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phelleranyone around that can answer a question re: converting modules for the transaction system?17:22
Timitospheller: maybe i can help you17:30
phellerso I am converting Company.....17:30
phellersee here17:31
phellerline 281 and 291....17:31
phellerso I know I must include "localcontext=None" in the function signature17:31
pheller... and that I must pass localcontext=localcontext in the call to super(...) in each function....17:32
phellerand according to ced in the most recent comment, I must instead set the values in localcontext.  so, for the company report, localcontext['company'] =
phellerno problem.... but, in the LetterReport, it doesn't make sense to do this ... because user is already set exactly like this in the localcontext of the "Report" class (from which LetterReport inherits)17:33
Timitospheller: i think you are right. looks like it is not necessary. the behavior of the parse method changed a little bit.17:45
phellerRight, so if it is unnecessary for the LetterReport, then almost everything for the LetterReport is unnecessary, except maybe the _name, so that everything continues to work....17:47
Timitoscedk: because of this line it was possible to update the user in localcontext to a value set in context. this is no more possible in trunk.17:48
Timitoscedk: do you see problems with this?17:48
Timitoscedk: i must correct. it is no more possible with trunk + transaction patch17:50
Timitospheller: you are right. if it is like we think only the _name needs to stay. but i think you should wait for an confirmation by cedk17:52
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Timitospheller: but you need to fix the signature of the parse function in any case: def parse(self, report, objects, datas, localcontext=None):18:08
phellerTimitos: yes, I understand.  I'm waiting for cedk before I submit my final patchset.18:19
phellerone more question regarding the same patchset I posted....   line 153, and 184.18:20
phellerthe indent should be 4 more spaces than the line above?  or should it be 8 more?18:20
phellerI think 184 (and 185) look right, but ced says 8 spaces?18:21
Timitospheller: 8 more spaces thant the line above18:23
phellerhuh, really.  I thought pep-008 said only 4.18:23
Timitospheller: we use 8 spaces for multiline statements18:24
phellerok, I will conform to this convention going forward then18:25
Timitospheller: there is an exception for this 8 spaces rule. when there is a multiline list you should use 4 space like here:
Timitospheller: i hope that i explained it right as it is not yes documented.18:30
phelleryes a coding guideline document would be very helpful18:31
phellerthat last one is a little surprising, because the closing brace is at the same indent as the first column of the first line.18:31
Timitospheller: this is the only existing one:
Timitospheller: yes. there are different versions of this in the code. i would also use 4 spaces in this case18:32
phellerit's only that the line beginning "], 'State'" in your last example isn't as easy to visually parse as if it were indented more18:33
phellerI'm amazed how quickly the module conversions have seemed to go, though18:34
phellerby my count, just over half are complete or have at least begun18:35
Timitosyes. this is great18:35
phellerI really hope the SocketServer ticket can been addressed before 1.8, so I can at least develop on my Mac once again.18:36
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phellercedk: if you can look at the last messages between Timitos, myself, and to you --- we need your opinion on the localcontext in reports18:41
cedkpheller: I check in 5 mins18:42
phellerok, cool.  thanks18:42
cedkpheller: I agree18:53
phellerOk, so LetterReport will only contain _name....18:54
phellerand for CompanyReport, company is assigned with localcontext['company'] now.....18:55
cedkpheller: yes19:23
phellerok, just submitted the patchset19:25
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