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gavinfHi, I've easy_installed tryton and trytond and can run the client and connect to my server but all I get is the Menu tab and when I try to list modules it shows most as unistalled even though I attempted to easy_install each one..please help10:35
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yangoongavinf: go to administration/modules and select the module you want to install10:54
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gavinfyangoon: thanks - where do I find administration - I've looked at every menu item in tryton client and can't find it. is there another admin app?14:32
cedkgavinf: it is not in the menubar but in the tab named menu14:41
cedkgavinf: see
gavinfmmm, my meny tab screen is completely blank, just 3 empty panes14:45
cedkgavinf: that is strange14:52
cedkgavinf: how did you create the database?14:52
cedkACTION bbl14:54
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ciupicrifrom where can I download extra modules for tryton?15:57
Timitosciupicri: you can have a look here: or
Timitosciupicri: but be careful. many of them are not up to date or havenĀ“t been used in production mode yet16:01
ciupicriTimitos, so I choose a module and clone into the /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond/modules directory?16:02
ciupicriand then restart the server, of course16:02
Timitosciupicri: how did you install tryton?16:05
ciupicriTimitos, the RPM from Fedora 14 beta16:05
Timitosciupicri: ok. i think it should work but i cannot promise. you need to check if the module works for the tryton version you use.16:06
ciupicriof course; I'm using 1.6 right now16:07
Timitosciupicri: if you want to develop modules by yourself you should install tryton like it is described here:
ciupicriok; by the way I don't understand exactly what basic users/passwords tryton needs16:08
ciupicrithere's a master admin and another one per database?16:09
ciupicrithe documentation barely touches the initial setup16:09
Timitosciupicri: yes. there is a tryton server password. you need it for database management from the client like backup, create, delete, restore16:09
Timitosand when you create a new database you need to define a password for the admin user of the database16:10
ciupicrigot it16:10
ciupicriI have a question regarding one module "Friendly fork of official tryton stock module.". Is really there an official tryton stock module?16:11
ciupicriand why are new modules developed when only the translation seems to be changed?16:11
ciupicrie.g. stock_es, stock_fr16:12
Timitosciupicri: these are modules that are used by the translators. they are only clones of the office modules16:12
Timitosciupicri: you can ignore them16:13
ciupicriand where's the official stock module?16:13
Timitosciupicri: sorry. thought you already saw the official repository: :-)16:15
ciupicrino, it's my fault; I've opened the page, but I've forgot to check for the stock module16:16
ciupicrispeaking of that repository, is there an easy way (hg trick) to checkout all the modules at once?16:17
Timitosciupicri: yes you can use hgnested. it is described in InstallationMercurial i posted above16:18
ciupicritime to test some modules. Thank you for your help!16:19
Timitosyou are welcome16:22
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ciupicrihg nclone modules => abort: requirement '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' not supported!16:44
ciupicriand on the other hand I don't understand the need for nclone in "hg nclone" when trytond looks to me like a regular hg repository16:45
Timitosciupicri: its a special function of the server. tryton hg nclone
Timitosciupicri: it should also clone the modules16:59
ciupicriTimitos, and then use only the modules from there, right?16:59
Timitosciupicri: yes16:59
ciupicriok, thanks!17:01
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ciupicriTimitos, is the 1.6 branch or the 1.6.0 tag?17:33
Timitosciupicri: it is the 1.6 branch17:34
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cedkgavinf: I'm back19:09
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ciupicriI run `ln -s ~/3rdparty-projects/16trytond/trytond/modules/* /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond/modules' but I still don't see those modules in the tryton client19:19
cedkciupicri: you must restart the server19:28
ciupicricedk, I've restarted it19:28
ciupicribut I'll restart it again, just to be sure19:29
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ciupicricedk, done19:29
ciupicriall I see are ir, res, webdav and workflow19:30
ciupicricedk, so, do you have any ideas?19:38
cedkciupicri: is there any error message in the log?19:42
ciupicrino, only INFOs19:43
cedkciupicri: the modules are not found19:45
cedkciupicri: but you should not mix installed and non-installed python module19:45
cedkciupicri: if you want to work with installed trytond then install also modules19:46
ciupicricedk, there are no Fedora14 RPMs for the extra modules19:46
cedkciupicri: so work with only source module without any installed19:46
ciupicriall I have is tryton trytond trytond-mysql trytond-openoffice trytond-pgsql trytond-sqlite trytond-webdav19:47
cedkciupicri: what is the ouput of ls -l /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond/modules19:47
ciupicricedk, damn... the root home directory is not accessible to others19:48
ciupicricedk, the symlinks where pointing to /root/3rdpar...19:50
cedkciupicri: you should try to ask to fedora guys to create modules packages otherwise the current packages are not very useful19:50
ciupicricedk, I fully agree19:50
cedkciupicri: I guess the user that run trytond doesn't have access to the root directory19:50
ciupicricedk, yes, it uses a separate user - tryton19:51
ciupicrione more thing: if a module fails to load (missing python library) shouldn't the tryton server still start?19:52
cedkciupicri: no19:52
ciupicriI don't see it like a fatal error, that's why I'm asking19:53
cedkciupicri: so I encourage to only install modules that are needed19:53
cedkciupicri: there is some exception like vatnumber for party19:53
cedkbut they are defined as extra requirement in setup.py19:53
ciupicricedk, I haven't got to that one, yet; I'm still at DAV19:54
ciupicricedk, this one?   [Sat Oct 09 20:55:42 2010] WARNING:party:Unable to import vatnumber. VAT number validation disabled.19:56
cedkciupicri: yes19:58
gavinfcedk: got it sorted, thanks, wasn't logged in as admin user! then I figured out how to click through to install modules, working nicely now.20:02
cedkgavinf: well :-)20:03
gavinfcedk: one question though, how do I add extra fields to models. e.g. a company in South Africa has to have a registration number, and I want to add bank account / payment details20:03
cedkgavinf: the good way is to write a module20:04
cedkgavinf: you can see
gavinfcedk: then use it instead of the existing module?20:06
cedkgavinf: no, modules allow to extend models20:06
cedkgavinf: then you can add new fields to models from other modules20:07
gavinfok I'll give it a go20:08
ciupicriare there any tryton guides for a small shop/reseller?20:23
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gavinfthere's a bug in the bug-reporting system: the link in the confirmation email when registering throws an error "global name 'urllib' is not defined"23:09
cedkgavinf: I see nothing in the logs23:12
gavinfregistration by reply email worked, but the weblink definitely didn't..."global urllib = undefined, global _quote = undefined, message = 'You are now registered, welcome!'"23:16
cedkgavinf: could you give the complete error message23:17
gavinftoo many lines for irc i think - by email?23:18
cedkgavinf: seems to be
cedkgavinf: fixed23:22
gavinfi am struggling to view an invoice as an odt - how do i do that?23:42

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