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paepkehi horn11:59
hoRnhi paepke12:00
hoRn is opened and the organizers are asking me for a tryton-tutorial12:02
hoRnare there any papers from an other tutorial held about tryton?12:04
cedkhoRn: there is
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paepkehoRn: really nice.12:27
paepkecannot be there, cause i'll be on linuxtag this year. to much travelling...12:27
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hoRncedk: thanks - will take a look13:30
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udonocedk: hi, do we already know how many slots we get in gsoc?15:17
cedkudono: no15:18
cedkudono: I think it will be between 2 and 315:18
udonocedk: ok15:18
nicoeudono: python has 44 slots. We will probably get 2 or 3 but nothing is sure right now.15:18
udonocedk: nicoe; sharoon: when we should start to talk about which projects are most interesting for us?15:20
udonous == trytonians15:20
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sharoonudono: i am in15:37
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cedkudono: you must rate each proposition in melange15:43
sharooncedk: i have already put in my ratings15:43
udonocedk: sharoon: ok15:47
sharoonhey guys, if any of you are not in a good mood, here is some code to cheer you up:
sharooni disclaim all warranty with regards to the link, the code in it, the wisdom behind it, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, IN NO EVENT SHALL I BE liable for any specia, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from reading this code15:50
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udonosharkcz: :-D16:18
udonosharoon :-D16:18
udonoACTION used wrong nick16:19
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reichlichi found a missing recursion check in product.category,
cedkreichlich: could you submit a patch as explain in
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reichlichis it possible that != product.template ?17:59
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sharoonreichlich: yes, if configured to use variants18:01
sharoonreichlich: i cant find the module anyway, but there was a discussion sometime back about having a single template and multiple variants of the template as products. Eg: Some fancy shirt (product template) and XL,L,M,S as product variants (product.product)18:02
reichlichsharoon, ok thanks18:04
dfamoratocedk: I saw your comment on my proposal, I responded that i created a google projects from the beginning. Is there anything else that i should do ?18:07
cedkdfamorato: no it is enough18:08
cedkdfamorato: having a blog/wiki is a request of PSF18:09
dfamoratocedk:  I saw it from the beginning… i created a google projects just for that, before i submit my application18:09
dfamoratocedk: the link for it was on my application as well…. on the more info: part18:09
cedkdfamorato: oops I did not see it18:10
cedkdfamorato: there is a place at the bottom for url18:11
dfamoratocedk: no problem.. i should have put it with my contact info18:11
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yangooncedk: ping, seems to be down20:57
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udonodid someone try to implement ?21:10
sharoonudono: i dont know if it still works, i updated the code to 1.6 but never got time to work on it21:16
sharoonudono: will be glad to help if you are planning to work on it21:16
udonosharoon: Great, thanks a lot. I will test it and plan to work on it. Keep you informed.21:18
sharoonudono: sure21:18
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udonosharoon: here you can find the migration for 1.8:
sharoonudono: that was quick, does it complete the blueprint ?22:04
sharoonudono: did u check what was left to be built ?22:05
udonosharoon: I need to play around a little to get an opinion. But looks good so far. But I would name the module simply "ticket".22:07
sharoonudono: agree22:08
sharoonudono: I can give you commit access to the repo if you need so, you could send me the key22:08
sharoonACTION not very fond of intuxication22:09
udonosharoon: Sent my key.22:23
sharoonudono: done :)22:23
udonosharoon: any rules to follow? or just push?22:24
sharoonudono: just push :D22:24
udonosharoon: k22:24
sharoonudono: its just dev space, once stable we should request the review and request for the merge into (after which we archive the project).22:25
udonosharoon: yes22:30
sharooni think i should stop using our internal systems for such purposes and use something more popular hosting like bitbucket, it might encourage more contribution22:31
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