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Hydranthello everyone00:01
plantianHydrant: Hello00:12
HydrantI investigated ERPs a long time ago, and decided upon Tryton for my startup company (a bunch of CS/engineering students)... and now I'm ready to really get serious about installation and setup00:16
Hydrantwhat I'm a bit stuck on is the lack of knowledge I have on accounting... and how to setup Tryton to let me manage my money in a simple manner at first00:17
HydrantI know I'm kinda all-over without a specific question, but I was hoping there might be accountants on here... or someone who could give a good idea on where to start setting up the accounts for a company00:18
plantianI don't know much about accounting either and I don't actually need the accounting portion of Tryton.  I would be interested in an accounting 1010 too though.  I think the specifics depend on your location and your industry though.  Where are you located?00:26
Hydrant does this look like a good book ?00:26
Hydrantplantian: I'm in Ontario, Canada00:26
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plantianI'm in California, US.  I think many Tryton people are in Europe though.00:30
Hydrantyes, I believe they are also00:31
plantianHydrant: I don't know, 1 review looks kind of suspicious.  Will you be doing manufacturing?  Seems to be specific for that.00:33
Hydrantno manufacturing... but just looking for a good primer so that I can understand the very basics of using Tryton00:34
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klandoHi, tryton looks very interesting. I have openerp currently installed. I may change my ERP solution. What can help me choose definitevely tryton ?00:40
plantianklando: Tryton doesn't have all the modules of openerp but I would argue that it has better code quality.  You should install it and try it out yourself though.00:52
klandoI tryed openerp and find it good enough at the beginning ...00:55
klandoIs the support for PostgreSQL robust ? it does not suffer of the mysql and sqlite support ?00:57
klandoand is there some tools to ease the migration of the data from one to the other ?01:00
plantianklando: Yes it is robust.  As far as I know it supports more features than the lowest common denominator.01:05
plantianklando: I don't knwo about tools to migrate from openerp to tryton.01:06
klandook, thank you plantian01:09
klandoplantian: as I understand it , tryton is trying to have third party providing GUI instead of the common gtk client,  is it correct?01:40
klandoand is there already known other clients ?01:40
plantianklando: What do you mean ?01:41
plantianThere is a gtk client that comes with tryton.01:41
plantianDo you mean the web client ?01:41
klandono, I mean, one moment01:41
klandoproteus release01:42
klandoisn't proteus provided to ease integration in third party tool ?01:43
plantianklando: proteus is a library, not a gui01:44
plantianIt could be used to write a migration script if that's what you mean.01:45
klandoyes, so using this library it is possible to access tryton server, correct ?01:45
klandono I mean use it to develop another gui01:45
klandobut I keep the idea for the migration script01:46
plantianklando: I think maybe you could but I don't see why.  I think for migration script it might be easier to run server inside script as explained here --
plantianI say the migration will be "easier" but I mean better performance because it removes communication between client and server.01:49
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btQuarkis tryton 1.8 available on ubuntu 10.10 in some ppa?13:59
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cedkbtQuark: you should ask to ubuntu maintainers14:22
btQuarkcedk, thanks, i'll stay with 1.6 for the time being then14:25
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vincentvdlHi. I get a ¨unhasable type: ´list´¨ error when duplicating a party, apparently on one of my function fields.  As I don´t want to duplicate this particular field at all, I override ¨copy¨, make a copy of the ¨default¨ dictionary and do something like default[´name_field´] = False and then return the result of the super copy function. I expected it should fix the problem, but it doesn´t. What am I missing?14:34
cedkvincentvdl: so I guess one of your function fields return a list as value but it is difficult to say what without the code14:37
vincentvdlcedk: yes I understand, but why is it trying to make a duplicate when I set default[´name_field´] = False ?14:40
cedkvincentvdl: it should not14:40
vincentvdlcedk: Ok, thanks, will debug it further14:41
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Vladimirekpyson eval not working for me.  What I missed while try this thing to go?16:05
Vladimirekparameter = fields.Many2One('spc.parameter','Parameter',required=True)16:05
Vladimirekxucl = fields.Float('XbarUCL', digits=(16, Eval('_parent_parameter.number_precision', 1)) )16:05
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udonoVladimirek: is xucl in the same class then parameter?16:07
udonoVladimirek: then try xucl = fields.Float('XbarUCL', digits=(16, Eval('number_precision', 1)) )16:08
Vladimireksorry, I miss.16:09
cedkVladimirek: do you access to model where xucl is from a one2many fields on spc.parameter ?16:09
VladimirekI try get number_precision via Many2One: parameter.number_precision16:09
Vladimirekthis way:
Vladimirekfor usl it is working nice.16:13
Vladimirekcedk: There is still something. It is not working.16:28
cedkVladimirek: do you open spc.paramsetting from the one2many in spc.parameter ?16:36
Vladimirekcedk: What do you mean for 'open'? I use this relation in view.16:37
cedkVladimirek: ok so you access to the records throught the one2many widget16:39
Vladimirekcedk: yes in spc.parameter view.16:42
cedkVladimirek: strange, it should work now I think16:46
Vladimirekcedk: You point me in another directon. In the view where one2many is open it is working.16:49
Vladimirekcedk: But I try enter the parameter in view where only spc.settings is open.16:49
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Vladimirekcedk: But I try enter the xucl in view where only spc.paramsetting is open.16:50
Vladimirekcedk: Sorry. I probably have blue monday.16:51
cedkVladimirek: ok so you must create a function field that will give you the value of number_precision in parameter16:51
cedkVladimirek: and you can put an on_change_with on it16:51
cedkVladimirek: to keep it sync with the parameter selected16:52
cedkVladimirek: after that the pyson stamtement should use this field value as default if it doesn't find _parent field16:52
Vladimirekcedk: Ok, so the relation _parent_ is working after relation is opened via one2many ?16:53
Vladimirekcedk: Ok, now I see. Nice thanks for help. Have nice day.16:54
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Hydranthey everyone... a mailing list might be better suited for this... but I've been spending some more time with Tryton18:04
Hydrantat this time, I have the opinion that tryton is rather intimidating... I do intend to use it (well, 95% sure)... but I believe Tryton has to overcome two hurdles... 1) people scared of accounting 2) people afraid of the IT aspects18:06
HydrantI fall in category 1)18:06
HydrantI'd like to help improve Tryton... and I think that good documentation and interactive help could really do it... I'm still investigating18:06
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cedkHydrant: yes you are welcome18:09
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HydrantI'm just getting some coffee... but I'm thinking that extensive help and guides that really help people like me through the process would help18:14
Hydrantbut I'm no accountant, so an accountant volunteer would be most helpful... I'm happy to help write, but I'm at a loss for a lot of things18:14
cedkHydrant: accounting documentation is no easy because there some simple generic principle18:20
cedkHydrant: but after that, it depends a lot of the country rules18:20
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cedkHydrant: but you could already help by pointing the questions you got18:21
phellercedk: did you give any thought to using gobject.io_add_watch rather than using select for the URI handler?18:21
phellercedk: in my testing, it works on the Mac when gtk.gdk threading is enabled, but I explicitly disabled it for the 1.8 release because it isn't stable....18:22
cedkpheller: we are in a thread that have nothing to do with gtk18:23
cedkpheller: I think io_add_watch is for async calls18:24
phellercedk: ok, I'll investigate some more.  Strange that it works perfectly when I enable gtk.gdk threading for the client...18:25
cedkpheller: what is working ?18:25
phellercedk: the URI handling.  with gtk.gdk threading *disabled*, then URI invocations are only processed when an event happens in the client (like clicking some control).  With it *enabled*, it happens whenever the invocation happens.18:26
cedkpheller: yes I think we must enable threading support in gdk for every OS18:26
phellercedk: I would agree, but it is disabled for Win32 and Darwin because it isn't stable on those platforms....18:27
cedkpheller: otherwise the gtk loop event block other threads18:27
cedkpheller: why is it not stable?18:27
cedkpheller: do you have links?18:27
phellercedk: in some cases, enabling threading blocks on gtk.main_quit() (or quit_main() or whatever)18:28
phellercedk: I'll see if I can find a link to it.18:28
cedkpheller: in Tryton or in general?18:28
phellercedk: it was working ok in my testing yesterday, but in the testing before 1.8 release, it was definitely unstable.18:28
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phellercedk: well, I haven't done much pygtk testing aside from tryton....  so I can only say it was an issue with tryton.18:29
phellerI will do some more testing tonight.18:29
cedkpheller: so I guess if it is still unstable it should be an issue in Tryton18:29
cedkpheller: like threads not stopped etc.18:30
phellerI will do some more testing tonight, and try to duplicate the problems I had.18:30
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joe__hi all19:01
joe__quick question19:02
joe__is tryton something that a new fast food franchise w/ only one store would be good for?19:02
joe__or is erp not for a food franchise type business?19:02
joe__i stumbled onto openbravo pos, then openerp and now tryton19:03
joe__looking for a pos as well19:03
cedkjoe__: it is not the business the key point but what you expect from the solution19:16
joe__cedk: thanks - what would erp offer a startup fast food franchise? im still grappling w/ understanding what erp offers before i can expect19:17
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joe__cedk: thanks ive been there for a couple days. its more high level concept modeling speak. just trying to see if erp would help me much more than just a pos system. is it worth it to just install for the accounting package?19:23
cedkjoe__: what accounting stuff would you want to do?19:26
joe__cedk: anything i wouldnt have to pay an account to do. :]19:27
joe__do big fast food companies use erp system?19:27
cedkjoe__: Do you have accounting knowledge?19:27
joe__very little19:27
joe__101 course level19:28
cedkjoe__: so I don't think you can skip the accountant19:28
joe__cedk: heh :0)19:28
joe__cedk: is erp something a company grows into rather than a tool to start off with?19:29
cedkjoe__: in the past, it was a requirement when company grow because of the price of it19:29
cedkjoe__: but know it is more and more affordable for SMB19:30
cedkjoe__: but you need to know what you want to do with it19:30
joe__cedk: that is my real question. is it something that would benefit a single restaurant operation or help it come to franchise faster by being more organized?19:30
joe__cedk: my problem is that i dont know what i want to do with it because im not sure what it can offer my example operation.19:31
cedkjoe__: I can not answer for you. I don't know your business19:33
joe__cedk: a simple hamburger trailer but looking to franchise and have a lot of trailers.19:33
jcmhi cedk ! Should I dig around account_invoice_line_standalone to add packing and shipping to sell invoices ?19:34
cedkjcm: I don't understand19:34
cedkjoe__: I don't know for me it is just like if you said I sale stuffs19:36
joe__cedk: okay thanks very much for making it a bit more clear. will come back when i have better questions to ask. :0) thanks again!19:37
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jcmcedk: I'd like to be able to add a shipment cost line on invoices. Is it doable using the module account_invoice_line_standalone ?19:41
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cedkjcm: it depends. How and when do you know the cost of the shipment?19:42
jcmonce it's packed and we get the weight. An external soft prints a label and the cost. Then we need to add this shipment cost to the invoice and send it.19:43
cedkjcm: so there is at least 2 options depending on how you want to work19:47
cedkjcm: it is possible to add a field on shipment that will add a line to the invoice generated19:47
cedkjcm: or you can add directly on the invoice19:47
cedkjcm: it depends of the access right you want to have in the system19:48
cedkjcm: and I guess that this cost should also create a supplier invoice?19:48
jcmI suppose the difference will be how the taxes on shipment are accounted?19:49
jcmThe external soft sends data to our shipment supplier, so we don't need to create a supplier invoice19:49
cedkjcm: you trust your supplier ? :-)19:50
jcmtill now :/ an erp could help me not...19:52
cedkjcm: if the system create the supplier invoice (or lines), then when you receive the invoice from the supplier you can check that the amounts are right19:53
jcmin fact we use two main shipping modes, one that is without tax and one that needs to be taxed with the same tax repartition as the products invoiced !19:53
cedkjcm: but any way, I think the best way to do it is to put the shipment cost on the shipment and add the line to the generated invoice19:54
jcmso we consider the shipment as another product that we add before closing invoice, isn't it?19:55
cedkjcm: yes19:55
jcmok, seems clear19:55
jcmany tip on how to automate this? ie add the good shipment following a grid weight/price ?19:56
cedkjcm: for the tax repartition, I think it should be done by creating an invoice line per different taxes already on the invoice with the proportional amount19:56
cedkjcm: it is possible if you know the rules to compute the price19:57
jcmif it's an arbitrary grid like: up to 100g, 1€, from 100 to 250, 2€, and so on?19:58
cedkjcm: yes we got similar concept with list price20:06
cedkjcm: so the list price could be re-used20:06
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Hydrantcedk: thanks for the response, and sorry for my long reply... got tied up20:29
Hydrantcedk: I think what I'm going to do... is write down the questions that come up for me as I setup Tryton and my accounting software... along with what I find out through my own research, and hopefully this can help others and form some type of documentation20:30
HydrantI understand a lot of this will depend on locales, but a lot of my questions are likley a lot simpler than that... my situation is a group of technologically-savvy people starting a company, and having to deal with accounting...20:31
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plantianIf two modules need to share a wizard but the wizard doesn't make sense until one of the modules have extended it, what is the best way to model that?  I can just create the wizard class in a base module but how I can link the wizard into the menu in the other two modules without them stepping over each other?22:47
plantianI don't want to link the wizard in the base module because it is not usable yet.22:47
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