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svakshahi. an 'apt update' gives an error, E: tryton-server: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1.04:22
svakshais the server supposed to be running before an update?04:23
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cedksvaksha: you should ask to debian guys08:06
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lem0nasomeone alive?08:42
cedklem0na: yes08:54
lem0nai have some question about some error that i got running tryton08:54
lem0nai have gentoo08:54
cedklem0na: don't ask to ask question, just ask08:55
lem0nawhen trying to login i recieve error : Not supported: mx.DateTime/_DT08:55
lem0nathis is generated from pysocket.checkfunction08:56
lem0nais this normal or i am doing something wrong?08:56
cedklem0na: which version?08:56
lem0nafrom the overlay08:57
cedklem0na: it is strange because mx.DateTime have been removed some times ago08:58
cedklem0na: is there a traceback on server side08:58
lem0nacedk: no - i was debugging from IDE (both server and client)08:58
lem0nacedk: there is nothing in the log file08:59
lem0nacedk: maybe I run it with wrong debug options08:59
cedklem0na: is all the modules are 1.6.x ?09:01
lem0nacedk: have no idea - just installed trytond and tryton client09:01
lem0nacedr: just looked in the overlay and see that the modules are separated ebuilds but are not installed09:03
cedklem0na: that is realy strange09:03
cedklem0na: need to go09:03
cedklem0na: bbl09:03
lem0nacerd: ok09:03
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lem0nacedk: fixed09:57
lem0nacedr: recompiled psycopg with -mxdatetime09:57
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svakshacedk: it was showing an ldap error for tryton on lucid/ubuntu.11:09
cedklem0na: could you fill an issue on roundup11:11
cedksvaksha: I suggest you to fill a issue on ubuntu bugtracker11:11
cedksvaksha: it seems to be a packaging issue11:11
lem0nacdk: sorry have not understand what you mean11:12
cedklem0na: create an issue on about using psycopg with mxdatetime11:12
svakshacedk: thanks. i will if the error repeats. btw what logfiles would i have to attach with the bug report?11:12
lem0nacedk: ok11:13
cedksvaksha: put the output of the apt11:17
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cedksvaksha: send it to ubuntu11:27
svakshaso its an ubuntu packaging bug?11:27
cedksvaksha: I think11:27
lem0nacedk: done, hope I manage to do it right11:28
svakshacedk: k, thanks11:28
cedklem0na: yes11:30
lem0nauff there was another another issue with the client ebuild that i fixed by hand and can not remmember right now what it was11:31
cedklem0na: when you remeber fill an issue11:31
lem0nacedr: ok thanx11:32
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svakshacedk: an ubuntu devels mentioned it _may_ be a problem with postinst (not sure)11:36
dbasvaksha: ubuntu doesn't package tryton, they take over our debian packages11:42
dbasvaksha: so rather tell me or yangoon about the problem if it's also reproducible with the debian packages.11:42
svakshadba: ok, the error,
svakshaACTION does not have debian on this machine 11:45
dbasvaksha: apt-get install -f && apt-get install tryton-server && apt-get install tryton-modules-ldap-connection11:46
svakshadba: i've already installed tryton, including modules, etc...11:48
dbaapparently not,11:49
dbatryton-server could not properly be installed.11:49
yangoon svaksha alternatively you can add 'set -v' after 'set -e' in /var/lib/dpkg/info/tryton-server.postinst and put the full log after running 'dpkg-reconfigure tryton-server'11:49
svakshahmmm.../me checks11:50
svakshayangoon: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: tryton-server is broken or not fully installed12:12
svaksha^^ is odd, i used it after installing it last week12:12
yangoonsvaksha: this is not the full output12:13
yangoonsvaksha: obviously there is some left over or manual interference on your system12:14
svakshayangoon: its the output after running the command, 'dpkg-reconfigure tryton-server'12:14
yangoondid you also put 'set -x' in /var/lib/dpkg/info/tryton-server.postinst ?12:15
svakshayangoon: yes12:16
svakshathe file has -e,-v and -x12:16
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yangoonsvaksha: could you please paste the contents of the file12:17
svakshaoutput of tryton-server.postinst?12:18
yangoonsvaksha: content, what is in the file12:18
yangoonsvaksha: remove the set -v and run it once more, it should definitely say more12:21
svakshasudo dpkg-reconfigure tryton-server12:23
svaksha/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: tryton-server is broken or not fully installed12:23
yangoonsvaksha: first: apt-get install -f12:25
yangoonsvaksha: thats what I suspected12:35
svakshai wonder that if it was not properly installed how did i use it last week...12:35
yangoonsvaksha: did you create the tryton user yourself?12:35
svakshano, it asked during installation ...iirc, someone posted a wiki page with those instructions for an ubuntu installation12:39
svakshaACTION just followed it12:40
yangoonsvaksha: you should better follow
yangoonthose ubuntu manuals are probably outdated12:41
yangoonyou have to choose one way or the other12:41
yangoonif you are installing from apt sources, you don't need to do manual setup for the system, only for the tryton server and database12:42
svakshayangoon: ok, i suppose it would be easier to just reinstall than troubleshoot it. if i pull the source and build it, it would be easier, right?12:44
yangoonso if you don't have valuable data for this tryton user, just remove it with 'deluser --remove-all-files tryton'12:44
yangoonthe rerun dpkg-reconfigure and you should be done12:45
svaksha/usr/sbin/deluser: Cannot handle special file /proc/2257/fd/112:45
svakshais that normal?12:46
yangoonsvaksha: it is ubuntu, not debian;)12:46
svakshayangoon: ok, it seemed like an error message, so i thought its better to ask12:46
yangoonsvaksha: you did it with sudo?12:47
yangoonsvaksha: probably it didn't work12:47
svakshacommand wont work otherwise (without sudo)12:47
svakshayangoon: worked :)12:48
yangoonsvaksha:  grep 'tryton' /etc/passwd ?12:48
svakshagrep 'tryton' /etc/passwd12:49
yangoonsvaksha: ok, seems to work now12:50
svakshadpkg reconfigure,
yangoonsvaksha: ok, be happy and enjoy12:51
yangoonsvaksha: and probably better use version 1.612:51
svakshayangoon: thanks12:52
yangoonsvaksha: welcome12:52
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phellercedk: hello ... have a nice weekend?16:15
phellercedk: wondering if you have used "pyro";  I was playing with it to implement URL handling in the client16:15
cedkpheller: no16:19
phellercedk: no you didn't have a nice weekend?  or no you haven't used pyro?  ;-)16:19
cedkpheller: pyro16:23
phellercedk: heh, ok.... I only have one more problem to solve with it, then I can share it for some testing.16:23
phellercedk: but I will finish the other code reviews I have open first16:24
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