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blast_hardcheeseIs there a repository of community-generated Tryton modules? I'm interested in using some to get the general feel of how to do things within Triton.09:59
cedkblast_hardcheese: see External Repositories10:00
blast_hardcheesecedk: Thanks for the tip :)10:10
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phellerhello.  does anyone know what "ir" stands for in the framework?  I've always wondered this, and once someone tells me, it will probably seem obvious....18:38
udonopheller: InformationRepository18:52
phellerahh!  thanks18:52
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pepeuhi i am doing a production module and when I bring sales orders in the tree I get empty. I can prove?21:05
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paepkecedk, still awake?23:29
cedkpaepke: yes23:33
paepkei'm investigating rendering barcodes in reports. so i have a working prototype by modifying the by adding a barcode function to it. but i'm not sure this is the right way to do it.23:36
cedkpaepke: you don't need to modify the core23:36
paepkei can add a frame with "image: barcode('datamatrix', 'sale.reference') and i got a perfectly result.23:36
cedkpaepke: just add the image in your report23:36
paepkecedk, yes, i hoped so.23:37
paepkecedk, the image is generated by that function.23:37
paepkecedk, can you explain me where to put my function? I don't wanna overload my reports with python code.23:41
cedkpaepke: put it in the context of the report23:42
cedkpaepke: or for me it is better to write a function field on the model23:42
paepkecedk, the funktion field was my first idea, but it won't be that generic? for example putting 10 barcodes on a report would lead to 10 function fields?23:43
cedkpaepke: I don't understand23:43
paepkecedk, if i have 10 different barcodes on a report. for example reference and article. that would lead to reference_barcode and article_barcode with that function fields. or i'm missing something?23:45
cedkpaepke: I don't know. I don't know your data model23:46
paepkecedk, i'm looking into having that barcode to be rendered without aligning it to a speciel field like sale.reference.23:47
paepkecedk, for me it doesn't depend on a specific data model23:48
cedkpaepke: so put the method in the report context23:49
paepkecedk, ok.23:49
paepkecedk, can you give me a hint where to look for an example to extend the report context?23:50
paepkein the corresponding xml-file which fires the report?23:51
paepkecedk, ic. thank you very much again.23:55
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