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Hydranthey all16:16
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paepkehey Hydrant16:28
HydrantI've been scoping out various ERPs for my open-source company startup, and so far Tryton is the only one l actually like :-)16:30
phellerHello Hydrant16:30
paepkeHydrant, very nice :-)16:30
HydrantI'm not looking "to buy" and ERP, instead I'm looking to hire developers long-term to add features we need and contribute back to the project16:31
Hydrantmost the other ERP projects seem to really miss the point of open-source software16:31
paepkeHydrant, what modules do you need?16:32
phellerI think you've found the right project, then.  I think you'll find the goal here is to create a great framework and reference implementation that is accessible to all -- and also enable a market for integrators to profit from integration.16:32
Hydrantwell, what I mean by my previous statement is that long-term I know we'll need more... short-term we're fine16:32
pheller... but without any expensive partner programs.16:32
Hydrantright now... all I need is POs, invoices, and per-project management16:33
HydrantI'm not an accountant16:33
Hydrantso right now I'm a "simple user"16:34
HydrantI agree, partner programs are evil16:34
HydrantI just need "one concurrent user" but OpenBravo has no such thing16:34
paepkeHydrant, sorry, but PO's? proposals?16:34
Hydrantplus... it's Java, which is evil16:34
Hydrantpaepke: Purchase Orders16:34
paepkeHydrant, ah ok.16:34
paepkethats all aready in there.16:34
HydrantI'm going to install it this afternoon and try to figure out how to use it... I have no idea on the accounting side as I said16:35
phellerwell, partner programs are not completely evil, but they should not cost many thousands of dollars -- especially when the project is open source.16:35
paepkeif you don't want that accounting stuff, its a nearly ready to go solution. you have to tweak your reports (letter layout and stuff) and can go with the standard modules.16:35
paepkeadding fields isn't that hard, but its a small module you have to write.16:35
Hydrantthat's okay16:36
HydrantI don't know what I need on the accounting side... our accountants will have to help us set that up16:36
paepkeHydrant, where are you from?16:36
Hydrantthey were not too pleased when we indicated that we are going open-source16:36
HydrantI'm in Toronto, Canada16:36
paepkeHydrant, ok. i don't know exactly if there is someone around here from canada which can help you with the standard law tricks you have to mention.16:37
HydrantTryton looks like a rather immature project in comparison with some of the others I saw listed on Wikipedia, is that fair to say ?16:38
paepketryton drops a lot of code from openerp, where it comes from. and reimplented a lot of stuff. but some modules were not reinvented.16:39
paepkeor reimplemented.16:39
Hydrantand there is nothing wrong with reimplementation16:39
paepkeone of the bigger parts which isn't there is MRP. but there are already effords to implement this.16:40
HydrantMRP ?16:41
paepkei you have youre modules already there its a very stable and good project.16:41
paepkeMaterial Resource Planning.16:41
paepkeProduction planning and stuff.16:41
Hydrantwe are a small company, so I think we are good in the short-term, and I know long-term Tryton will get more features we need... as we add them ourselves, or as the project grows16:42
Hydrantmy thought is that both will grow together16:42
HydrantI have to check out the code and make sure it's decent16:42
paepkegood way to work with tryton.16:46
Hydrantit's kinda saddening to see so many commercialized open-source projects totally missing the point16:47
paepkeits not easy to find the right business model with opensource.16:48
paepkeHydrant, i'm afraid i have to go. be back later16:48
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udonoHydrant: hi17:34
udonoHydrant: one question: you said: I just need "one concurrent user" but OpenBravo has no such thing17:34
udonoWhat does it mean exactly?17:35
Hydrantthe professional version of openbravo is licensed per concurrent user17:36
udonoHydrant: Open Bravo free version just allow one user?17:37
Hydrantno, go look at openbravos site17:37
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phellercedk: just added an example to the Issue1655 of how to duplicate18:55
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cedkpheller: there is nothing19:05
phelleroops, just added.19:05
cedkpheller: but we can discuss about this behavior in one2many list19:19
phellercedk: I actually think that scrolling by the page is correct.  I was just stupid and didn't think of it when I was working on this set_sensitive issue....19:20
cedkpheller: it makes more sense with large list19:21
phellercedk: yes, exactly.  it only confused me because I was looking at a list of 3 items when I discovered it.19:22
phellercedk: perhaps the tooltip should be changed to "previous page" and "next page"19:22
phellercedk: and maybe the controls should only be sensitive if the number of records is larger than the viewport19:23
cedkpheller: yes why not19:27
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