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legutierrOK.  My experience with larger OSS projects so far has been limited to making some contributions to Django.  They are quite well structured, I think, out of necessity.00:01
legutierrI'm sure that you all feel that your documentation might be lacking as well.  Are you looking for contributions in that area?00:02
cedklegutierr: yes of course00:02
legutierrI think that documenting it would be a great way to learn the ins-and-outs of your architecture.00:03
cedklegutierr: yes but there is a difficulty in documenting it is the high modularity of the system00:05
cedkwhich is difficult to put back in the documentation00:05
legutierrin what way is it difficult?  In my experience, if it can be used, it can be documented.00:06
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wtI am trying to find the real story for tryton and openerp00:08
legutierrThings that are very generalized can be hard to document in the abstract, sure, but that's why it's important to combine high-level descriptions, I think, with concrete examples.00:08
cedklegutierr: it depends at which level you want to docuement00:08
wtIs it true that OpenERP still uses the float type instead of decimal at the DB layer?00:08
cedklegutierr: if it is at the developer level, yes it is doable and quiet easy00:08
cedklegutierr: if it is for end-user then the usage can change depending of the modules installed00:09
legutierrAh, so there are different behaviors based on what has or has not been installed.00:09
cedkwt: yes but not at the DB layer but in the Python code00:09
wtcedk: so they use PostgreSQL decimal with python float?00:09
cedklegutierr: yes and it can be very different, the screen can be different, the workflow etc.00:10
legutierrAre you money-patching run-time code, or is it just that the execution path differs?00:10
cedkwt: yes it is insane00:10
wtwhat a mindbending thing to do00:10
cedklegutierr: no, the system load modules depending of the configuration (in the DB)00:11
legutierrsee, this is the technical level of understanding that in my view needs to be documented.00:12
legutierrI am very interested in understanding how all of that works, but I don't know where to start looking except for right here :)00:12
legutierr(i.e. talking to you in irc)00:13
cedklegutierr: on the wiki, there is the HelloWorld example00:14
cedklegutierr: or I have made a training mq repository if you want00:14
cedkit is for 1.6 but it could help00:15
cedkI will try to update it soon00:15
legutierrYeah, the wiki didn't make much sense to me.  I have XML narcolepsy I think, I kept nodding off as I read through the XML (not kidding ;) )00:15
legutierrI'll try to look over your training module, cedk .  Is it OK if I come back to ask you some questions about it?00:17
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cedklegutierr: yes00:19
cedklegutierr: it is a mq series of patches00:19
cedklegutierr: that tries to show the development process of a simple module step by step00:20
legutierrby mq do you mean hg?  I'm not familiar with mq.00:20
cedklegutierr: yes it is an mercurial mq repository00:21
cedklegutierr: start there after that you should understand00:21
legutierrok, thanks cedk00:22
legutierrI'll be in touch.00:22
cedklegutierr: ok, bye00:39
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cedkudono: I have updated the dnd tree mq repo with the left pane menu14:22
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udonocedk: I need your password for the above link ;-)14:45
udonocedk: thanks14:48
cedkudono: updated with some minor fix14:55
udonocedk: btw is there an easy way how to put the patch repos inside my trytond repos.14:56
udonocedk: I looked at mq, but have not found docs about...14:56
cedkudono: fetch it as .hg/patches14:58
udonocedk: ok, I try14:58
udonocedk: I guess I am missing a server site patch...15:09
cedkudono: yes i have updated the menu-board repo also15:15
udonocedk: cool!15:25
udonocedk: not looking nice :P But it works so far.15:26
cedkudono: what ?15:28
udonocedk: the style of the menu.15:28
cedkudono: what ?15:29
udonocedk: would be great for the menu, when we apply bechamel's old idea with the a Accordion Menu15:30
udonocedk: without indent for the inner nested parts.15:30
cedkudono: it is really not userfriendly an accordion menu15:31
udonocedk: ?15:31
cedkudono: how do you want to display a tree without indentation15:31
udonocedk: with more discreet indent. And root level can be different colored, so that an entry with parent root must have no indentation15:33
cedkudono: it is not GTK standard15:34
udonocedk: don't understand?15:34
cedkudono: GTK doesn't display tree like that15:35
udonocedk: ah, ok15:35
bechamelcedk: udono: what about the root items of the menu being the tabs of a notebook ? :)15:36
cedkudono: and also you try to fake an accordion which is not userfriendly15:37
cedkbechamel: why ?15:37
bechamelcedk: I was re-thinking about the MS office ribbon ui, I was not serious15:38
cedkall those pseudo-new design are completly undrivable with keyborad15:39
udonocedk: yes, keyboard accessibility is a 'must-have'15:44
udonocedk: great, I have detected the menu Toggle :-)15:48
udonocedk: but the add shordcut action disappears when toggling the menu15:50
udonocedk: forget the last issue, it was my fault, PDA Mode15:57
udonocedk: adding a new record in a tree view with Ctrl-N or New in toolbar does not work.16:01
udonocedk: drag n drop in tree view does not work. E.g. party categories tree view16:02
cedkudono: if there is no form view it is normal16:03
cedkudono: if the children and parent are not in the view it is normal16:04
udonocedk: hm, but drag n drop is only useful on tree view, isn't it16:05
cedkudono: don't understand16:05
udonocedk: me either :-) How can I test drag n drop?16:07
cedkudono: you must have a view with children field and parent field16:08
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udonocedk: must be a form view?16:08
udonoI try it with party categories and account. Both do not work...16:10
cedkudono: of course the fields are not defined16:11
udonocedk: Do you know a view I can test in the default modules?16:11
cedkudono: there is none16:12
udonocedk: ah, now understand.16:12
cedkudono: it is a new feature, any existing view could have it16:13
udonocedk: dnd works fine.16:17
udono... even with tree_invisible="1"16:21
yangooncedk: do you plan a release for hgnested?16:24
yangooncedk: because it was in the news, but there is nor release16:24
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cedkyangoon: don't know16:26
udonoACTION can not find a way to switch view from tree to form. It does not work for party categories, account.account and stock locations.16:27
cedkudono: you must define one16:28
yangooncedk: just asking because mercurial 1.7 is quite actual16:28
cedkyangoon: hg 1.7 is only 3 months old16:29
udonoIC very good. Now the tree does not open another tab, on switch it just work like list and form view.16:32
yangooncedk: you are right, only thing is: it will hit debian testing in 8 days16:33
udonocedk: Found an issue: When droping an item to itself, then
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cedkudono: there is a TODO in the code with: check drop recursion :-)18:18
cedkudono: solved18:31
udonocedk: works18:39
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