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Lo-lan-doCan Tryton be configured so that values are shown without a decimal when they have no fractional parts?13:30
udonoLo-lan-do: you mean integers?13:31
Lo-lan-doYes.  I'd like my invoices (and sales order and so on) to display "2 days" rather than "2.0 days", while keeping the possibility of having fractional numbers from time to time.13:32
Lo-lan-doNot sure I'm making sense…13:33
bechamelLo-lan-do: you talk about the report ?13:33
bechamelLo-lan-do: you can try something like : int(x) == x and int(x) or x13:35
bechamelin the report code13:35
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vincentvdlHello! How to get current date with Pyson? I need it to find out if a date field is overdue13:54
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bechamelvincentvdl: "d = pyson.Date().pyson(); pyson.Date.eval(d, {})" returns current date (see eval method on date), so "Date()" shoud do the trick14:26
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vincentvdlbechamel: Thanks, I´ll try it14:40
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hoRnHi. Im totally confused about analytic_account and analytic_invoice. check_root in (analytic_account) alway get a reference to a entry, which is rollbacked after. this happens, when i try to write a credit for an invoice.15:29
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cedkhoRn: not sure to understand15:33
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hoRncedk: i have a invoice an wanna refund it. I always get back the constraint check_root from analytic_account.account.selection. i printed some lines in check_root: selection.accounts is always empty.... hard to detect, which modules are involved in this process15:37
hoRncedk: account.invoice.line all are having a relation to a analytic_account.account. some days ago i had a error_message which says something 'analytic_account_1 not %' %noidea15:42
cedkhoRn: I think analytic_invoice module forget to pass the analytic_accounts when crediting15:43
cedkhoRn: it misses an override of the method _credit to update the values15:44
hoRncedk: i will take a look15:44
cedkhoRn: after that, we need to think what will be filled by default for analytic account15:44
hoRncedk: back in minutes - I'll check out this15:45
cedkhoRn: by the way, it will be great to get a scenario for this :-)15:46
hoRncedk: how i produced the error?15:46
cedkhoRn: I mean just a scenario with proteus15:47
cedkhoRn: like that it will be part of the unittest15:48
hoRncedk: seems to advanced for me ;)15:49
hoRncedk: I'm a constant beginner in everything I do15:50
cedkhoRn: it is not very difficult :-)15:51
hoRncedk: if you know how it's works - it's simple15:53
cedkhoRn: There is example in account_stock* modules16:01
cedkhoRn: but feel free to do it or not16:01
hoRncedk:  Now I'm part of tryton - my first contribution will come soon16:04
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hoRncedk: no idea where to contribute this short thing - cannot make a div because my file is broken17:04
cedkhoRn: better to use codereview17:04
cedkhoRn: and create an issue on roundup17:05
cedkhoRn: you must duplicate the analytic_accounts17:05
hoRncedk: ok - i will try17:05
hoRncedk: all for 6 line of code ;)17:05
hoRncedk: puh17:07
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hoRnmy patch file is not recogniced by google ;(17:32
cedkhoRn: ?17:33
hoRncedk: we are working in subversion - never using diff-. i generated a diff from comandline, but it's not good enough17:35
hoRncedk: will take a look17:35
hoRncedk: my first issue is done - horrible17:39
hoRn0,05 h for writing  <> 1.30 for contributing it17:41
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cedkhoRn: best way is to use from codereview17:44
hoRncedk: ok17:44
cedkhoRn: but from a mercurial clone17:45
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hoRncedk: no reviewer added - so the contribution is only for me ;)17:55
Lo-lan-doWhat's the recommended way to input "account moves", such as a move from "cheques pending" to "bank account"?18:08
Lo-lan-doI managed to do it by Financial Management > Entries > Account Moves > New Account Move, then inputting the two lines by hand, but I guess there must be a simpler way, right?18:09
Lo-lan-doSince the move from "pending invoices" to "cheques" was created automatically when I marked the invoice as paid.18:10
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hefferTryton will become a Feature of Fedora 15:
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udonoheffer: Great news!19:07
hefferthat should provide a nice out of the box experience for Fedora users19:07
hefferand at some point eventually RHEL/CentOS users19:07
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sharkczcedk: hi, is there a reason why trytond_account_de_skr03-1.8.0/account_de.xml and trytond_sale_opportunity-1.8.0/opportunity.xml don't contain the standard tryton copyright header? I did an analysis and it's missing in only those 2 files (*.py and *.xml were checked in all 1.8 modules)21:45
sharkczin the released 1.8.0 tar.gz archives to be precise21:47
cedksharkcz: I guess it is a mistake21:55
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cedksharkcz: but it is two repositories started by "non-b2ck" guys, that explains perhaps the forget21:56
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sharkczcedk: ok, I did the analysis during the submission of all the modules to Fedora (as part of, there are subtle differences in the 2 lines header in few other files like one space vs. two space, but overall the modules (and all tryton) belong to application where licensing is completely clear22:01
cedksharkcz: ok, could you submit issue on roundup for all diffs22:03
cedksharkcz: the right format is with 2 spaces after .22:03
sharkczcedk: yes, probably during the next week, patches will be included22:04
cedksharkcz: great22:05
cedksharkcz: follow the wiki to construct the patches22:06
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