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tshepangwhen visiting I get a warning "The site's security certificate is not trusted!"02:17
tshepangam using chromium 1002:18
tshepanganyone else experience this?02:18
nicoeeverybody probably02:18
nicoethe certificate is self-signed IIRC02:19
tshepangnicoe, self-signed?02:22
tshepangwhat that means02:22
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tshepangso I'm using guidelines here
tshepangwhen I run hg nclone
tshepangI keep getting this
tshepangit happens on random repositories02:33
tshepange.g. on another attempt, that repository was successfully cloned02:34
nicoeWhich version of mercurial are you using ?02:34
tshepangnested is 0.302:35
nicoeis it mercurial 1.8.0 ?02:36
nicoeor later ?02:36
tshepangI also keep getting "real URL is"02:37
tshepangfor each one02:37
tshepangso I tried "hg nclone", and same problem02:37
nicoeI think there is an incompatibility between mercurial 1.8.1 and hgnested02:38
tshepangoh, ok02:39
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tshepangtoday I tried "hg nclone" and it worked nice19:02
tshepangwonder what the problem was; maybe there were problems with hg server?19:03
cedktshepang: sometimes network issues can do that19:47
tshepangcedk, like poor connection on my side?19:54
cedktshepang: yes or at the data center19:54
tshepangthat would be understandable, as in maybe hgnested doesn't handle intermittent connections very well19:55
cedktshepang: it is hg that manage the connection19:55
tshepangon another issue, my employer is kinda invested on OpenERP, but looking around, I would choose Tryton19:57
tshepangthe key missing piece is a production-level web client19:57
tshepangI really prefer working with hg than bzr (used by OpenERP)19:58
cedktshepang: webclient is only a marketing point19:58
tshepangI also like the philosophy of hiQ, and standard-compliance19:58
tshepange.g. PEP-819:59
tshepangthe advantage with it is that u dont have to install gtk client on each machine20:00
cedktshepang: I'm pretty sure that your employer has no valid reason to want a webclient20:00
cedktshepang: the installation issue is a wrong issue20:00
cedktshepang: you still need to have a web browser installed20:00
tshepangbut everyone laready has a web rowser installed20:01
cedktshepang: but you still need to do some configurations20:01
cedktshepang: like where to connect20:02
tshepangon the web browser?20:02
cedktshepang: if it is the only reason then it is really a wrong choice20:03
tshepangcedk, how d u find web client for openerp 6.0.2?20:03
cedktshepang: I answered on mailing list20:03
tshepangI dont even know if it's the reason; thing is openerp has a greater mindshare/support base20:04
tshepangthat was quick20:04
tshepangfirst time I actually use google groups; nifty20:12
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tshepangACTION this channel is unusually responsive20:16
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cedktshepang: compared to OE, we try to build a real community20:26
tshepangwhat 'community' is built by OE?20:28
tshepangas in, what u mean by real community?20:28
cedktshepang: it is more centred on partners20:28
cedktshepang: here if you contribute to the project, you are part of it20:28
tshepangso it's different from an ordinary FLOSS project20:28
tshepangas in OE isn't an ordinary FLOSS project20:29
tshepangis it similar to SugarCRM, in terms of 'structure'?20:30
cedktshepang: I see many times OE contributors fighting to get their voices heared20:30
cedktshepang: don't know SugarCRM structure20:30
tshepangOE contributors fighting? what does that have to do with anything?20:32
tshepanglittle harmony in the project?20:32
tshepangnot-good community governance?20:33
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cedktshepang: I just follow on twitter some key guys20:35
cedktshepang: and I always get the feeling they need to fight (by talk) to be considered20:35
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reichlichcedk, shall I use proteus for the POS-terminal to POS-Server communication, or is there a better way?21:29
cedkreichlich: for me the best is to extend gtk client21:30
reichlichcedk, yes i will do that, but there are multiple server instances which have to communicate with each other.21:31
reichlichcedk, on the terminal the neso instance needs to synch with the server21:31
cedkreichlich: I don't think proteus is the right tool for such sync21:33
reichlichcedk, what do you think is the right tool?21:34
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cedkreichlich: I think it must be a customized tool/protocol21:44
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jcmhi, who is the mac client packaging maintener?23:40
jcmI tried to bundle client 2.0 following
jcmI solved some problems, but I'm stopped now by a specific gtk-osx error23:41
cedkjcm: it is pheller23:45
cedkI will try to setup next weeks a MacOSX to work on the bundle23:46
jcmI followed all the instructions, but the bundle hangs23:46
jcmtryton 2.0 is still with gtk-2, isnt't it ?23:46
cedkjcm: pheller tells me that recent version of pygtk change path to some stuffs23:47
cedkjcm: yes23:47
jcmI'll try to write him though his github account23:47

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