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lem0nacedk: when i try to upgrade to 2.0 i get error that this file is missing: trytond/trytond/ir/bg_BG.csv09:48
lem0nacedk: any hint how to fix it?09:48
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cedklem0na: I will remove the file declaration09:53
cedklem0na: indeed you forget the file in your patch09:54
lem0nacedk: ok, will find it and add it09:55
lem0nacedk: i worked , do you want to send you the file for 1.8?10:01
cedklem0na: no10:04
lem0nacedk: ok10:04
cedklem0na: no translation change in series10:06
lem0nacedk: i mean the missing file10:07
cedklem0na: it doesn't miss in 1.810:08
cedklem0na: as there was no bg translation in 1.810:08
lem0nacedk: i cee10:08
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hoRnlittle question on timesheet: - where is the last AND ((("timesheet_hours_employee"."employee" IS NULL)))  comes from?13:53
hoRnok - i got it - mistake in our modules ;)13:57
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cedkhoRn: have you fix or not?14:10
hoRncedk: still searching14:11
cedkhoRn: you should have a clause somewhere with employee = False14:12
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zodmanping sharoon! the tryton-magento works ?17:04
sharoonzodman: pong17:19
zodmanthis >
zodmani installing it and checking :P17:20
sharoonzodman: we are still working on it17:20
zodmanok ok17:20
sharoonwe published the next major part that was required to get this done17:20
zodmansharoon:  and callisto it more advance not ?17:20
zodmanmore ready17:21
sharoonzodman: the mongodb backend will ensure that EAV in magento does not suck in tryton (it does badly with openerp)17:21
sharoonzodman: which is why magento connector for openerp does not scale up well17:21
sharoonzodman: you can also check the magento module we made for python17:22
sharoonzodman: which is the foundation for tryton-magento17:22
zodmanthat magento module refer to tryton-magento ?17:23
hoRncedk: back again17:24
sharoonzodman: yes17:24
sharoonzodman: and python module
hoRncedk: cant find a setting for a clause in timesheet.hours_employee17:24
hoRncedk: i was trying the demo server - no permission on timesheet_line as admin ;(17:25
zodmansharoon:  with your experience with openerp/tryton. In the case of tryton. Why connect to magento.17:26
zodmanI want read your opinion.17:26
zodmanBecause i think17:26
zodmanits more dificult have 2 system different17:27
zodmanand try to sync both.17:27
sharoonzodman: i agree17:28
zodmanMy point its more easy extends a tryton with proteus with some e-commerce solution and the core bissness process control by trytonkernel.17:28
sharoonzodman: we have something which does exactly that called nereid17:28
zodmanyes its on google-code17:28
sharoonzodman: which is the equivalent (or better) of callisto17:28
sharoonzodman: no we abandoned google code17:29
zodmancallisto its a great idea.17:29
sharoonzodman: we have internal repositories, so we decided to go by that17:29
zodmanok ok sharoon17:29
sharoonzodman: the tryton-magento project is not a great value addition to tryton but the other way round17:30
sharoonzodman: magento is a popular e-commerce system with a BAD design and UGLY code17:31
sharoonzodman: it needs a robust inventory and accounting system and probably better catalog management which could be done with tryton17:31
sharoonzodman: so you get best of both worlds, but a 100% sync is far from possible17:31
sharoonzodman: i would like to apply all our learning from the innumeous mistakes we made in openerp17:32
zodmani know sharoon :>17:34
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zodmanback to work17:52
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hoRncan anybody give me a hint, why i can not see "hours per employee"? i was looking around: as admin i get always a limitation from ir.rule in modelsql.search18:48
sharoonhoRn: check the company you are in18:49
sharoonhoRn: admin user in my perspective is like root user of linux, use it form admin, otherwise use another user with the right company settings18:50
hoRnsharoon: same result18:50
sharoonhoRn: is the rule added to admin ?18:52
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hoRnsharoon: yes18:54
sharoonwov, then this could be something with the rule, is it a custom rule or the default tule?18:54
sharoonhoRn: also is the employee associated with the admin user ?18:54
hoRnsharoon: its the default rule18:56
sharoonhoRn: no idea then :(18:58
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hoRnsharoon: i got it - the rule_line1 seems to limit the acces to timesheet.lines only for the logged in user19:29
sharoonhoRn: yes, so u hget to see only your own timesheet lines19:29
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hoRnsharoon: why ;)19:30
sharoonhoRn: you can remove the rule from admin's rules and you will see everything19:31
sharoonhoRn: that rule must be applied for user's to whom you want to limit acces19:31
sharoonhoRn: example: the employee recording it19:31
hoRnsharoon: ok19:31
hoRnsharoon: dont know how to remove19:34
sharoonAdministartion >>~ Users >> Access Permissions19:35
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sharoonhoRn: did that help ?19:46
hoRnsharoon: a little bit - still searching how to remove the limitation19:47
hoRnsharoon: added a own rule which opposite the other20:35
sharoonhoRn: ok, and it works ?20:36
hoRnsharoon: yes20:37
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zztrhi, i'm on ubuntu 10.10, postgresql 9.0.3, and i just started neso. i can't seem to bootstrap a database. I'm stuck at the login screen. i have a role tryton with login, who is owner of a new database tryton. I have: alter role tryton encrypted password '123'; and in pg_hba I have the line: local   tryton      tryton                            md522:29
yangoon zztr hi22:31
yangoonzztr: neso uses in its basic configuration an sqlite database22:31
zztrhi yangoon22:31
yangoonthere is nothing to configure, should work out of the box22:32
zztrin that case, it's not working either. i went through the database creation step first...22:32
yangoonzztr: could you create a database?22:32
zztrargh. ok, so i just tried 'admin' as the user name and i logged in. this must be the sqlite database. i assumed there were no new users originally because i thought i was using postgres22:33
zztri'll see if i can switch backends22:34
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zztrthere doesn't seem to be a setting for it22:35
zztris it in a config file?22:35
yangoonzztr: it is hardcoded in neso22:35
yangoonif you want to use a postgresql db, just configure trytond and run it22:36
yangoonno need to run neso then22:36
yangoonand just connect with the client (tryton)22:37
yangoonleaving, bbl, good luck!22:37
zztrhow is tryton trying to create a database?22:58
zztrie, is it connecting as the current user22:58
zztrit says it can't connect22:59
cedkzztr: did you follow
zztrthat looks very useful. I gave up after reading the documentation on tryton.org23:35
zztrbut will try again23:35
sharooncedk: did u see the mail from arc about the slots ?23:41
cedksharoon: yes good news23:41
sharooncedk: of course it is :)23:42
sharooncedk: you were offline, did u take a break to go to the openerp community days ? interesting things happening there23:42
sharooncedk: :P23:43
cedksharoon: no23:43
sharooncedk: what's ur take on HTML5 for web client ?23:44
cedksharoon: I just see the same pattern repeating23:44
sharooncedk: i wish someone was there to take up web client for GSOC23:44
sharoonACTION going for a python meetup23:45
cedksharoon: have you the link to the new webclient?23:46
cedkgot it
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cedksharoon: I think there is some good stuffs in this client but also bad23:56
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