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Hydranthey everyone... I need to find some sort of application for managing corporate contacts04:50
Hydrantideally something I build to link into the party module of tryton also04:50
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hoRnhi all09:16
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hoRnI want to set a superreduced group, that only can see 3 Buttons in the client. It seems that i need to overwrite all the accessrules for doing that, am I right?10:01
hoRnor i write a little client with wx ;)10:05
cedkhoRn: what do you mean by 3 buttons?10:09
hoRncedk: i have written a small wizard, that put some entries in a - only for employees that are doing some work but do not need to know more about the company internals10:11
hoRncedk: now i want that they only see the menues related to work/project/timessheet bit a default user has read access to most modules10:12
bechamelhoRn: if it's just to hide some menuitem you can add groups on them10:14
hoRncedk: in a additional xml-file, right?10:15
hoRncedk: i found it -  groups="group_account,group_account_admin" for example10:20
udonohoRn: a good starting point for understanding access groups is to create a new user without any membership in any groups. With those you see, which group you need to disable in an additional xml-file.10:24
hoRncedk: ok - i will take a look10:24
udonohoRn: the named groups="group_account,group_account_admin" is for adding the admin user to the accounting group by default.10:25
hoRncedk: i saw it a menueitem as well10:26
udonohoRn: I am not cedk, I'm udono :-)10:26
hoRnudono: sorry - need to reconfigure my irc-client10:27
hoRnudono bechamel: good morning and sorry for not using the right name ;)10:27
udonohoRn: excused :-)10:28
udonocedk: I am looking for solving
udonocedk: Your Idea with a signal seems appropriate.10:29
udonocedk: but focus-change is a level too far away. This needed to be used in on Notebook. But there is no button I could set default.10:32
udonocedk: maybe a signal when the wizard is entered could be used.10:33
cedkudono: I think that wizard could add a signal listener to the tab for focus or something else similar10:36
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udonocedk: yes. I try to figure out what is the related concept for 'tab' in the wizard. Is it self.widget?
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cedkudono: no but perhaps this widget will receive signals10:55
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sharooncedk: ping14:01
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marekBimmoin zusammen15:39
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marekBimprobiere gerade tryton 1.8 aus... ist wirklich nett das teil, aber um ein problem komme ich nicht herum: das modul "sale_price_list" moniert beim anlegen einer neuen Zeile in einer Preisliste stets, dass das vorgegebene "unit_price" unter "Formel" eine ung├╝ltige Formel ist... ├╝bersehe ich da was wichtiges?15:42
bechamelmarekBim: try :)15:43
marekBimwtf?! wrong channel??? sry & thx!15:44
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cedksharoon: pong16:35
sharooncedk: how do you handle 'in' BrowseRecordList? I dont see a __contains__ which is specifically written16:35
sharooncedk: does 'browse_record in browse_record_list' return the right result?16:36
cedksharoon: BrowseRecordList inherit from list16:39
sharooncedk: but, by default list will give false because browse_record will be an instance of BrowseRecord and the one we compare might be a different instance. though of same record16:42
sharooncedk: am i missing something?16:42
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bechamel(answer to sharoon) the class Browse implement __eq__ that compare model name and id of browse instances17:01
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