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imanishHi guys.08:59
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imanishI am interested in applying for GSOC 2011 under tryton project, can anyone provide me the relevant details about the project submission?09:01
imanishanyone there?09:03
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SaurabhHello guys, I am engineering student from India09:11
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orzel_hello. i can't manage to see the screenshot on the website. There's a small white window popping up with something like "in progress" .. that doesn't go away.09:14
orzel_i'm using firefox 409:14
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orzelalthough i have the same behaviour with konqueror09:15
Saurabhcan anyone guide me the indian mentor for 'GSOC2011'09:15
cedkSaurabh: yes09:19
cedkorzel: strange, have you javascript activated?09:23
orzelyes, of course09:26
orzeli'm about to try with chromium, but it's broken here ( i dont use it often)09:26
Saurabhcedk: can u also guide me a bit about the project & ideas09:30
Saurabhcedk:I just want to know about the three parts of project09:38
cedkSaurabh: the ideas are there
cedkorzel: otherwise you can have the image from the repository at
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Saurabhcedk:as i see sharoon is the mentor from india so can u refer me to the areas he is dealing with?09:52
cedksharoon: ping09:52
cedkSaurabh: nobody is limited to an areas09:52
cedkSaurabh: GSoC for Tryton will be more like dealing with the all community09:53
orzelcedk: ah, thanks09:53
Saurabhcedk: oh that's great09:53
orzeli'll have to checkout, though...
Saurabhcedk: i am quite new to tryton so,please guide me about the project09:54
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cedkSaurabh: what do you want to know?09:56
Saurabhcedk:Can you put some light on this :"Create a XPDL parser to load workflow".10:02
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cedkSaurabh: There is a workflow engine in Tryton10:05
cedkfor now, we create workflow like this:
cedkSaurabh: so the goal of this idea is to be able to use XPDL file instead of the xml one10:08
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Saurabhcedk:Can you put some light on this:"Create a generic Django module to display Tryton models".14:36
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cedkSaurabh: the goals is to have a set of tools that eases the usage of Tryton inside Django14:57
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rhubnerHei all!15:27
cedkrhubner: hi15:27
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rhubnercedk: Hi Cedric15:33
rhubnerI was seeing how is divided the GUI15:34
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rhubnercedk: Where i put a new treeview for a new widget?15:36
rhubnercedk: For example, a widget for historical time-line (my proposal)15:36
cedkrhubner: indeed I think you will need to modify the current GTK client to include the timeline15:37
sharoonrhubner: you can also refer to this discussion which took place on the IRC last week.
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rhubnercedk: Humm.. Ok15:40
cedkrhubner: this is a task that is closly linked to tryton client15:41
rhubnerI'll include the GUI modification in the initial schedule... and also I'm write as it will be developed ...15:44
rhubnercedk: did you see my other proposal about WYSIWYG text editor?15:46
rhubnercedk: I put the GUI develop with glade too...15:47
cedkrhubner: ha we don't use glade at all15:47
cedkrhubner: and we don't want to have it :-)15:47
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rhubnercedk: but does not really need... Just it put a control bar that communicates with a TextView15:48
rhubnercedk: of course ... glade would be used in minor cases...15:49
rhubnercedk: In my opinion!15:50
cedkrhubner: yes, we will be greate is to have Alignment, Underline, Bold etc.15:50
cedkrhubner: the issue with glade is that it has poor performence on windows because it needs to open files too much15:51
cedkrhubner: and also it is difficult to manage in repository file that are generated by tools15:51
cedkrhubner: and finally because I don't like glade :-)15:52
cedkrhubner: about the data structure of the WYSIWYG editor, I was thinking about some simplify html15:53
cedkrhubner: by the way, could you add your irc nickname in gsoc application thx15:53
rhubnercedk: ok! I don't talk more about glade!15:55
rhubnercedk: My idea behind the WYSIWYG editor is to handle the html yet ... I will work with parses and mainly RE :)15:57
rhubnercedk: it's fun develop this :) My idea is to put all the controls that need to manipulate text (no more)15:58
rhubnercedk: I called "rich text edit" because this...15:59
rhubnercedk: I'll add my nick there... sorry!16:00
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cedkrhubner: you will not be able to manage all the html16:05
cedkrhubner: especially with RE16:05
cedkrhubner: and by the way, we will need to have a small sets of html because later we will need to include it in odt file16:06
cedkrhubner: like comments on invoice16:06
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rhubnercedk: I understand ... Do you think I should look at the pattern odt to develop this editor?16:09
rhubnercedk: i.e. follow the standards of odt...16:10
cedkrhubner: I think it is too complex16:11
rhubnercedk: but add tags to the text in the editor and then transforming the text in html is not socomplex ...16:15
rhubnercedk: would not that the way? in short..16:15
cedkrhubner: I think GTK already have a subset of HTML defined16:16
rhubnercedk: yes! gtk shows text formatting with HTML tags..16:18
rhubnercedk: bold, italic, underline.... and so on16:19
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cedkrhubner: yes and also bullets16:20
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rhubnercedk: ok.. I'll rewrite some parts in my two proposals... you think I have chances?16:23
cedkrhubner: I really don't know it is the first time for us also :-)16:24
sharoonrhubner: are you clear with the goals/tasks/ideas you are applying for ?16:24
rhubnersharoon: I believe it's clear... I need to change somethings in my proposals...16:28
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reichlichim intersted in the GSOC project, but im wondering why the tryton project isnt listed on the GSOC-page19:02
svakshaits listed as an umbrella org of the PSF19:05
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reichlichsvaksha, what is an umbrella org?19:10
svakshabecause org slots are limited, sometimes an org misses out, but they can apply under a larger org if they have common interests.19:13
reichlichsvaksha, thanks, i got it19:18
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reichlichcan anyone give me some help with the submit of a proposal to the PSF?20:04
cedkreichlich: for which ideas?20:04
cedkreichlich: a Tryton one or a PSF ?20:08
reichlichcedk, im interested in developing a pos system20:08
reichlichcedk, a tryton one20:09
cedkreichlich: ok, what do you want to know?20:09
reichlichcedk, do i have to submit my proposal to the PSF?20:10
cedkreichlich: yes20:12
cedkreichlich: just say in the title that it is for Tryton project20:12
reichlichcedk, i have the submit form on the screen. there is a content section where a template is given.20:14
cedkreichlich: you must fill it20:14
cedkreichlich: but don't worry you can edited after the first submition until the deadline20:15
reichlichcedk, there is written: 'Summarize your proposal to a paragraph or two with a link to a URL more details.'20:15
cedkreichlich: and?20:16
reichlichcedk, on which URL should i give more details?20:17
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cedkreichlich: it is advised to get a wiki or a blog where you will put your progress during GSoC20:18
reichlichcedk, yes, but i dont know on which page i should write more details.20:18
cedkreichlich: fill the form for now, we will try to provide wiki page for each students20:22
reichlichcedk, ok thanks20:23
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rhubnerHi cedk!22:20
cedkrhubner: hi22:22
rhubnercedk: you passed me as the text editing can be done...22:22
rhubnercedk: but it was it with gtkLabel...22:22
cedkrhubner: you but I think it will be good to keep the same syntax22:23
rhubnercedk: With gtkTextView i found the editor can be with pango22:23
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cedkrhubner: it is possible22:25
rhubnercedk: I found this:
rhubnercedk: cool! :) In my for WYSIWYG editor I'll use pango...22:29
rhubnercedk: What do you think?22:30
cedkrhubner: before going low level, you must be sure there is not already a functionnality in GTK+22:30
rhubnercedk: I saw that some places in tryton client already using pango...22:31
cedkrhubner: I think you should first be sure there is no textview available that render tagged text22:31
cedkrhubner: yes that is not an issue to use pango when there is no other options22:31
rhubnercedk: ok22:32
rhubnercedk: I'll investigate more... But I'll add in my proposal to use pango for now...22:34
rhubnercedk: After... I could change again! Thank you...22:34
cedkrhubner: for sure22:35
cedkreichlich: I was looking at your proposal22:38
cedkreichlich: could you add your irc nickname22:38
cedkreichlich: about the GUI, we was thinking about reusing tryton client with SQLite backend. It is named neso22:39
cedkreichlich: I'm not sure you will have time to work on hardware support22:40
cedkreichlich: I think you should more focus on software and in sync protocol22:41
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reichlichcedk, i already planned building a tryton based pos system before ive seen the GSoC idea.22:48
reichlichcedk, i have the hardware communication already running with python22:49
cedkreichlich: humm...22:49
cedkreichlich: will it work on PC also?22:50
reichlichcedk, yes22:51
cedkreichlich: what will be the GUI?22:51
reichlichcedk, i actually thought about a seperate program.22:53
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cedkreichlich: what do you think about using neso?22:56
reichlichcedk, i thought the UI is too special for the regular GTK client22:56
cedkreichlich: of course it will need to add some more widgets like a numpad etc.22:57
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reichlichcedk, i havnt worked on the client code yet23:03
reichlichcedk, i dont know how complicated it will be to introduce new widgets.23:03
cedkreichlich: less then writing a new app23:07
reichlichcedk, i thought about a proteus based app23:08
reichlichcedk, what about the hardware integration into the client?23:09
cedkreichlich: like?23:13
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reichlichcedk, barcode scanners, receipt printers, cashdrawers23:14
cedkreichlich: barcode scanner behaves like a keyboard23:15
cedkreichlich: printers: neso should send to it the right format (PDF?)23:16
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reichlichcedk, pdf is not a good format for receipt printers23:17
cedkreichlich: cashdrawers I don't know, perhaps implement a specific signal23:17
reichlichcedk, receipt printers use "escpos"23:18
cedkreichlich: I don't know this format23:18
cedkreichlich: but it should be possible to generate it with the Report engine23:18
reichlichcedk, the most printers need raw ascii data with special escaped commands23:19
cedkreichlich: so perhaps define a format that will be sent to a program based on python-escpos23:21
reichlichcedk, but the client has to send the data raw to the printer23:27
reichlichcedk, i would like a into the GTK client integrated solution23:28
reichlichcedk, what about synchronizing?23:31
reichlichcedk, any ideas?23:31
cedkreichlich: I think it is better to have separate program called by the client because it allow to replace it by an other one if needed by the hardware23:32
cedkreichlich: about sync, I don't have idea for now23:32
reichlichcedk, i would like a generic replication modul23:34
reichlichcedk, but i dont know if its possible23:34
cedkreichlich: I don't think replication is a solution23:34
cedkreichlich: for me, I see it more like a push from the POS to the server23:34
reichlichcedk, but the POS needs to have up to date prices23:35
cedkreichlich: yes it is a pull23:37
cedkreichlich: some data need to be pulled and others pushed23:37
reichlichcedk, in our application a synch mechanism would be very useful for other modules too23:38
reichlichcedk, we have a few affiliates23:39
cedkreichlich: for me sync could not be generic23:39
reichlichcedk, even if only each server can edit datasets created on themself?23:40
cedkreichlich: the issue is foreign key23:41
reichlichcedk, my thought was to add two columns on each replicated model23:42
reichlichcedk, source-server-id  and the primary key on this server23:42
cedkreichlich: if you want to have replication, you must use PostgreSQL replication tools23:42
reichlichcedk, was my first thought.23:43
cedkreichlich: and this way will not work for POS23:43
cedkreichlich: commercial POS works most of the time with just csv file23:44
cedkreichlich: one to input products/price etc.23:44
cedkreichlich: one to output sales of the day23:45
reichlichcedk, do you think it cant be done by adding two columns?23:46
reichlichcedk, and if a dataset is not owned by the server it is read only?23:47
cedkreichlich: I think it will not work on relational data23:47
reichlichcedk, for example:23:47
reichlichcedk, if the POS pushes a transaction, it will create all datasets new on the master and extends each dataset with its own primary key23:48
cedkreichlich: it will work only if your tables are not linked23:51
reichlichcedk, also if all datasets on the server will be new created? only with a reference to the initial creater with his primary?23:52
cedkreichlich: also you will have to deal with uniqu constraint if two separate POS create the same record that must be uniq23:55
reichlichcedk, what could that be?23:56
cedkreichlich: for it must be pull/push based on the business design23:58

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