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yagami_iFrom what I see Tryton is very usable already, but it lacks documentation on the level that, say, the Fedora project enjoys. Are the manuals that I'm just not seeing?15:08
yagami_iI don't mind wrting some, but I want to make sure I'm not:15:09
yagami_i1- Writing manuals for 1.8 if a significant change in features is coming in 2.0 *and* that release will occur in less than 6 months15:09
yagami_i2- Duplicating work that already exists.15:10
yagami_iAnd on a similar note, I'm about halfway through a Japanese translation for all modules carried at other than the two LDAP modules. This is by count, though -- the error messages are going to take some more time.15:11
cedkyagami_i: all the documentation is on
cedkyagami_i: the release 2.0 is in about 1 month15:12
yagami_iHow radical is the change from the current version? (other than the move to Python3 if that is going to happen)15:13
cedkyagami_i: we don't make "big bang" changes, we just improve progressly the system15:13
yagami_iIs 1.8 the one in the Fedora 15 repository?15:13
cedkyagami_i: I don't know what is in Fedora, I don't understand the website15:14
yagami_iok, I'll check myself then.15:14
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yagami_iAnother thing I want to look in to is handing you the basic template information that comes out of setting up our first Tryton-based project.15:17
yagami_iAs in, we will wind up with a few chart of account templates, invoices, voucher workflows, etc.15:18
yagami_iAnd we may wind up using the existing Project Manager package that is in Fedora now to render Gannt chart exports (basically, exporting a .proj inclusive of project management module information instead of a .odt in other modules)15:19
cedkyagami_i: I guess it is possible to write an .proj generator15:27
yagami_iIt may be easier for us to do that in the short-mid term than waiting on a native gannt chart rendering engine.15:28
yagami_iAnd that is just us. We have a customer (and bottom line) to worry about. On the Tryton community end of things, it'll be fun to see what comes out of the GSoC initiative.15:29
yagami_iI wish I could take part in that. Those sort of events are always really interesting. (^.^)15:29
cedkyagami_i: if you want to have translations in the comming 2.0, you must submit it at least 2 weeks before the release15:34
yagami_iI'm translating 1.8 right now. How close will an upgraded database be to satisfying a 2.0 translation release?15:35
yagami_iEither way my customer will get it, but I want to make sure the project benefits as well.15:36
cedkyagami_i: normally there is not too much changes15:36
yagami_iI mean, we're putting a lot of effort in, I would hate for all that effort to benefit only a single client!15:36
cedkbut we only accept translation for coming release15:36
yagami_iOK, I see.15:36
cedkbased on trunk15:37
yagami_iWhat is the release date? I need to make sure we have our deadline locked in.15:37
cedkApril 1815:37
yagami_iI'll give you whatever we have in 10 days.15:38
yagami_iThe rest will get into 2.1/2,2 if we're not finished.15:38
yagami_iNevermind, we'll give you what we have in 12 days. March 31st.15:39
cedkyagami_i: ok but based on trunk15:40
yagami_iI'll do my best to make them match. A few fields will not be complete, of course (new 2.0-only modules probably)15:44
yagami_iWe should be on track with you by the next release anyway.15:44
cedkyagami_i: what is important for us is that one translation of a module is complete15:46
cedkyagami_i: it is not an issue if we miss some modules15:46
yagami_iUltimately every module our customer uses will be complete -- which at the moment is everything in 1.8 accept for the LDAP bits. Anyway, we may not be 100% by this release but we'll be close.15:52
cedkyagami_i: it will be great15:52
yagami_iWhat's really awesome is if we get more than two clients on this I can make Tryton modules a regular development task.15:53
yagami_iAnd its paid work for us, so why not?15:53
yagami_iAnd... that's why open source is fekkin awesome.15:53
cedkyagami_i: it is the way we wanted the project grows15:54
yagami_iWell you've done a great job fostering a useful framework.15:55
yagami_iAs developers you are interested in building mechanics. As a customer-focused business we are interested in filling in the blanks on documentation, templates, translations, workflows and basic example data.15:56
yagami_iAnd probably adding a few modules by the end...15:56
manyit is probably a very nice framework but the documentation really lacks some bits. *whistle*16:17
manyfor example (cedk might be interested :) it took me hours to figure what i wrote in the comment to
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plantianI don't think this wizard documentation ever made it anywhere, what should I do now ? --
plantianI just made an issue.21:05
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