe check out the demo.  Although if you're running linux you'll probably have to download the source to setup the client yourself.20:12
phelleryeah, no worries -I'll take a look20:13
phellerOk, cedric, to recap:20:23
phellerthe workflow is provisioning servers in a data center20:24
phellerI model the "devices" (network, server), "interfaces", and so on20:24
cedkpheller: ok so you have Models for devices20:25
phellerthe workflow is pretty simple:  "validate data", "xml-rpc to the network equipment", "xml-rpc to the kickstart server", "ipmi command to reboot the server", (after the kickstart is done) "xml-rpc to the network equipment", done.20:26
cedkpheller: and I suppose that kickstart and reboot are quiet long20:27
phellerA button invokes the "validate data" activity, and if all the data looks good, then I create a new thread, which triggers the next activity.20:27
phellerright, hence the reason I create the thread20:27
phellerthis all works currently in openerp (though I am happy to consider tryton too, especially if it is more straight forward, cleaner code, etc)20:27
phellerthough it works, it does not work exactly right.20:28
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phellerafter creating the new thread for the subsequent activities, it seems I have to execute cr.commit() after just about every ORM call20:28
cedkpheller: first, I don't like the idea to create a thread from workflow20:29
cedkpheller: I'm thinking that you could use a cron job, that will send signal to each models20:30
cedkpheller: so you keep to use a workflow but it is triggered by a cron job20:31
cedkpheller: you create an activity for each steps20:31
cedkpheller: like that if there is an issue at one step only this one should be rerun20:32
phellerright, I've done that.  so what would be called from cron would be something that imports tryton, instantiates the workflow service, and does something like trg_validate ?20:32
cedkpheller: Tryton has a cron inside it20:32
phelleroh, all the better!20:32
cedkpheller: it can call any method on any Model20:32
cedkpheller: but it is also possible to use an external cron if you want20:33
cedkpheller: it will depend of the load20:33
cedkbecause multi-thread in Python doesn't use multi-core20:34
cedkpheller: have you an estimation of the load?20:34
phellerit really isn't much at all... because the kickstart is actually executed by an external system, and that external system triggers the next activity in the workflow, upon completion of the kickstart20:35
cedkpheller: so Tryton's cron could do the work20:36
phellergreat, I will definitely take a look20:36
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phellerso another question I've wondered for a while...20:36
phellerone-to-one relations.20:36
phellerand more generally, reciprocal relations.20:37
phellerI know one-to-one relationships were removed from openerp long ago, and hence the reason they probably don't appear in tryton either.20:37
cedkpheller: one2one doesn't exist in relational database20:37
cedkpheller: all you can get is a many2one with a constraint of unicity20:38
phellerok, how about creating the reciprocal relationship?  an example of how that is useful:20:38
phellerserver has eth0, switch has gig0/1120:38
phellerin the model, I associate the eth0 record with gig0/11, it would be great if certain models could be marked "reciprocal", so that, for example, gig0/11 because automatically related to eth020:39
cedkpheller: why not using a many2many ?20:40
cedkand as in Tryton, the table that make the relation of m2m is also a Model you can add any constraint20:40
cedklike a UNIQUE on both fields20:41
phellerHmmh, ok, that's great, I hadn't even thought of that20:42
cedkpheller: the only issue I see is that it will display in a list in the client20:42
phellerhmmh, yes, that would be a problem, actually20:42
cedkbut it is possible to write a function m2o field that will return the only one record20:43
cedkin both sides20:43
phellerso the combination of many2many, with unique constraints, and this m2o function generally equates to what people consider a "one to one" relationship... yes?20:44
cedkpheller: yes perhaps20:44
cedkpheller: I'm thinking that we could perhaps have it by default20:44
phelleryeah, I think that would be beneficial20:45
phellerit would certainly make it easier for people to get started, who have need for such a field.20:45
cedkpheller: yes but it did not find any usage until now :-)20:46
phellerTryton is entirely GPLv3 ?20:46
cedkpheller: yes20:46
phellerAffero free?20:46
cedkI need to go now20:47
phellerok, thanks so much for your answers20:47
cedkACTION bbl20:47
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dbacedk: the relatorio in debian needs an update in order to work with ooo3.2,23:44
dbacedk: do you have an ETA for a new relatorio release? i'd prefere not uploading a hg snapshot23:44
dbacedk: and we should get it sorted out soon because of soon to be frozen squeeze.23:45
cedkdba: I will try to do it this WE23:45
dbacedk: very nice, thank you.23:47

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