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enlightxcedk: i'm davidecorio ;-)10:53
cedkenlightx: hi11:11
enlightxcedk: hi, i completely agree with your position11:11
cedkenlightx: I think having this kind of migration design is bad for the project11:12
enlightxbtw often it's not a matter of code11:12
enlightxbut also costs11:12
cedkenlightx: it is not a good way to build a community arround a project11:12
enlightxcedk: sure11:12
enlightxcedk: we are partners...but we won't use their migration services11:13
cedkenlightx: but if you read carefully the quality certification process, you will see that you pay for submission but you have no warranty that the module will be certified11:13
enlightxcedk: actually...they are quite flexibles11:13
cedkenlightx: so I realy don't think it is a low cost process11:13
cedkenlightx: of course, they are not very strict about quality (even for their own modules)11:14
enlightxif we have problem with the certification, we just don't renew our partnership11:14
enlightxso they lose money11:14
cedkenlightx: they will not lose money, they just get as much as possible out of each partner11:15
enlightxthe value of the service is the price, our internal cost for the migration is higher11:15
cedkenlightx: after that, the partner leaves and they get new one11:15
cedkenlightx: of course, it cost much to you because it is not you who makes the change that break the data structure or the API11:16
enlightxcedk: eheh... i know i know... but customers just understand $ :-)11:16
cedkenlightx: but it is bad to put that cost on you because you just trusted the developper about his good practice11:16
enlightxcedk: tryton's code/structure is better indeed11:17
enlightxi'd really like to have time to contribute11:17
cedkenlightx: we think in long term, not short term11:17
cedkenlightx: I know pretty well the data migration issue of OE as I wrote most of the migration scripts for 4.x and 5.x11:18
cedkenlightx: I even started to try to put a rule in OE to write the migration during the development process11:19
enlightxcedk: i think that their services are just good marketing stuff for partners11:19
enlightxwe ussually create custom migration procedures using ooop or similar tools11:19
cedkenlightx: but fp refuses to follow that and now I know it is just to lock customer/partner in this migration model11:19
enlightxcedk: i hope they will change their mind soon11:20
cedkenlightx: also we (B2CK) want to make business with truth and not marketing lies11:20
enlightxopenerp needs community driven migration procedures11:20
cedkenlightx: and of course it is more difficult but it fits better with our mind11:21
enlightxcedk: of course... i completely agree11:21
cedkenlightx: OpenERP SA must be just a contributor as others and follow the same rules that's all11:21
enlightxunfortunately it is not so easy to sell softwares like tryton becouse of the stronger marketing potential of openerp, openbravo and others...11:22
cedkenlightx: I submit my modification to codereview11:22
cedkenlightx: I see it is often easier when your customer has some technical background11:22
enlightxcedk: exactly11:23
cedkenlightx: the next release should be great with some good improvement in the client11:23
cedkenlightx: also I expect that "community" will do the marketing stuffs11:24
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cedkenlightx: I'm going11:25
cedkACTION bbl11:25
enlightxcedk: are you working on the web client side?11:25
enlightxok, see you11:25
cedkenlightx: not know11:41
cedkenlightx: I think it could be a good waiting solution11:42
cedkenlightx: I will give a try and see if we could put it on the demo server11:43
enlightxcedk: seems really interesting11:44
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cedkenlightx: someone tells me it is pretty fast11:45
enlightxi'm watching the demo!11:46
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kaludjerhi to all14:03
cedkkaludjer: hi14:03
cedkkaludjer: first time here?14:04
kaludjerwould somebody be so kind to help me out ?14:04
kaludjerI already looked over wiki and docs14:04
kaludjerso I finnished here14:04
kaludjercant connect/create initial db14:05
cedkkaludjer: ok, so don't ask to ask but just ask :-)14:05
kaludjerserver debian testing14:05
kaludjerinstalled with packages14:05
kaludjerclient windows14:05
kaludjerit gives me some error about locales14:05
kaludjerwhen creating the db14:05
cedkkaludjer: how do you create the database, from the client?14:06
kaludjerthe client I got is from the web site, in german, where can I change the lang ?14:08
cedkkaludjer: it uses the default locale by default14:10
cedkkaludjer: when you will get a database, you can change the language of the user14:11
cedkkaludjer: what is the error when you create the database?14:12
kaludjerok, np. the lang must wait then14:12
kaludjerjust a sec, the daemon in not responding anymore to the client14:12
kaludjerflood protection ?14:17
cedkkaludjer: there is one on login14:18
kaludjerwill try to change locales14:22
cedkACTION bbl14:23
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kaludjeris it a problem using client v1.8 to connect to 1.6.x ?16:20
cedkkaludjer: yes16:27
cedkkaludjer: only same major and minor release works together16:27
kaludjer1.6.x server is not compatible with 1.8 client :)16:29
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kaludjerbtw.. compination debian & postgres & tryton , should be a major faq there :))16:35
kaludjereven with packages avaliable16:35
kaludjerfrom lang setting with locales in debian, reinitializing postgres db with utf816:36
Timitoskaludjer: i already used the debian packages and had no problems with locales. if there are problems that should be solved please file an issue16:40
Timitoskaludjer: did you see /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian?16:40
cedkTimitos: it seems the issue was that postgresql was not able to create utf-8 database16:43
Timitoscedk: so the issue should not depend on the tryton debian packages16:46
cedkTimitos: don't know16:47
kaludjermy locales where set to en_US, after genereting en_US.UTF8, and reinitializing db, the rest was smoth16:47
cedkTimitos: perhaps there is some configuration check to do on postgresql16:47
cedkkaludjer: where? on the server I guess?16:48
kaludjerthe irc log of this channel helped a lot (from 6.2010.) :)16:48
kaludjercedk yes server16:48
Timitoscedk: there is no db initialisation or postgresql configuration in the debian packages. it is left to the user. an howto is in /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian as i said.16:49
cedkkaludjer: it is just that it misses en_US.UTF-8 for libc ?16:50
cedkTimitos: I don't know where to find the README.Debian16:50
kaludjerTimitos yes,  it is, but no where said about utf8 requerement16:50
kaludjercedk yup16:51
kaludjerhmmm... It might be also that when I switched from stable to testing, locales when blabla16:52
Timitoscedk: kaludjer: if there are things that should be improved please file an issue and assign it to yangoon16:54
kaludjerTimitos to the quiet man :)16:56
cedkTimitos: yes, I think a comment about having UTF-8 locales on the system16:56
Timitoskaludjer: what do you mean with 'quiet man'?16:57
kaludjerTimitos just a joke16:59
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