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lem0nacerd; did exist ebuilds for tryton and modules that take data from mercurial?12:25
cedklem0na: no12:27
lem0nacedk: thanks12:27
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yangoon cedk should I update country and currency with iso-codes also for other languages?15:12
yangoonit is rel. little work for me and would save time for other translators15:13
cedkyangoon: why not15:13
yangoonok, will do15:14
yangooncedk: could you please have a look to
yangooncedk: is it the correct way to do?15:39
yangoonbecause uncommenting cursor.close results in a recursion15:40
cedkyangoon: no need to call twice15:41
cedkyangoon: and yes Transaction handle closing cursor15:41
yangooncursor is closed in transaction again, and if there was None before Tarnsaction,, it doesn't find any cursor to close15:41
yangoonso is it an error in the script or is it a regression in trytond?15:42
cedkyangoon: you must no manage the closing of the cursor15:43
yangooncedk: should I update this way for 1.8?15:45
cedkyangoon: only when it will be released15:46
cedkyangoon: but the best will be to have it in the documentation of trytond like that it follow the development15:54
cedkyangoon: perhaps we could also suggest to use proteus instead16:27
yangooncedk: I need push acces for all translations in currency and country16:30
cedkyangoon: done16:32
yangooncedk:  incoming.cia hook raised an exception: timed out, but I think it is ok16:33
cedkyangoon: sometimes it happens16:38
bechamelcedk: hi, what do you think about: ?16:46
bechamelyangoon: may interest you also ^^16:47
cedkbechamel: seems good17:03
bechamelcedk: is it time to commit this kind of patch or is it better to wait and add it in the trunk after the release ?17:05
cedkbechamel: it is a functionnality that is already used in some places17:05
cedkbechamel: so I don't see any danger to commit it especially because translations are not done on series17:06
cedkany way, I think we should delay the release of one week because of the two patches I submited17:06
bechamelcedk: ok, an imo it's needed to ensure that no typo are made17:07
cedkand also because I did not see any translation commit from es17:07
bechamelcedk: yes17:08
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yangooncedk: for trytond_as_module and proteus: I would keep them separate, they have their respective use18:18
yangooncedk: where would you want to reside such doc? doc/ref/tools?18:20
cedkyangoon: doc/topics/18:23
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