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kwmiebachHi. When I use proteus with a memory sqlite db, how can I start with a fresh db on each call of the script?01:19
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sisalphello all09:58
sisalpmy question : what is a Post Move ? in French mouvement posté ?09:58
sisalpI need a sequence for it when I create a fiscal year09:59
udonosisalp: hello, it is the sequence of the validated and posted moves. posted means they are written in the accounting books.10:00
udonosisalp: a posted move can not be deleted anymore.10:00
cedksisalp: in french it is to make "brouillard" accounting10:00
sisalpthank you, so what is the difference with a journal sequence ?10:01
cedksisalp: journal sequence is not strictly followed10:01
cedksisalp: as you can remove non-posted move10:01
sisalpa strict sequence is a mandatory sequence ?10:01
cedksisalp: you are speaking about the Model?10:02
sisalpcedk : brouillard is "unposted moves" ?10:02
sisalpcedk  I have to create sequences for the fiscal year10:03
cedksisalp: yes10:04
cedksisalp: so a strict sequence compared to a sequence is a slower sequence (for SQL) because it ensure to not have SQL error when getting it10:05
cedksisalp: strict sequence basicly makes a lock on the table where sequence doesn't10:06
cedkwhich means that simple sequence could fail on concurrent update10:06
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sisalpcedk in fr: movement posté = écriture validée ?10:10
cedksisalp: not sure10:11
cedksisalp: I think in France, there is also this concept of posted10:11
cedksisalp: but it is not always used10:12
cedksisalp: I think in many french company "brouillard = posté" and only some makes the difference10:19
sisalpbrouillrd means "draft"10:21
cedksisalp: yes on the move10:24
cedksisalp: not on the move line10:24
yangoon cedk JFTR I don't agree with changing language lables again in contrast to what was agreed some time ago10:32
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cedkyangoon: but it is like in Tryton client when you create a new database11:03
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hoRncedk: Hi and ping11:14
cedkhoRn: pong11:15
hoRnlittle problem: analytic_accounts_fields_get sets the analytic_account required, if root is mandatory. if the type of the line !='line' the field is required, but invisible. so it's impossible to add a headline for example11:18
hoRni try to write a patch - but I'm not sure where is the best place to set the states - in analytic_accounts_fields_get the 'states' are already done11:20
yangooncedk: we had this discussion already at length, you are comparing the wrong situation11:22
yangooncedk: it is as in the client when the user choses the language of a party11:23
yangoondon't present foreign strings to a user that is in his local context11:23
sisalpwhat is the diff between print workflow complex and print workflow ? I get the same image11:25
cedkhoRn: could you point to the code line11:26
cedkyangoon: I don't find because if you click on the links you get a page in this language11:27
cedksisalp: complex will display subflow11:27
yangooncedk: yes, we can repeat the whole discussion we had some year ago11:27
cedksisalp: but we don't use subflow in base module11:27
yangooncedk: it is the decision of the user, if he wants to see foreign languages11:28
sisalpi tried on a sale order, and got the same11:28
cedkyangoon: the website was splitted into both solution, I just made the same every where11:28
yangoonbut give him basicalyy the information he is most able to understand11:28
cedksisalp: yes we don't use subflow because it is not enough powerful to manage your design11:29
cedksisalp: we inherit subflow from OpenERP, we never got a case where to use it11:30
cedksisalp: so the prints are the same for every workflow of Tryton11:30
sisalpso you get replicated parts of workflows ?11:31
cedksisalp: subflow is a simplistic design11:31
sisalpor everybody uses the same wf ?11:31
yangooncedk: you just forget about agreements that were taken long time ago11:31
yangooncedk: btw you could also change it the oher way round;)11:31
cedkyangoon: could you find the log of the agreement11:31
cedksisalp: subflow in OpenERP are used like this: sale workflow is connected to invoice workflow11:32
cedksisalp: so you see the invoice workflow inside the sale workflow when you print the complex one11:32
yangooncedk: you will find it together when we had the initial discussions concerning this subject for the client11:33
cedksisalp: but in Tryton we find that this is too simple, we can have many invoices and also cancelled invoices etc.11:34
yangooncedk: additionaly you shouldn't probably step into translation if you don't know for sure what you are doing11:34
yangoonat least for germany the patch is inconsistent11:34
yangoonbesides htat I don't find it acceptable;)11:34
cedksisalp: so linked this way the two workflows don't allow this kind of behavior11:35
cedkyangoon: what is wrong?11:35
yangooncedk: 1) the whole change of the language;), 2) for example the german user group on the russian page, so you created even a more inconsistent situation compard to what we had before11:37
cedkyangoon: look at the language links
sisalpcedk thank you for this answer.11:44
yangooncedk: it is a gimmick, we aren't wikipedia, they remove the chosen language from the selection and  日本語 is really an impressive information11:44
bechamelIMO we must concider two distinct situation: as a user, when I choose my langage I want to see all langages names translated in their langage (because I may not know that "french" means "français")11:48
yangoon bechamel exactly, +111:49
bechamelbut othewise all langage names must but translated in my langage: IE when i add a customer and my langage is "français" i want to see "anglais" instead of "english"11:49
yangoonagain +1, that is what I mean when a user is in his context11:50
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cedkI find any reference about this topic nor in groups, groups-dev or irclog12:00
cedkthis is the default behavior for English (the source) since
cedkin fact it is since the begining of the creation of language groups12:02
cedkso I don't think I broke any rules/agrements12:03
cedkafter that, if everybody want to drop this "feature" then ok12:03
cedkbut I find personnaly that the first behavior was good12:04
yangooncedk: if you want to define the english page as sort of entry page it *could be*  the desired language selector. for me it is NOT, because you are usually already browsing in english, when you are hitting tab community12:07
bechamelACTION just realised that we aren't talking about the gtk client :S12:08
yangoonthe general language selector is on top of the page, and there is not much to translate (besides russian, that could be in kyrillic chars)12:09
cedkyangoon: what I want to point if that I did not break any rules!12:10
cedkyangoon: you are the first one to ask to change the current behavior12:10
yangooncedk: forget about it, sorry if my words were too harsh12:10
yangooncedk: I just don't want to invest more time on this searching old mails etc.12:11
cedkyangoon: so we can discuss about it but we need more than one person to make the switch12:11
cedkbechamel: GTK client works like you describe12:11
cedkyangoon: I made the search on mailing list12:12
cedkif they was such agrement, we would have modify the website since 1.5 years12:12
bechamelcedk: let's forget about if it was an agreement or not, the important question is do we want to makes this change or not12:13
cedkbechamel: I don't want12:14
bechamelI think it would be consistant with the gtk client :)12:14
cedkbechamel: it is not the same12:14
yangooncedk: it is12:14
cedkbechamel: if you click on the link "Français" you will get a french page12:14
yangoonlanguage selector is on top12:14
cedkbechamel: if you select "French" in party you don't get the form in french12:15
cedkit is like the database creation12:15
cedkif you select a language, you will get after that the GUI in this language12:15
bechamelcedk: .. except the groups on the community page12:17
cedkbechamel: because it is a selection to a new page wich will be in the selected language12:18
cedkbechamel: it is like in wikipedia12:18
cedkbechamel: you selected the language but you can go to an other page in a different language12:18
bechamelcedk: Q.E.D. :)12:22
cedkbechamel: does it mean you agree or not?12:24
bechamelcedk: yes I agree, because "the langage of the link is in the same langage than the page it points to" is consistant across all the website12:26
cedkso 2-1 :-)12:27
cedkanyone else ?12:27
yangoonit is just wrong: language selector is on top, page content has to be localized12:31
cedkyangoon: on wikipedia language selector is also on top:
cedkyangoon: and after that you still have language selection in other languages12:33
yangooncedk: in a separate sidebar, yes12:34
yangoonbut not for page content12:34
yangoonand btw wikipedia is not my bible12:35
bechamelcedk: yangoon: actualy I agree with both position, because both are consistant, it depends which one we wants to follow so it's more 1.5-1.5 than 2-1 ;)12:35
bechamelto be honest I think it's no big deal12:41
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jcmhi, how do I create the analytic account root ? I cannot save the first analytic account, tryton asks for a Root and Parent.13:30
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cedkjcm: create a first account of type root13:35
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jcm;-) thks13:55
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jcmwhat's the meaning of the 'mandatory' checkbox in root aalytic form?13:57
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cedkjcm: it means that it will be required to fill an account of this chart in each docuement13:59
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jcmcedk: ok, ist it true to respell it like this: every invoice must be dispatched within this analytic plan without exception?14:46
cedkjcm: it is not only the invoice14:49
jcmis it all movements?14:57
cedkjcm: no it is based on document that manage it14:59
jcmsry, where can I read a definition of what is a document in tryton?15:01
cedkjcm: there is not. It is my vocabulary.15:02
cedkjcm: for now, it is implemented on sale, purchase and invoice15:02
jcmok, it's more clear now15:03
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jcmthe client died (os X); is it useful to send the traceback to anyone?16:52
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cedkjcm: on the bugtracker17:08
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cedksisalp: I did not succeed to connect on tryton server from
jcmcedk: is there any recommandations on how to name analytic accounts? e.g. should I repeat the code of the parent in an analytic account, like A, A-B, A-B-01?17:42
cedkjcm: it is like you want17:45
cedkjcm: there is not process on this code17:46
jcmin a (future) report, would it be simple to get a long name by concatenation of parents codes?18:07
cedkjcm: yes it is possible18:09
jcmI'm asking because I have many projects sharing the same subdivision. So I get many analytic acocunts with same name, same code, the only difference is in the parent. It's not simple to find the right one in the dialogs (search for parent for instance) ; would be simpler if the full path were shown instead of simple name.18:15
jcmmaybe I should put the full path in the name (ie repeat the parents codes in the account code), so everything's right now ;-)18:16
jcmdrawback: if I later insert an account in the tree, all my codes would have to be changed :/18:17
cedkjcm: for performance, compute a fullpath code is not good18:18
cedkjcm: and it is complicate to search on this computed field18:18
cedkjcm: so for sure it is better to have unique code18:20
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cedkudono: I have updated the dnd-tree repository21:02
cedkI also created a board-menu repository
cedkwhich replace the current view_tree menu21:03
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