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GasbaKid_Hi everybody11:12
GasbaKid_what tryton and openerp have in common11:13
GasbaKid_what did they share ??11:13
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cedkGasbaKid_: you can look at
cedkGasbaKid_: and also
GasbaKid_tnx guy12:27
GasbaKid_but tryton it inspired or a fork of openerp12:28
cedkGasbaKid_: a fork almost 3 years old12:28
GasbaKid_ahhh ok12:28
cedkGasbaKid_: but almost everything has been rewritten12:28
GasbaKid_tell me why it doesnt exist a good doc12:29
GasbaKid_in pdf12:29
cedkGasbaKid_: a doc about what?12:29
GasbaKid_about how to build our own modules12:30
cedkThere is also this
cedkwhich is a hg repository with mq patch that develops a module step by step12:32
cedkwe (B2CK) use that to make training12:32
GasbaKid_what does tryton great12:33
GasbaKid_no nothing keyboard problems12:34
cedkGasbaKid_: this is subjective12:35
GasbaKid_but can someone tell me where can i find a tryton video12:35
GasbaKid_tutorial like12:35
GasbaKid_Cedric Krier and Bertrand chenal at the pyconfr12:36
cedkGasbaKid_: at my knowledge there is none12:36
cedkGasbaKid_: except the one about history12:37
GasbaKid_ahhh soryyy cedric12:37
GasbaKid_you dont shoot a video on the pyconfr 201012:37
cedkGasbaKid_: I think there is one but it is a talk not a demostration12:38
GasbaKid_where can i find it12:38
cedkGasbaKid_: I don't know, you should perhaps ask on #python-fr12:42
GasbaKid_but as i know thats your talk no ???12:43
GasbaKid_you havent an idea about that12:43
cedkGasbaKid_: no12:43
GasbaKid_it will be great for me to have it12:43
GasbaKid_ok thnks alot cedk12:43
cedkGasbaKid_: I think they are not yet published12:44
GasbaKid_ahhhh ok12:44
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sharoonis anyone using the tryton ir.trigger patch for 1.6?14:51
cedksharoon: can't you update to 1.8 ?14:56
sharoonlot of custom modules to update also :(14:57
sharooncedk: maybe updating to 1.8 is better, let me try doing that rather than all the patching14:57
cedksharoon: otherwise it is this changeset
sharooncedk: i think your suggestion of updating to 1.8 sounds better, anyway its just an hour work and probably a lot better15:01
cedksharoon: it depends how much custom modules you have15:02
sharooncedk: anyway, i want to release these modules, so better do the work now than when releasing?15:02
cedksharoon: of course it is better to release modules based on standard version15:04
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cedkgordon_geeko: I sent you an answer to your issues15:44
cedksharoon: did you see the issue1758?15:47
sharooni dont get mails for issues15:47
cedksharoon: there is no email if user doesn't leave comment15:48
cedksharoon: I will check if it is possible to get one15:48
sharooncedk: ok, so only RSS is the soln15:48
cedksharoon: you can check "New Issue Copy" in "Your Details" to receive email for every new issue15:49
sharooncedk: doing that15:50
sharooncedk: 'int' object is unsubscriptable - where is the many2many set function getting the int value for act from?15:54
cedknow roundup will sent notification even if there is no message15:56
cedksharoon: I don't know did not yet checked the issue15:57
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gordon_geekocedk: thanks for your reply, very helpful indeed16:22
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