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plantianIs it necessary for modules listed in --init= to be ordered by dependence?00:14
cedkplantian: no00:14
plantiancedk: okay, thanks00:15
plantiancedk: Have you ever seen an error like this --
cedkplantian: are you not mixing 1.4.0 with later release00:26
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plantiancedk: Wow, yeah I think that might be the problem, I was initializing a list of new modules before I had run update on the old database in my build script.00:33
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hoRnshort question: I have a product = fields.Function(fields.Many2One('product.product', 'Product'),'get_product', searcher='search_product')16:43
hoRnin an other model i wanna call this model with a doamin - product is False. domain=[('product', '=', False)] - but it seems, that a function.Field is never False16:43
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cedkhoRn: it depends of your searcher method16:49
hoRncedk: ok16:50
hoRncedk: I will print the result of my searcher16:51
hoRni don't understand my own model ;)16:55
cedkhoRn: that's an issue :-)16:55
hoRncedk: could be bad design. I have an object production_specification. you can do so much specifications you want - but if it referenced by an product, its a fixed relation16:57
hoRni can't explain what I'm doing because I'm still modelling the strangest businesscase i've ever heart16:58
hoRnthe result of the searcher is an empty list16:59
cedkhoRn: empty list means any records17:02
hoRncedk: ok - i want all records with an 'empty' - function field17:05
cedkhoRn: you must return in the searcher a domain that means that17:06
hoRncedk: so my searcher is wrong?17:07
cedkhoRn: yes it returns a wrong domain17:11
hoRncedk: rok - i was thinkink half an hour for returning a wrong domain? What a pity.17:13
hoRncedk: need to think half a hour more17:14
hoRncedk: can i abuse you with the searcher?17:16
cedkhoRn: if you want17:17
hoRncedk: my aim is to get all coating.lines not yet associated to a product with the domain17:26
marc0sany clue about why module's strings don't appear translated? i've checked that the modules have the proper es_ES.csv tryton dialogs appear correctly translated17:31
cedkhoRn: I don't understand why you use a function field17:32
cedkhoRn: it looks like a One2Many?17:32
hoRncedk: if you think about why I'm doing this: the specification is a note about the needs of a production case. sometimes is only related to a specific product. so the specification is related to a special product. sometimes is a more global specification - than its related to a project17:32
cedkmarc0s: is it defined in ?17:32
marc0scedk: didn't check... let's see17:33
marc0scedk: yes, it is17:33
cedkhoRn: I don't understand your modelisation17:33
marc0scedk: should the module be installed after defining the language or something like that?17:33
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cedkmarc0s: ho, the module description is defined in and you must define a description for your language17:34
marc0scedk: i see, i meant after setting up the language of the user17:35
cedkhoRn: because in get_product you take the first product you find, that sounds very strange and unpridectible17:35
cedkmarc0s: yes17:36
marc0scedk: it's not about a module i'm writing, just the default product one17:36
cedkmarc0s: so you must select this language for your user17:36
cedkmarc0s: and the language must be checked as translatable17:36
marc0scedk: so far i've already done that17:37
marc0scedk: i've upgraded the module through the modules administration and now its strings appear translated17:38
cedkmarc0s: did you restart the server between the time you set the language as translatable?17:38
marc0scedk: uhm... i don't remember now... probably not17:38
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marc0scedk: i'll restart it now and check if the others modules appear translated17:39
cedkmarc0s: ok are you talking about the module description not translated or the all software?17:39
hoRncedk: my model is the result of the effort to modeling  a very strange usecase ;)17:39
marc0scedk: all the module strings that show up in the client, not just the description17:39
marc0scedk: just run an --update=all on the server and all the modules appear translated17:43
cedkmarc0s: in the module list ?17:44
marc0scedk: no, shut down the server and run ./trytond --update=all --database=foo17:44
hoRnmarc0s: thats right - or you nedd to update the translations manually in the addministration>>localisation-menu17:46
hoRnhuii - syntax error everywhere17:46
marc0shoRn: the sync translations action, maybe?17:46
cedkmarc0s: I would like to understand what was not translated?17:47
marc0scedk: menus, fields' labels, ...17:47
cedkmarc0s: ok so it requires a update all after you change the language into translatable17:48
marc0scedk: ok, that's what i wasn't aware of :)17:48
hoRnmarc0s: b.t.w. - is there a trytonic way to overwrite some translations of standard modules without undermining the update of this modules?17:51
marc0shoRn: i've started to try tryton today, so... can give you no much help :)17:51
cedkhoRn: not really17:52
cedkhoRn: by the way, I can not help you with the searcher as I don't understand the design17:53
hoRncedk: a flag 'manual_translated' in the translations would be nice17:53
marc0scedk: i assume then that translation data from modules is not loaded into the database if the language is not marked as 'translatable', right?17:53
cedkmarc0s: correct17:53
marc0scedk: and that this is done on the module initialization, hence the required update17:54
cedkmarc0s: yes17:55
hoRncedk: if you can't help me, the things are doesn't look too rosy ;)17:56
cedkhoRn: no but if you can explain me why you use such data model...18:00
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hoRncedk: my project is for a coating company. they have products which are requested 1000++ times a year- this products are having a fixed specifications of the production instructions. BUT: there are projects only done one-time. so i need a model that can be related to a project or to a product18:06
cedkhoRn: I don't see that in the code you copy/paste18:08
cedkhoRn: but why not using reference field?18:08
hoRncedk: will take a look18:09
hoRncedk: ok - i don't have noticed the possibilities of the reference field18:11
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