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pjstevnsHi all,11:56
pjstevnsHow do I initialize a ModelSingleton? If I don't I get AttributeError on 'write_uid' when accessing the singleton.11:56
cedkpjstevns: there is one by default11:57
pjstevnsNo the table involved is empty11:58
pjstevnsI have a simple configuration object with one field only11:58
pjstevnsThere is a default on the field which returns a string11:59
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pjstevnsWhen I try to force initialization in __init__, using self.create, I get 401 Errors from trytond (??)12:00
cedkpjstevns: you can not create it in __init__12:01
pjstevnsshould I use init then?12:01
cedkpjstevns: I mean the system fake a record12:01
cedkpjstevns: when did you get the write_uid error?12:01
pjstevnsOk, makes sense, but why the attribute error on write_uid?12:01
cedkpjstevns: perhaps it misses to fake it12:02
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pjstevnsLooks that way. It happens when I access the char property field, and try to use it to initialize a field on another object12:03
pjstevnsIt doesn't happen when I save the singleton in the GUI.12:04
pjstevnsI'll work around it for now. When something comes up I'll let you know.12:04
pjstevnsthanks for now12:04
cedkpjstevns: could you try with this
pjstevnsIt's gone now, but I hit another problem, so I can't verify it worked.12:12
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cedkpjstevns: is the problem still linked to singleton ?13:59
pjstevnscedk: No. Looks like that one went away with14:00
pjstevnsI'll nuke my database and start over just to make sure14:00
cedkpjstevns: did you work with proteus?14:00
pjstevnsNo, this was from a local module14:01
cedkpjstevns: ok because I get some patches for proteus in the pipeline14:01
pjstevnscedk: Ah, great. Look forward to testing them :-)14:01
cedkpjstevns: by the way, did you look at
cedkpjstevns: I'm writing scenario to test account stock modules14:02
cedkthen I find some issues14:02
pjstevnscedk: LGTM14:02
pjstevnsI've been using the stock module a lot from proteus lately.14:03
pjstevnsread-only that is. write actions take place from my local module (contracts)14:03
cedkpjstevns: ok14:03
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vincentvdl Hi, we get errors when using sequence="sequence" attribute when used on a tree of a Many2Many field. Isn't the sequence (drag&drop ordering) supposed to work on a many2many field?14:43
cedkvincentvdl: it is a strange design14:44
vincentvdlcedk: I agree in most cases you wouldn't need it14:47
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cedkvincentvdl: but it should work14:47
vincentvdlcedk: Traceback (most recent call last):14:51
vincentvdl  File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/", line 372, in drag_data_received14:51
vincentvdl    if record[treeview.sequence].get_state_attrs(14:51
vincentvdlAttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'get_state_attrs'14:51
cedkvincentvdl: is sequence field an integer?14:52
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vincentvdlcedk: Yes I've just doublechecked, it's a simple Integer field. Do you want me to fill a small issue with example?14:56
cedkvincentvdl: did you put the field in the view?14:58
vincentvdlcedk: I believe I never did on sequence15:00
vincentvdlcedk: But will double-check15:00
vincentvdlcedk: we just added sequence to the tree, but same result15:02
cedkvincentvdl: this is strange15:11
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vincentvdlcedk: Do I understand correctly you see the same behaviour too? Otherwise I'll make a small example and post it on the forum15:37
cedkvincentvdl: I did not try it15:37
vincentvdlcedk: OK15:37
cedkvincentvdl: but are you sure you got the updated view?15:45
vincentvdlcedk: yes, we updated the module afterwards (multiple times). By the way we see in the database that the sequence of all its records have value 015:49
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paepkecedk, how do you see the future of relatorio as reporting engine for tryton? does it have a future?19:49
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cedkpaepke: I would like to be able to parse any kind of odf file in Tryton19:55
cedkpaepke: otherwise I'm pretty happy with the current functionnality of relatorio19:57
cedkpaepke: except that we could improve some stuffs like colspan etc. in tables19:58
paepkecedk, i'm asking cause of the implementation of my barcode function into relatorio. and i have another feature request, which can't be handled with relatorio at the current state.19:58
paepkecedk, inserting formatted text from tryton. like having bold, underlined and other things. thats currently not possible, or i didn't find it.19:59
paepkecedk, i don't have any successor or something. I'm asking cause I don't know if its worth to implement it somehow.20:00
paepkecedk, currently relatorio only supports writer and calc documents?20:02
cedkpaepke: inserting text with formating will be complicated20:06
cedkpaepke: but patch will be welcome20:06
cedkpaepke: there is also odp20:07
paepkecedk, yes, thats what i investigated so far. quite complicated :-)20:07
cedkpaepke: for barcode, it should be handle by external lib like hubarcode and inserted like an image20:07
paepkecedk, so what are you missing with the parser? impress, math, draw?20:07
paepkecedk, yes, i'm finished with hubarcode. but currently as function field. i already pushed some code back to them.20:08
paepkeACTION like the pure python way of hubarcode.20:08
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cedkpaepke: I talk about the Tryton usage of relatorio which is limited to odt20:22
Timitoscedk: we are already parsing ods with tryton too20:22
cedkTimitos: oh20:24
cedkTimitos: it works out of the box?20:24
udonoTimitos: cedk: Yes, but the parsed document has the wrong file suffix *.odt instead of *.ods.20:24
cedkudono: so a small fix will be welcome20:25
udonoWhat we need is to have more formats for output.20:25
cedkI also wanted to be able to convert the result in any format that Ooo support20:25
udonocedk: I already started an internal note about this:
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cedkudono: I don't agree with the move of file action from tryton to trytond20:52
cedkudono: the application to open a file is directly linked to the OS on which the client is running20:54
udonocedk: ok.20:54
cedkI think the extension should be found by analyzing the template file name20:54
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udonocedk: but how we can provide a custom open and print command line call in the client, for the new extensions?20:57
cedkudono: when I talked about convertion, I mean like generating pdf from odt20:57
cedkudono: but Ooo can also generate .doc or .rtf etc.20:57
cedkudono: with the client action window20:58
paepkecedk, what about feeding the template not from filesystem. maybe through the attachment system. there would be no filename. its a poor mans guessing.20:58
udonopaepke: its another topic for me.20:59
udonoACTION but an interesting one...20:59
paepkeudono, cedk. imho the print system isn't really existing currently. we have no possibility to control the output somehow. like controlling how much copies would be print.21:00
cedkpaepke: then the module that do that must handle it21:00
cedkpaepke: if you need this kind of parameters then just open it and use the print dialog of Ooo (if it is your program)21:01
paepkethere should be some help for the user. for example some companies want 2 copies of invoices, some want 4 copies. or if it goes outside the counter the toll need more copies and so on.21:02
cedkpaepke: I don't really like this21:04
paepkecedk, the simplest solution would be to send two datasets to the parser to have additional/duplicated pages in the invoice.21:04
cedkpaepke: this is not so simple as the documents can be grouped in one21:04
paepkecedk, thats a common use case. just click the print button and its done right. the user don't has to think about it.21:05
cedkpaepke: and here, it is not like it is not possible to reprint a document21:05
cedkpaepke: and how the user know what he should do with the amount of copy?21:06
paepkethere are a lot of other use cases for it and therefore there exist some output management systems for it...21:06
paepkecedk, i know its possible to reprint. but its an amount of time for the user.21:07
cedkpaepke: it doesn't fit the design of reporting of Tryton21:08
paepkecedk, how the user would know it? it depends. but there is normally a process which would led the user.21:09
paepkecedk, yes, i know it doesn't fit the design.21:09
paepkecedk, but maybe we can append somehow a different kind of design. like an enhancing module. some need it, some not.21:10
cedkpaepke: or it is simply handle on the report template21:10
paepkecedk, i don't want that you implement it. i just wanna talk about.21:10
cedkpaepke: by looping the amount of times required21:10
cedkpaepke: I understand but I think it can not be done on the ir.action.report21:11
paepkecedk, it would be good to have a blueprint maybe based on udono's work.21:12
paepkecedk, for example it should also be possible to direct  print a document without open an viewer on the client. there are a couple of ways to do this. and for me its too early to talk about it yet.21:13
paepkethere are a lot of possible improvements to the report engine.21:14
cedkpaepke: it is already the case21:15
paepkeanyway. i like the current layout very much. its impressive to work with openoffice templates when you had text based layouts before on an as/400.21:15
paepkecedk, but you need the openoffice binaries on the client, or am i wrong?21:16
cedkpaepke: you need a software that can print the fiel21:16
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paepkecedk, gotcha21:18
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