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sejook can you add a footer to the invoice?08:20
cedksejo: this should help you
sejothanks! it did :p08:38
cedksejo: it misses the simple way08:39
sejocedk: yeah still some stuff that needs to be tweaked, but i like it very much08:39
sejoalso going to use it in a second company ;p08:39
cedksejo: you can go in "Administration>UI>Actions>Reports" and edit the data field which contains the odt template08:39
cedksejo: don't hesitate to report issue/improvement in roundup08:40
sejoGoing to report the logo issue08:40
sejothat is kinda annoying08:40
cedkACTION bbl08:42
sejonow i know where I remebered your nick from!/7408:46
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pepeucedk, you say making, PDV in pyGTK?16:27
cedkpepeu: what is PDV?16:29
pepeucedk, client for POS16:34
pepeucedk, I think it would be nice to have a POS with a more friendly interface for users16:39
pepeuThe idea was to use PyQt but your telling me that best PyGTK16:39
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cedkpepeu: I don't like mixin stuffs16:44
cedkpepeu: because you will need to learn 2 GUI lib16:44
cedkpepeu: and you can do a POS in pyGTK as good as in QT16:44
cedkpepeu: and by the way, I think a POS must be asynchronous16:45
phellercedk: have you published the Transaction code somewhere that we can pull it down?  might be useful for testing module rewrites16:54
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cedkpheller: and you need this to run the client
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phellerok, cedk, thanks.  are these patches against 1.6 or trunk?17:25
cedkpheller: trunk always17:28
phellerso this is my first time building trunk.  Seems to use the "with" statement, so I'll need at least python 2.5.  Is there anything else in there that requires anything newer than 2.6 ?17:51
cedkpheller: no next release will drop support Python 2.417:52
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paepkecedk, i assume the modified module should work with current trunk?20:52
paepke ... of trytond20:52
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paepkecedk, sorry, dumb question. got the appspot links.21:25
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phellercedk: do you have an example of how to write a unittest now?21:37
phelleryes, but now all the ORM methods expect a Transaction object to exist.... So the transaction must now be instantiated within the unittest, yes?21:51
cedkpheller: yes22:07
cedkpheller: see trytond/tests from the patch22:07
phellerah, ok22:07
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phellercedk: would you agree this comment would now be redundant?22:46
pheller        # Restart the cache on the domain_get method22:46
pheller        self.pool.get('ir.rule').domain_get.reset()22:46
fbdystangHi all! I read a lot about tryton and just downloaded it. Could someone help me input inventory/BOM entries or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance22:48
Timitosfbdystang: Inventory Management -> Inventories. As there are no production modules yet BOM Entries are not possible for the moment23:07
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paepkecedk, can't test the ldap module cause of that traceback on issue186404523:16
paepkecedk, but have to go now. n823:16
fbdystangTimitos: I can't seem to find Inventory Management. I am using Ubuntu's version of Neso. I can't seem to install modules into it though. Also, where is the root directory for tryton/neso in ubuntu? Thanks23:16
Timitosfbdystang: you need to check in Administration -> Modules -> Modules if the stock module is installed23:18
cedkpheller: I have leave it23:20
phellercedk: ok, no problem.23:20
phellerlast question, then it's time for me to leave my office....23:22
phelleryou suggested using the with statement for the context adjustment....  I haven't really used it before....  from my understanding, this looks right:23:22
pheller        with Transaction().set_context['user'] = user:23:22
pheller            return super(LetterReport, self).parse(report, objects, datas)23:22
cedkpheller: no:23:24
cedkwith Transaction().set_user(user):23:24
fbdystangTimitos: looks like it wasn't installed. I am installing it now. Is Neso using a completely seperate Tryton package, or is it pulling from the original? Thanks Timitos.23:25
phellercedk: ok for that one, but the other report adjusts context['company'] =, so in that case, I would use Transaction().set_context['company'] ?23:26
Timitosfbdystang: neso is using trytond and tryton from the original. it only combines it to a standalone solution23:27
cedkpheller: with Transaction().set_context(
phellercedk: ok23:28
fbdystangTimitos: Thanks, kudos to you guys for designing a great product. cedk: I have read a lot of your posts and they have been very helpful, thanks.23:29
phellerok cedk -- I made the changes on all 3 modules; still need to fix the unit tests.  will do that tomorrow.23:29
phellergood night all23:29
Timitoscu tomorrow23:31

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