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Hydranthello all02:55
Hydrantis anyone here in Canada ?02:58
Hydrantjust curious02:58
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mgazI am trying to add a new field for a new model. Does anyone know why the "Create a new record" icon is grayed out?03:28
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cedkmgaz: you can not do it from the client08:00
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mgazI was able to create one field from the client but not more09:51
cedkmgaz: it is not possible09:53
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mgazi did it10:05
mgazjust click on a new model on the edit icon for the fields or switch view and you can create one field10:06
cedkmgaz: it should not10:08
mgazbut it works :-)10:09
mgazand this is in addition a very handy feature to quickly customize few models10:09
cedkmgaz: it doesn't work10:10
mgazI have 1.610:10
mgazhere are the steps10:10
mgaz1. create a new model from Administration -> Models -> Models10:11
mgaz2. enter a name and a description10:12
mgaz3. on the fields section, just click on the blue icon (edit current record)10:12
mgaz4. Enter some field data10:13
cedkmgaz: but it does nothing10:13
mgaz*3. Click on the Switch button sorry10:13
mgazmy mistake10:13
mgazthe switch button for fields to the right10:14
mgazthat is it!10:14
mgazIn addition, a do not know what would bethe benefit of creating a new model, if we can not create fields for it10:16
cedkmgaz: this is not a feature !10:18
mgazbut as you see it is working10:19
cedkmgaz: it is a bug !10:20
cedkmgaz: it is not working10:20
mgazand that is why I logged it and then you have set it to invalid as usual :-)10:21
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bechamelafter "it's not a bug it's a feature" whe have "it's not a feature it's a bug !" xD10:30
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yangoonDetectorError: Error: couldn't send email: (452, '4.3.1 Insufficient system storage', '')18:48
cedkyangoon: I check18:51
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cedkyangoon: should be fixed19:26
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hefferas soon as i add an image to my header_A4.odt i get AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add_file_entry'. any idea why that is?19:30
hefferfull traceback is at:
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yangooncedk: thx19:46
cedkheffer: could you fill an issue19:54
cedkheffer: and could you tell me which version of Ooo do you use?20:00
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